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MSRV Ch 88 Part 2 – He Deserves It! (II)

“I saw these on the way and bought them for you,” Si Yue said.

Fu Yunruo looked at the bouquet and saw how well the yellow roses were when professionally paired with the other flowers. Feeling a bit perplexed, she said, “Did you forget I work with flowers?” She had a whole garden filled with various blooms… so why did he get her another bouquet?

Si Yue said: “It’s different. This is my gift to you.”

Fu Yunruo took a closer look and became even more flustered. She was aware that different colors of the same variety represented different meanings in flower language. Yellow roses represented apology and were usually used between lovers…

“I cannot accept it.” Fu Yunruo waved her hand and said firmly.

Si Yue’s voice dropped, “The store clerks said this bouquet is most appropriate for apologizing. I just wanted to say sorry. Can you forgive me…”

“Ruoruo, I…” Fu Yunruo hurriedly snatched the flowers away. “That’s enough!” She was worried he might say something inappropriate. Shengnan was also here!

The corners of Si Yue’s lips curled up slightly, but they quickly flattened again as he asked in a low voice: “I had a driver sent me here, but he suddenly had to leave. Can I ride home with you?”

“…” Fu Yunruo was left speechless as she gazed at Si Yue’s radiant face, where the word ‘Bold’ appeared to be engraved extremely conspicuously.

“Wenwen would be angry when he sees you here.” She said curtly.

“…Didn’t Wenwen say he wanted to talk to me? He has time after school, right?”

…that’s true.

Fu Yunruo lowered her head and fell silent. Rather than dealing with Si Yue, she chose to engross herself in chatting with her friends in a group chat. Although they didn’t meet up often, Fu Yunruo had become acquainted with some of the big names on the livestreaming platform and had made a few friends within the industry. Whenever they had time, the group would chat away, discussing a wide range of topics.

Si Yue had been staring at her all along, but then he lowered his head and tapped on his phone screen for a while.

Fu Yunruo, who had been chatting away, suddenly received a new message.

“Why are you ignoring me?” The message was accompanied by a sad-faced emoji.

Fu Yunruo: “…”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but give Si Yue a glare. Determined to stay on guard and not speak to him, she acted as if she hadn’t seen his message.

Si Yue kept sending a lot of emojis, and Fu Yunruo almost burst out laughing at how expressive and cute they were. As a result, she couldn’t resist sending an emoji back.

Then Si Yue sent even more.

One emoji led to another, and soon they were engaged in an all-out emoji war.

Until Qian Shengnan’s voice rang out, “Yunruo, school’s out.”

Fu Yunruo looked out the car window, and sure enough, teachers were already leading the children out of the school gate. She quickly got out of the car and did not forget to warn Si Yue not to come out. With so many people around, he would be too recognizable and might attract unwanted attention.

Oh, emojis were too addictive! She wanted to ignore this guy but got too engrossed in the emoji war that she even forgot her promise to her son!

Fu Yunruo hurriedly picked up Wenwen from the teacher and came back. The moment he saw his mother, the little guy pulled her hard, eager to leave. He kept a watchful eye on their surroundings, fearful that Kangkang or someone else might unexpectedly appear and try to take his mother away.

As they walked together, Fu Yunruo observed Wenwen closely and found him still brimming with energy. If his teacher hadn’t reported it to her, she would have been oblivious that her son had been depressed at school.

Once they reached the car, Fu Yunruo opened the door, put Wenwen in, and then got in herself.

Wenwen glanced back, keeping watch nervously until Fu Yunruo had gotten into the car and shut the door. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

Then he turned and suddenly saw the person he least wanted to see sitting next to him.

“What are you doing here?!” If he hadn’t been buckled in, Wenwen would have bounced up and hit his head on the car’s ceiling.

Si Yue’s lips twitched. Was he really that unnoticeable?

Just as Fu Yunruo fastened his seatbelt, Wenwen bounced around so much that he almost didn’t get buckled in properly.

Fu Yunruo patted his shoulder, “Stop moving around.”

Wenwen turned to his mother, fuming. “Why is he here?”

She replied, “Didn’t you want to talk to him? He happened to have some free time, so he came to pick you up.”

Wenwen was so angry that he pounded on the car seat in frustration. “Just tell me where to meet, and I’ll go on my own!” He didn’t want this person to come pick him up!

When Wenwen lowered his head, he caught sight of the flower bouquet on the seat, “Who gave this?”

Seeing how fierce his reaction was, Fu Yunruo didn’t dare to say the truth, “That’s his, not mine.”

“He said it’s too big and he has not enough space, so he put it on my side of the seat,” As she spoke, Fu Yunruo threw the bouquet back into Si Yue’s arm. “There, he can hold onto the flowers himself. Mom won’t help him carry them.”

Accepting Fu Yunruo’s explanation, Wenwen gave Si Yue a stinky eye.

“…” Si Yue looked at his son and frowned. How did this brat become so uncute all of a sudden?

Wenwen glared back like a little hedgehog, all prickles and thorns.

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo quickly tried to appease him. “Okay, Wenwen, don’t be angry. It’s Mom’s lack of consideration. Mom was wrong.” She should have firmly refused earlier!

“It’s not your fault, Mom!” Wenwen shot back, glaring more furiously at Si Yue. It must be him! He always took advantage of Mom’s soft heart!

Wenwen was slightly annoyed at his mother’s gullibility, but more than anything, he was even more aware of Si Yue’s slyness. This guy’s always taking advantage of his absence to trick his mother!

Why did he ever admire… no, he didn’t admire or like this person at all; he was just plain annoying!

“Wenwen…” Si Yue seemed to be wronged, and his voice was full of sadness, “It’s indeed my fault. I should ask your opinion first.”

“Hmph!” Wenwen threw his face away and snorted.

Seeing Si Yue’s dejected look, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but feel a bit of schadenfreude. He deserved it! Being so calculative, even trying to manipulate her feelings like that, Wenwen really helped her vent her frustration.


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  1. Hihii! Wenwen sure knows how to be prickly! But I don’t care what Si Yue says! Our Wenwen is always cute whatever face he makes!

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Honestly everything Si Yue does and says sounds just so… fake.
    He keeps on lying to her (about the flowers that “the store clerks chose for him”, about his driver that “suddenly had to go away”) and pressuring her… He clearly has zero respect for her boundaries and her wishes.

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