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ATCF Ch 18 Part 1 – Weird Guy (I)

Despite today being Jiang Li and the twins’ first meeting, they clicked so well. Ten minutes before the evening self-study session, Feng Song and Feng Bai waved goodbye to Jiang Li and left the classroom. In the corridor, Feng Bai couldn’t help but whisper: “I think Xiao Jiang Li really resembles our Third Uncle, especially her eyes, which are even more like Third Uncle from up close.”

Seeing that Feng Song ignored him, Feng Bai mumbled to himself, “Oh, I forgot that you are face-blind.”

Feng Song: …

He finally gave his younger brother a glance and asked, “Don’t you think Tong Yi’s attitude toward Jiang Li is a little weird?”

Feng Bai was stunned for a moment, then nodded, “Weird indeed. He had never paid much attention to girls before, but so what? Xiao Jiang Li is very cute. Not only Tong Yi, but you also have a good impression of her, no?” Suddenly recalling the bet, he turned to Feng Song, “If you win, she will be our little sister. You must do your best!”

Feng Song stared blankly at his silly twin: “My score has become a foregone conclusion. What’s there to work on?”

“That’s right! But I can’t wish Xiao Jiang Li to get a poor grade. What a headache.” Feng Bai’s brain turned quickly.

After the two left, Feng Bai found that Feng Song actually turned in the direction of the faculty building. He couldn’t help but wonder, “Why are we here again?”

“See Hades Li.” Feng Song replied.

“Haven’t we seen him before? I think he is very busy and doesn’t have time for idle chat.” Feng Bai was very self-aware.

“I want to inquire about Jiang Li,” mumbled Feng Song. Except for their meeting today, all he knew about Jiang Li came from the online video and the wild gossip on the school forum. If he wanted to get real information, looking for Hades Li was the fastest way.

Hearing this, Feng Bai cheered, “Then we should hurry! I’m also interested in Xiao Jiang Li’s affairs.”

Feng Song: …

Tong Yi called her Jiang Xiao Li, and Feng Bai called her Xiao Jiang Li. Couldn’t these guys call others without adding ‘Xiao’ as a nickname?

When Director Li saw the twins entering his office again, he was also quite surprised and couldn’t help joking, “Do you two miss me so much?”

Feng Bai grinned, “Of course! It’s been forever since we last saw you, old man!”

Director Li ruthlessly destroyed the atmosphere, “I remember we just met less than half an hour ago.” Then he turned his attention to Feng Song, “Do you have a business with me?”

After hesitating for a moment, Feng Song shook his head and said, “We are just here to pass some time. By the way, we followed that brat Tong Yi to his classroom and couldn’t recognize the girl who sat next to him.”

Director Li smiled, “Her name is Jiang Li. She came from a small county town and just transferred here two weeks ago, so it’s normal that you two do not know her.”

“It’s almost time for the high school entrance examination. Why did she suddenly transfer?” Feng Song asked.

Director Li gave Feng Song a somewhat puzzled look. In his impression, this kid never liked to poke his nose around other people’s private affairs, so why did he suddenly show so much curiosity? Could it be that college life had transformed his personality?

But Director Li still answered truthfully: “Jiang Li had been living in an orphanage before and was adopted by the Jiang family prior to transferring to our school.”

Seeing no reaction from the twins, Director Li added: “It’s your uncle, Jiang Huai.”

Feng Song frowned, “Our family has nothing to do with Jiang Huai.”

Director Li shrugged, “Alright then. But even if don’t go well with the Jiang family, do not involve Jiang Li. I see her as quite a sensible child, and her relationship with the Jiang family seems somewhat distant. On the first day of her transfer, she came to me to apply to live on campus, saying she didn’t want to disturb the Jiang family’s life.”

Feng Bai immediately interjected: “Any normal, sane person will not have a good relationship with the Jiang family. Xiao Jiang Li has good eyes.”

Feng Song frowned. He looked at Director Li, “You mean Jiang Huai not simply supported Jiang Li’s education, but also adopted her through formal means?”

Director Li nodded, “That’s what Jiang Huai told me. But Jiang Li said that she was a distant relative of the Jiang family, and she was only temporarily living with them.”

Feng Song’s frown gradually unfurled, “Thank you, Director Li. I understand.”

Director Li glared angrily, “When you brothers used your points to extract the school’s money a few years ago, you also thanked me the same way.”

Feng Song shut his mouth.

Feng Bai broke into laughter, “I still remember you grumbled a lot back then before finally agreeing to pay us in penny installments.”

Director Li: …

These damn brats! Each and every one was more irritating!

After a quick chat with Director Li, the twins left the office. As they walked on the campus trail path, Feng Bai was still amazed by the information just now, “So Xiao Jiang Li is actually the relative of the Jiangs? But Jiang Huai seems to have a bad relationship with his side of family?”

Feng Song took out his mobile phone and clicked on Tong Yi’s number, “Let’s ask Tong Yi and find out.”

However, when he texted Tong Yi and asked him to meet them in the grove, the other party actually replied: Busy studying, no time.

“Our Big Nephew has been a little arrogant recently. He now even dares to ignore his uncles.” Feng Bai tutted provocatively.

Feng Song ignored his brother and sent another text: I already know that Jiang Li is our cousin.

Feng Bai looked at Feng Song’s phone screen and gawked. He knew every word written there, but why couldn’t he understand the meaning of the sentence?

That brat Tong Yi must be surprised too! And he probably was laughing at Feng Song’s sudden silliness!

But a while passed, yet Tong Yi did not reply. Very strange!

Feng Bai thought for a few seconds and suddenly widened his eyes, “Could it be that my previous nonsense guess is actually true?”

Feng Song sighed helplessly: “So you do know that you were talking nonsense.”

Feng Bai chuckled twice, “Although it doesn’t make sense, it does explain why Xiao Jiang Li claimed that she is a relative of the Jiangs. Our Feng family don’t want to admit these relatives surnamed Jiang, but it’s also a fact that we—”

Feng Song interrupted in exasperation, “Cannot you be normal?”

“I think I’m quite normal. Think about it again. If Xiao Jiang Li is really the daughter of our Third Uncle, then Jiang Huai must have ulterior motives for adopting her. Do you think we should inform Third Uncle?”

Feng Song stared blankly at the sky, wishing he could cut ties with this silly younger brother. He really couldn’t understand! Feng Bai had such a high talent in programming and was almost a professional level when it came to esports, so how could he be so stupid when encountering simple problems?!

Was this the so-called high IQ beget low EQ?!

In the school grove, Feng Song had to endure listening to his younger brother’s conspiracy theory for nearly ten minutes until Tong Yi finally showed up.

Tong Yi directly asked Feng Song, “Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

Feng Song asked, “Is Jiang Li really our cousin?”


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