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MSRV Ch 79 Part 1 – Fang Xueruo’s Visit (I)

When Fu Yunruo arrived at the office, Fang Xueruo was sitting on the chair, accompanied by her agent Sister Wang.

Guan Keke was not at ease leaving Fu Yunruo alone and decided to follow in. If there was a fight, she at least could help and prevent her boss from being bullied.

Fu Yunruo walked to the office desk and sat down.


Fu Yunruo interrupted her, “Don’t call me that. I don’t like it.”

Fang Xueruo glanced at her and softly argued, “Uncle has always hoped that us sisters can get along with each other…”

Fu Yunruo snorted; her eyes were cold, “Stop talking nonsense and get straight to the point.” She glanced at the clock, “I will give you five minutes to speak, and then you can take your leave.”

Fang Xueruo looked at Sister Wen, who nodded knowingly and walked out of the office. When she passed by Guan Keke, she gave the girl a glance and told her to leave with her.

Guan Keke didn’t move and just looked at Fu Yunruo.

She told her, “You go too.”

Guan Keke left with a worried look.

Only after they were alone in the office that Fang Xueruo open her mouth again: “I know you never liked me. But no matter what, we are sisters on the family registration, and I cannot ignore your perils. Long story short, not too long ago, I accidentally discovered a shocking truth that put me in a dilemma. It worried me so much that I couldn’t even get a good sleep for a while. In the end, however, I have thought repeatedly, but finally decided that you shouldn’t be kept in the dark.”

Fu Yunruo didn’t say a word and impatiently waited for Fang Xueruo to get to the point.

“Si Yue is known to keep his distance from the opposite gender. Don’t say a girlfriend; he has never even been close to any woman. Back in the countryside, I found it strange when he insisted on pestering you regardless of the impact on your reputation. Yet I have never thought that he… that he actually…” Fang Xueruo suddenly stammered.

“So you think he likes me?” Fu Yunruo interjected. She held her chin high and sighed in melancholy, “No wonder. Such a marvelous woman as myself is indeed very attractive, though some jealous people cannot help but feel envy.”

Fang Xueruo was stunned, “Sister, please don’t joke. Let me continue first, alright? It was later that I found out why he has been so attentive to you and Wenwen. He is hiding a purpose.”

“Of course I know. My Wenwen is very cute. So cute, in fact, that countless people on the internet rush to become his stepfather. Mr. Yue is just one of them.”

“…Don’t you want to know who was with you at the hotel that night?” Fang Xueruo finally went straight to the point.

“Nope.” Fu Yunruo quickly replied. She suddenly realized the reason for Fang Xueruo’s insistence on seeing her. Could it be that she wanted to paint Si Yue dirty and destroy their relationship?

Fu Yunruo had a clear view of this matter. What happened that night was an accident, and it was hard to say who was right and wrong. Although she wasn’t in control after being drugged, it didn’t mean Si Yue was at fault either. As a man, having a beautiful young girl take the initiative to throw herself into his arms was too great of a temptation. It was normal that he failed to control himself. How could she blame the other party for taking advantage when it was she who made the first move?

If anything, the revelation only made her aware that Si Yue was not quite the restrained gentleman she always believed him to be, causing her favorability to drop somewhat.

After knowing the identity of the man from that night, apart from worrying that Si Yue would fight for Wenwen’s custody with her, all Fu Yunruo felt was a massive embarrassment. It was similar to the aftermath after being drunk and accidentally sleeping with a male friend with whom you only had a normal acquaintance. To make the matter even more awkward, he was also your neighbor, and you saw him frequently.

Still, Fu Yunruo remained calm in front of Fang Xueruo.

“…” Fang Xueruo was truly speechless. When did Fu Yunruo become so irritating? After not seeing her for so many years, her temperament seemed to have undergone a total change. The current Fu Yunruo was no longer the brainless youth she was before, nor would she explode at the slightest provocation.

Or was she just pretending in the past, and the current her was the real self?

Fu Yunruo glanced at the clock and reminded, “You still have two minutes.”

Fang Xueruo tucked her hair away. There was disapproval on her face as she softly continued, “I know we have a disagreement because of Brother Chang. Still, I…” She paused hesitatingly. “That day at the hotel, the person who forced you was Si Yue. Now he suddenly appears before you and even treats both you and Wenwen so nicely. Haven’t you had any doubts before? He clearly harbors bad intentions. He already knows that Wenwen is his son, so he deliberately approaches you and cultivates a relationship with Wenwen. When the time is right, he will take Wenwen away from you. Once that happens, even if you bring the matter to the court, it would be impossible to keep Wenwen…”

Fang Xueruo stared at Fu Yunruo, trying to find anger in her expression. Unfortunately, Fu Yunruo’s expression remained as calm as ever, even with a hint of ridicule, as if she was looking at a clown.

Fu Yunruo blinked and said lazily: “Why do you think I was forced? You aren’t the person involved, aren’t you? Couldn’t it be that I willingly went to sleep with him after being seduced by his handsomeness? After all, Mr. Yue is the dream lover of millions of girls …”

She rubbed her chin, “Thinking about it this way, it’s actually me who has taken advantage.”

“Or what? Did you secretly watch over me back then?” Fu Yunruo smiled provocatively, “Let’s see… what do you think my ‘dear’ father would do if he knew that his beloved stepdaughter actually just watched silently as his biological daughter was being taken away by an unfamiliar man?”

Fang Xueruo’s complexion changed drastically. There was hurt on her beautiful face as she tried hard to hold back her tears.

Fu Yunruo wasn’t impressed, “There is no third person here. No need to put on an act in front of me. To be honest, so many years have passed, yet you can only do this routine. I’m quite tired of it, you know?” She now strongly suspected that the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ had her IQ lowered by the power of the plot.

“Or, are you secretly streaming our conversation?”

Fang Xueruo forced a smile, “Sister, what are you talking about?”


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