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ATCF Ch 15 Part 3 – The Heartless Jiang Xiao Li (III)

At this point, Shen Mian no longer cared about the rules prohibiting students from using mobile phones at school and, in front of Director Li, took out her mobile phone and opened the qq app, ready to show everyone her chat records with Jiang Zhou.

Strangely enough, however, Shen Mian failed to find the said chat records and was even more shocked to find that Jiang Zhou’s name was no longer on her friend list. She looked up at Jiang Zhou in disbelief, “You…you deleted me from your friend list?”

Jiang Zhou nodded calmly, “You always sent some strange messages to me. I don’t want to be the trash can for your negative emotions, so I simply removed all your contact information.” Although he was the one who guided Shen Mian to perform the fake suicide incident, he was careful with his wordings so the school wouldn’t be able to punish him even if they got hold of the chat records. Still, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he decisively deleted Shen Mian’s account from his friend list and blocked her number the moment he saw her standing on the roof.

Shen Mian never thought that Jiang Zhou would block her. Because her phone only had limited storage, she had never been in the habit of locally backing up her chat records and such, meaning that she now had no way to prove that Jiang Zhou once sent her a message with the suggestion of her pretending to jump off a building.

Jiang Ruo glanced at his brother, then at Shen Mian, and frowned, “Mianmian, you shouldn’t have wronged my brother.”

“I didn’t!” Shen Mian retorted loudly, “He did send me the message before deleting me from his friend list. Without chat records, I truly have no way to prove myself, but Ruoruo, you must believe me.”

“…” Jiang Ruo was silent. It was true that Shen Mian was her good friend, but Jiang Zhou was her brother, and she would never believe that her brother would do such a thing.

Seeing Shen Mian’s dejected look, Qin Zheng actually wanted to inform her that there was a way to restore a chat record even after an account had been removed from the friend list. However, words had just reached his lips when Qin Zheng had a second thought and decided to keep silent.

Jiang Zhou was Ruoruo’s older brother. Now that he wasn’t sure of the truth, he must not appear to take the side of Shen Mian.

What’s more, with Jiang Zhou’s character, even if he was really the one who gave Shen Mian a push from behind the scene, he must be very careful and at most just give her some verbal hints, leaving no significant proof behind.

Therefore, Qin Zheng chose to remain silent in the end.

On the other hand, Feng Yun was very agitated. In her eyes, Shen Mian had not only orchestrated the fake suicide incident to attack her daughter, but even slandered her son now. She had a good impression of Shen Mian in the past and thought that this girl was very sensible, but now it turned out that she was simply too good at disguising herself.

Shen Mian was now fully aware of her circumstances. With no chat records as evidence, it was useless no matter what she said because, in the eyes of most people, Jiang Zhou was a student with excellent academic performance while she was just a problem student who caused huge trouble to the school by pretending to commit suicide.

Seeing Jiang Zhou’s indifferent expression, Shen Mian’s heart turned cold, “Even if I did that, so what? If it wasn’t for that orphan’s arrogant behavior, how could I get into a conflict with her?” She turned her gaze to Jiang Ruo, “Ruoruo, ask your conscience and tell us, for whom do I target Jiang Li?”

Jiang Ruo’s eyes flickered, “I… how do I know?”

Shen Mian sneered, “Of course you know! Your family adopted that orphan, but she is not grateful and even dares to blatantly threaten you in the cafeteria. If it wasn’t for you, would I do as far as targeting her? She and I don’t have any grudge.”

Jiang Ruo frowned and retorted: “I don’t dislike Xiao Li. It’s all your imagination. I think… you may really need psychological treatment.”

Upon this, Shen Mian immediately exploded, “Why do I need treatment? I think it’s your parents, who are crazy enough to let an orphan show off in front of their own daughter, who need to see a psychiatrist first!”

“…” For Jiang Ruo, Shen Mian’s words were no different from heavy slaps, hitting her face one after another.

Because Jiang Li was not an orphan.

Strictly speaking, she was the orphan.

Feng Yun’s mind also turned blank. Each time Shen Mian called Jiang Li an orphan, her heart was pricked by a needle.

Xiao Li isn’t an orphan! She is her and her husband’s daughter!

Did they do it wrong from the start?

If Xiao Li’s identity was directly announced the moment they took her home, Shen Mian would never dare to treat her like this.

They only considered that Ruoruo’s situation would become embarrassing after the reveal of her identity, but completely ignored Xiao Li’s situation.

It was obviously Xiao Li that had suffered the most grievances!

Jiang Zhou knew his mother well and naturally could guess what was in her mind at this moment. Knowing that he must not allow her to continue listening to Shen Mian’s nonsense, he turned his gaze to Director Li and said calmly, “Director Li, now that everything has been made clear, can we take our leave?”

Director Li was silent for a few seconds before nodding, “Since this matter really has nothing to do with you guys, you may leave now.” Although he had a feeling that Shen Mian’s accusation against Jiang Zhou was not a lie, without evidence, he had no reason to force him to stay behind.

As soon as Director Li gave his permission, Jiang Zhou took his mother’s arm and led her out of the office, followed by Jiang Ruo and Qin Zheng.

After leaving the faculty building, Feng Yun looked at Jiang Zhou and Jiang Ruo, “Do you know where Xiao Li is?”

After hesitating for a few seconds, Jiang Ruo said truthfully: “Xiao Li said this matter has nothing to do with her, so she and Tong Yi went to eat hot pot.”

Feng Yun frowned, “She has a good relationship with Tong Yi?”

Jiang Ruo pursed her lips and replied with a low voice, “Xiao Li and Tong Yi are deskmates, so their relationship is naturally pretty close.”

Feng Yun rubbed her temples tiredly, feeling a headache. She had clearly told Xiao Li not to associate with that Tong boy; why didn’t she listen?!

Hearing Tong Yi’s name, Jiang Zhou’s expression was even uglier than Feng Yun’s. “How about we contact Ruoruo’s homeroom teacher and ask her to change Jiang Li’s seat?” He proposed after a few seconds of silence.


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