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ATCF Ch 19 Part 3 – Grandpa Explodes in Anger (III)

Professor Tan glanced at her son in surprise, “Even you can find her familiar? Then how familiar does she look?”

Feng Song: …

Completely ignoring her eldest son’s resentful eyes, Professor Tan continued, “Looking familiar… if she looks like our Feng family, it’s fine. If she resembles that phoenix man1 Jiang Huai, a good child has been ruined.”

Feng Bai quickly responded, “She looks like our Feng family, especially her eyes, which are very similar to Third Uncle. Her facial features are also quite similar to Third Uncle, only much softer, and her nose really follows grandma.”

Professor Tan’s eyes lit up, “Is the video still there? Let me see it!”

Professor Feng helplessly rubbed his forehead and allowed his wife to fiddle around.

Although the video was live, Feng Song had already downloaded it to his mobile phone, so he quickly took it out upon his mother’s urging.

Professor Tan grabbed the phone impatiently. Next to her, Professor Fang also leaned over curiously. Upon seeing Jiang Li in the video, he nodded approvingly, “This child is indeed good-looking, just like our Feng family.”

Professor Tan also praised: “What a beautiful and smart girl. I would love to be her friend.”

Feng Song muttered helplessly, “You are her aunt.”

“What’s wrong with being an aunt?” Professor Tan scoffed, “Aunts can also maintain girlish hearts. An oblivious man like you certainly doesn’t understand women. No wonder you are single.”

Feng Song: …

Alright, he shut up!

His mother always had her own logic. When did he win arguing against her?

After watching the entire video, Professor Tan sighed emotionally: “Although Jiang Ruo is a white-eyed wolf, she was pretty cute as a child. Why does she look so disgusting now?”

Professor Feng replied to his wife’s remark: “Probably that’s her true nature. Her worldview’s skewed enough that she even persuaded a victim to be tolerant and forgiving. No normal person can do such a thing.”

Professor Tan nodded, “You’re right. Alright, when are we going to pick up our little cutie?”

Feng Bai immediately complained, “I originally wanted to expose Jiang Ruo on the spot today, but big bro stopped me. He said that we must proceed carefully and consider the long-term impact.”

Professor Feng gave his eldest son an appreciative look, “He is correct. We are now strangers to this child. If we approach her too eagerly, we might end up making her feel uncomfortable.”

Professor Tan’s eyes lit up, “Since that’s the case, then I should go and meet her by chance so that she won’t feel too awkward when she finally sees our family.”

“I’m afraid you will fool her to call you sister.” Feng Bai retorted weakly. He never forgot his mother would often introduce the two of them as her younger brothers to strangers when they went out. People even praised their mother for having such cute twins brothers.

When he was young and ignorant, he thought it was fun, but looking back at this memory now, it was really hard to describe in words.

He was really worried that his mother would scare Xiao Jiang Li and cause her to dare not recognize their family as relatives.

Professor Tan rolled her eyes in response, “Since you are such a busybody, no pocket money next month.”

Feng Bai wailed: “I gave all my money to Xiao Jiang Li today. Are you trying to starve me to death?”

Professor Tan was stunned for a moment, then praised: “It seems that you are still useful. Alright, double your pocket money!”

Feng Bai quickly flattered, “Mom, you are awesome!”

Professor Feng glanced helplessly at his wife and son, “Your grandpa has always been brooding about the matter back then. I will go and tell him the good news now so he can get happy with us.”

Professor Tan hurriedly stopped him, “I think the probability of him getting pissed up may be higher.”

Professor Feng shook his head and laughed, “How is that possible? It was Jiang Ruo who made Dad angry back then. It has nothing to do with Jiang Li.”

Professor Tan and Feng Song looked at each other and decided to let Professor Feng be the guinea pig. In case… the old man really exploded in anger!

Ten minutes later, the patriarch of the Feng family smashed his beloved antique vase. He glared at his son Professor Feng with fiery eyes, “That beast Jiang Huai, how dare he?!”

Back then, Jiang Huai deceived his daughter with sweet words, alienating her from the rest of the family and even preventing his grandson and granddaughter from recognizing them as relatives.

This much, he could more or less understand Jiang Huai’s poor self-esteem at work, and thus simply decided to ignore them.

Jiang Huai had allowed his granddaughter to remain missing for so long, and even after finding her, he refused to acknowledge her true identity and kept the news hidden from the Feng family.

What’s more abhorrent was that Jiang Ruo, that impostor, dared to bully his granddaughter so much. There must be the couple’s tolerance behind this; otherwise, how could she dare to say such disgusting things to Jiang Li in public?

Although he was still unsure if Jiang Ruo was really the culprit who called the reporters to attack Jiang Li, there was no doubt that she had a close relationship with the girl who faked the suicide attempt.

If the Jiang family announced Jiang Li’s identity as soon as they took her back, would these people dare to bully his granddaughter like this?

He had tolerated Jiang Huai for too long and regretted being soft-hearted back then!


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  1. Phoenix man: A man who makes a drastic rise in social/economic status. Oftentimes, this derogatorily refers to men of lower social backgrounds marrying a ‘better’ woman and relying on the in-laws to climb up.

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