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DDDV Ch 105 – Leaving for Cultivation Realm

Having her cultivation base sealed hit Lu Yaoyao hard. Lying on the ice bed, she felt despondent and with no motivation to do anything. She wasn’t in the mood to cultivate, and she even stopped going out to play. She tried to gather spiritual aura on her palm again, but it was not even as good as someone in the Qi Condensation stage. Trying to remain optimistic, she told herself that at least she still had some aura left, unlike Father’s seal, which left her entirely without devil aura.

After spending two days in this lethargic state, Lu Yaoyao realized she couldn’t continue like this and decided to negotiate with Lu Qingyu. She made her way to the black pool but found no one there. Puzzled, she stepped outside and walked to the guards stationed at the entrance. “Where’s Daddy?” She asked.

“Replying to Your Highness, His Venerable is in the main hall.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded. With her hands behind her back, she returned to her palace and entered the study. She remained there for some time before emerging with a stern look on her face.


Answering her call, Yaqing appeared and stood respectfully.

Lu Yaoyao extended her arms and spoke firmly, “Take me out of here.”

Yaqing bent on his knee and lifted Lu Yaoyao onto his right shoulder. Together, they left the Devil Palace unimpeded. After reaching the main street, Lu Yaoyao looked around before stating, “There’s nothing fun here, Yaqing. Let’s head over to the boundary gate and see what’s there.”

Following her order dutifully, Yaqing took Lu Yaoyao to the boundary gate.

Lu Yaoyao kept her guard up all the way, for fear that Lu Qingyu would catch up on them. Fortunately, he didn’t appear until they reached the boundary gate, which got her excited. She patted Yaqing’s sturdy back and exclaimed, “Let’s hurry up and get out of here!”

Without hesitation, Yaqing responded and went straight to pass the boundary gate.

The guards stationed by the gate naturally recognized Lu Yaoyao. When they saw Her Highness and General Yaqing go through the gate, they looked at each other and didn’t dare stop them. His Venerable had not given any orders to prevent the princess from leaving the Devil Realm, so they chose to turn a blind eye.

Lu Yaoyao was surprised to find their escape went so smoothly. Unable to hold her excitement, she urged, “Yaqing, we are leaving for the Cultivation Realm! Let’s go!”

Carried by Yaqing, Lu Yaoyao headed towards Cultivation Realm. Although Yaqing couldn’t shrink the distance like Lu Qingyu, his cultivation base was high, and thus, he was able to fly very fast.

Lu Yaoyao sat on Yaqing’s shoulder as he flew, passing through the sea of blue sky and white clouds. She looked at the quickly passing scenery and felt proud inside. So what if her cultivation was sealed? She still had Yaqing, who was loyal to her. As long as she wanted to go, nothing could stop her!

The little dumpling waved her little hand and pointed ahead, commanding, “Charge!”

As Lu Yaoyao’s subordinate, Yaqing was only loyal to her, so he naturally obeyed her orders unconditionally. Luckily, he was also familiar with the path leading to the Cultivation Realm, and they arrived at the junction of the Three Realms in a short time. Lu Yaoyao dismounted from Yaqing’s shoulder, looked around, and let out a sigh of relief.

The leaves rustled in the wind, the towering tree crowns undulated with the curves of the mountains, and a nearby stream flowed with a clear and pleasant melody.

Finally here! Lu Yaoyao was very excited. She looked at Yaqing and asked, “Can you hide your devil race’s identity? Can this jade pendant help?”

Lu Yaoyao considered giving Yaqing the jade pendant that could hide one’s aura. Daddy said that this thing was useful and told her to keep it, but the memory of how the pendant was obtained made her feel disgusted, so she was reluctant to use it herself.

Yaqing respectfully replied: “Please don’t worry, Your Highness. This subordinate has his own method.”

“But we’re going to Guiyuan Sect!” Lu Yaoyao said again.

“As long as we don’t appear in front of Dao Venerable Hengwu, this subordinate will not be exposed.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Yaoyao didn’t force the jade pendant on him anymore, “Ask me when you need it.”

“As you command.”

Seeing Lu Yaoyao seemed determined to travel into the Cultivation Realm, Yaqing asked hesitatingly, “Your Highness, what about His Venerable…”

Lu Yaoyao felt a little guilty, but she still raised her chin confidently. “I left a letter for Daddy. After I finish my business here, we’ll return to the Devil Realm.” Lu Yaoyao put her hands on her hips and changed the subject. “What’s the nearest city from here? Is it the Ye City?”


Lu Yaoyao looked up at Yaqing and coughed twice, “Let’s take care of our identities first. From now on, we are brother and sister. You should call me Yaoyao and stop calling me ‘Your Highness.'”

“But…” Yaqing hesitated.

Lu Yaoyao squinted her eyes, meaning: you aren’t listening to me?

“As you command.”

Lu Yaoyao’s excitement could no longer be contained, and she rushed forward, “Okay, Big Brother, let’s go! To the Cultivation Realm!”

Yaqing followed behind. As they walked, his black armor changed into a black human outfit, and the characteristics of the devil race on his body also disappeared altogether. Lu Yaoyao saw this and smacked her forgetful head — thankfully, Yaqing was cautious. She turned her head and couldn’t help stealing a few glances. Just like his usual self, Yaqing walked silently behind her. He was very handsome, and from his appearance alone, he looked totally harmless.

“Big Brother, you are so handsome!” Lu Yaoyao praised.

Yaqing was silent for a moment, “Thank you for Yo—… for Yaoyao’s praise.”

Yaqing’s reaction made Lu Yaoyao giggle. She then briefly checked her appearance and decided that she didn’t need any disguises as they continued to walk toward the boundary.

While the two were running towards the Cultivation Realm, the maids from the Devil Palace finally discovered that their princess was missing. It all started when Bandan suddenly found a note in her room, left by Her Highness, asking to take good care of the palace in her absence and to give the letter on the desk to His Venerable.

With a despaired look, Bandan tremblingly handed over the letter to His Venerable, thinking that this was the end of her life. But to her surprise, after His Venerable finished reading it, his expression remained calm. He simply muttered, “This little rascal!” and dismissed her. Bandan returned to the princess’s palace with shaky steps, and after a moment of stunned silence, she burst into tears.

Dan’er comforted her: “Isn’t it lucky that His Venerable does not blame us?”

Bandan sobbed as she lamented, “Her Highness didn’t even bring me along on her journey. Who will be there to take care of her if she gets thirsty or tired?””

Dan’er: “…” Makes sense. She now wants to cry too.

Unaware of the events in the Devil Realm following her departure, Lu Yaoyao ran faster upon seeing the boundary. She and Yaqing landed a short distance from the border of the Cultivation Realm and soon reached the spot where the boundary barrier was erected.

Somewhat different from the Devil Realm, the borders of the Cultivation Realms were generally open for access. However, for the safety of the human race, the major sects and influential clans had set up a barrier at the boundary. While it did not typically affect access, the barrier could quickly be closed when a conflict was looming, serving as the first line of defense.

The boundary gate of the Devil Realm had been opened, but the barrier of the Cultivation Realm remained shut. Fortunately, Lu Yaoyao still had the token she and Shen Changyuan used to leave the realm initially. Shen Changyuan had given it to her as she was curious about the item.

Lu Yaoyao was sleeping when Shen Changyuan used the token and didn’t know how it worked. Still, she and Yaqing managed to enter the Cultivation Realm without a hitch. Once they passed the barrier, Lu Yaoyao looked around and asked hesitatingly, “Big Brother, do you know the way to Guiyuan Sect?”

Yaqing replied, “I know.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, “Great!”

Just as they were about to depart, Lu Yaoyao remembered the people she had met when she first arrived in the Cultivation Realm. She paused for a moment and said, “Let’s stop by a place first.”


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  1. She’s finally going to meet with her father! I’ve been waiting to see how she’ll live in his sect and how the disciples will treat her knowing she’s his daughter. On a side note, I’m actually surprised that Lu Qingyu wasn’t more angry that she actually escaped—could it be because he didn’t think she had a way to cross the boundary to the human realm or because he knows that she’ll eventually be back?
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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