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ATCF Ch 22 Part 3 – Seeing Grandpa (III)

Feng Yun took two steps back in surprise, “Maternal grandfather?”

“Yes,” Teacher He did not notice the shock in Feng Yun’s voice, “Just today, an elderly gentleman who claimed to be Jiang Li’s maternal grandfather came to school and inquired about Jiang Li’s situation. I was a bit suspicious at the time, but it turned out that he really is Jiang Li’s grandfather.”

Teacher He originally planned to talk to Jiang Li on Sunday night to ask about this sudden grandfather. Unexpectedly, she received a call from Jiang Li on the same day, saying that she was going to stay in her grandfather’s house for the weekend and wouldn’t return to the dormitory.

Teacher He was happy to find that Jiang Li actually had such a rich grandfather. It meant that the girl would no longer need to worry about money and could fully focus on her study.

Feng Yun’s mind went blank, “But… why didn’t you inform us when Xiao Li reported that she would stay outside school tonight? We are her parents…” She muttered weakly.

“Wait, didn’t Jiang Li move out of your place a while ago?” Teacher He said in surprise. “And her grandfather has found her now, so she will probably be living with him from now on, right?”


Feng Yun was at a loss for words and could only mutter ‘but’ repeatedly. She didn’t even remember when she hung up the call.

When she came back to her senses, she saw Lin Yu standing in front of her. She had no idea when the girl came out.

“Auntie, your complexion looks bad. Are you feeling unwell?” Lin Yu looked at Feng Yun with concern.

Feng Yun shook her head slowly, “I’m fine. Jiang Li won’t be coming back tonight, so I’m leaving.”

Lin Yu nodded and watched Feng Yun leave. After a few minutes, her own complexion suddenly changed as the terrible truth finally dawned on her.

Wait, Jiang Li wasn’t coming back tonight. Did it mean that she was alone in the dormitory?!

Damn! How could she be so unlucky?

When Feng Yun was still here, Lin Yu didn’t feel scared even if the other party just sat silently. But as soon as Feng Yun left and she was finally alone, Lin Yu suddenly felt that the dormitory was surprisingly quiet. Even with all the lights on, she still didn’t feel safe.

Lin Yu took out his mobile phone and sent two more messages to Jiang Li, but no reply came.

It was clear now: Jiang Li wasn’t coming back tonight!

Then she had to find someone to accompany her to chat overnight. If she fell asleep in the middle of chatting, she definitely would forget to feel scared.

With this in mind, Lin Yu hurriedly clicked on the chat box she had with Shen Mian and began to write every single detail of Feng Yun’s visit today, down to every word.

On the other side, Shen Mian didn’t realize that she was being used as a distraction by Lin Yu as she responded to the chat energetically.

The two used a text chat at first, but later felt that typing was too slow, so they quickly changed to a voice chat.

Upon hearing from Lin Yu that Jiang Ran’s mother mentioned the word ‘maternal grandfather’ during her conversation with Teacher He, Shen Mian found it particularly strange.

“You mean, Jiang Li didn’t go back to the dormitory, but went to her grandfather’s house?”

“According to Jiang Ruo’s mother’s reaction, it should be like this,” Lin Yu replied immediately. “So I find it really strange. Think about it, if Jiang Li really had a grandfather, how could she have ended up in an orphanage before? But Jiang Ruo’s mother did say ‘maternal grandfather’, so I’m positive I didn’t mishear it.”

“I just realized I don’t seem to know Ruoruo at all,” sighed Shen Mian.

Hearing this, Lin Yu immediately became interested and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Previously, Ruoruo said that Jiang Li is a relative on her father’s side and that Jiang Li’s parents had helped her father before. Now that Jiang Li is homeless, the Jiang family naturally had to take her in. But haven’t you noticed that Ruoruo and Jiang Li don’t have a good relationship? Uncle Jiang has never come to the school to see Jiang Li, but Auntie Feng has always been concerned about her. Even Ruoruo’s two cousins, said to be from her mother’s side, are particularly close to Jiang Li.” Shen Mian explained the series of inconsistencies she had found, hoping that Lin Yu would dig deeper with her curiosity.

Who knows, Lin Yu directly replied with a heavy bombshell.

“Actually, I had a guess before, but it was too absurd, so I never told anyone about it.”

Shen Mian immediately became interested, “What guess?”

Lin Yu cleared her throat and made herself sound mysterious, “Don’t you think that Jiang Li’s nose is very similar to Jiang Ruo’s mother?”

Shen Mian was taken aback. As Jiang Ruo’s best friend, she was very familiar with Jiang Ruo’s mother. She had not noticed any similarities between Jiang Ruo’s mother and Jiang Li before, because she had never thought in that direction. But with Lin Yu’s sudden reminder, she almost instantly connected the similarities between the two.

“Are you saying that Jiang Li is not related to the Jiang family on Uncle Jiang’s side, but rather on Auntie Feng’s side?” Shen Mian asked.

“No, not that. Jiang Li is probably… Jiang family’s daughter, but Jiang Ruo may not be…” Lin Yu was very hesitant. Because she also knew that her guess was too absurd.

But Shen Mian didn’t think so.

Why did Jiang Li dare to be so arrogant in front of Jiang Ruo?

Why did Jiang Ruo’s mother come to the school to look for Jiang Li again and again?

Why did Jiang Ruo’s mother react so strongly when she found out that Jiang Li was called an ‘orphan’ at school?

Why did Jiang Ruo’s cousins from her mother’s side care so much about Jiang Li?

Why did Jiang Li suddenly have a maternal grandfather?

The crucial point here was that she had seen Jiang Li hanging out with Jiang Ruo’s twin cousins today, yet Teacher He claimed that Jiang Li had gone to her maternal grandfather’s house.

If Lin Yu’s guess was true, all this strangeness could be explained.

Shen Mian’s silence made Lin Yu panic, so she hurriedly added, “I was just speaking casually. You can just ignore my nonsense. Just think about it, if Jiang Li was truly the daughter of the Jiang family, then they wouldn’t need to hide it, right? So…”

Shen Mian chuckled and cut in, “Why not give it a try and find out?”

With this, Shen Mian immediately hung up.

The lights in the dormitory had been turned off. With the call suddenly hung up, Lin Yu was left in a panic. She wasn’t a coward, but she was afraid of being alone in the dark room!

Thankfully, just a minute later, a QQ notification popped up on her mobile phone. Someone anonymously tagged @JiangRuo in the class group chat and sent a few consecutive messages.

[Today, I bumped into Jiang Li having a meal with your twin cousins, and she was also calling them ‘cousin’]

[Jiang Li also said she was going to her maternal grandfather’s house with the two cousins.]

[What’s going on, Ruoruo? Can you explain to me?]


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