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ATCF Ch 19 Part 2 – Grandpa Explodes in Anger (II)

In the neighboring dormitory, Jiang Ruo was also browsing the anonymous chat group at the same time and was taken aback by what she read. She knew the risk of exposure and intentionally refrained from participating in the conversation, fully aware that anonymity was not guaranteed in the digital age. Nevertheless, she followed the discussion from beginning to end. When she saw people debating who was more handsome between Tong Yi and Qin Zheng, she couldn’t help but frown.

If Tong Yi was still the same person as before, she might have considered the issue worthy of contemplation. However, the current Tong Yi was just a delinquent with a dreadful reputation and equally dreadful grades. Did those people have faulty reasoning to compare him with Qin Zheng?

What left her speechless was the comparison between Qin Zheng and Jiang Li. Didn’t they realize that the questions for the last exam were much simpler than usual? Could they not see that Jiang Li’s top spot in grades was merely coincidental?

While Jiang Ruo was still in a state of surprise, someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned her head and saw her roommate teasing her with a playful look.

“Ruoruo, tell the truth. Are you and Qin Zheng dating?” The roommate’s eyes were full of curiosity.

Jiang Ruo’s face turned red instantly, “What nonsense are you talking about? Qin Zheng and I grew up together, so our relationship is naturally quite close, but we are not dating or what.”

She and Qin Zheng were childhood friends, and their families had indeed verbally agreed to betroth them. Still, considering their young age, such talk had to wait until they both grew up. There were indeed some sparks between Qin Zheng and her, but they had never made it formal.

For example, when they held hands when visiting a haunted house together.

This… shouldn’t be considered dating, right?

Moreover, even if she really fell in love with Qin Zheng, it was impossible for them to date while still in school!

Her persona in the entertainment industry was set as a smart and pure girl. If rumors about her romantic relationship with a boy emerged, she would definitely lose a massive amount of fans.

The roommate was just teasing. Seeing Jiang Ruo’s blushing face, she broke into laughter and shared her own opinion, “I also think so. Although Qin Zheng looks gentle, he is quite prideful inside. It’s hard to imagine him falling in love with somebody.”

Jiang Ruo also laughed, “I also find it hard to imagine.”

Jiang Ruo’s phone rang abruptly, and she received a text message from Qin Zheng. She hastily made up an excuse to her roommate and settled back onto her bed to respond. But her elated mood sunk instantly upon reading the message. She sensed that Qin Zheng had begun to take an interest in Jiang Li ever since she had scored first in the mock exam. After Shen Mian’s fabricated suicide attempt, Qin Zheng even approached Jiang Ruo and inquired about her brother’s relationship with Jiang Li, insinuating that her brother may have targeted Jiang Li for a reason.

She was very angry at the time. Why didn’t Qin Zheng believe in her brother but instead believe in an outsider like Shen Mian? What further frustrated her was Qin Zheng’s behavior, which was out of character. He was never one to meddle in others’ affairs, but for some unknown reason, he seemed to be paying extra attention to Jiang Li, and this behavior was not like him at all.

Jiang Ruo initially planned to reveal the truth to Qin Zheng about her not being the biological daughter of the Jiang family and that Jiang Li was. However, she ultimately decided against it. She believed that Jiang Li’s charisma and allure would still attract attention even without the Jiang family name. If Qin Zheng were to discover Jiang Li’s true identity now, he would likely become more invested in her affairs or feel indignant on her behalf.

After much contemplation, Jiang Ruo chose to keep the truth from Qin Zheng for as long as possible. This was why she felt upset upon receiving his message asking about Jiang Li’s relationship with Tong Yi. Taking a deep breath, she suppressed her sadness and carefully replied that she was not acquainted with Jiang Li and therefore did not know anything about it.

In the boys’ dormitory, Qin Zheng furrowed his brow as he read Jiang Ruo’s reply. Ever since his loss to Jiang Li in the mock exam, his competitive spirit had been reignited, and he was determined to surpass her in the upcoming high school entrance examination.

However, if Jiang Li was distracted by a romantic relationship and did not focus on her studies, winning would not bring him the satisfaction he desired. He hoped that Jiang Li would continue to excel and become an even stronger rival.

Feng family’s house. The study.

When Professor Feng and his wife were greeted by their two sons and taken to the study, they didn’t expect to be hit by such heavy news. Jiang Ruo was not the biological daughter of the Jiang family. Furthermore, the couple had found her biological daughter but refused to acknowledge her identity to the public.

Professor Feng and his wife, Professor Tan, looked at each other and asked, “Do you get it?”

Professor Tan nodded but soon shook her head, “I get it, but I can’t wrap my head around it.”

If she found out that her children were accidentally exchanged at birth and her biological sons had been living in an orphanage all these years, she would retrieve them immediately and do everything in her power to compensate them.

As for her current two sons… um, they could definitely understand.

Did it mean she has four sons from now on?

Feng Song saw at a glance that his intellectual mother had begun to make up an unrealistic plot in her mind, so he interrupted, “Don’t think wildly. Feng Bai and I are definitely yours.”

Professor Tan glanced at her husband, then at the twins, who looked exactly like a copy of him. With an “oh,” she remarked, “That couple surnamed Jiang must be sick in the head.”

Feng Bai echoed: “I think so too. But you know, Xiao Jiang Li is actually very nice. She is a dozen times much better than that Jiang Ruo.”

Professor Feng asked back, “Have you met her?”

Feng Song nodded, “We saw a video of Jiang Li dealing with a group of internet reporters on a livestream and found her familiar, so we went to see her. That’s when we accidentally learned the truth.”

Professor Tan glanced at her son in surprise, “Even you can find her familiar? Then how familiar does she look?”

Feng Song: …

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