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MSRV Ch 90 Part 3 – DNA Test (III)

After what seemed like an eternity, Fu Yunruo took a deep breath, prepared herself, and tore open the envelope, taking out the paper inside.

Although it was the expected outcome, when Fu Yunruo saw the test result showing a 99.999% parent-child relationship, she felt a sudden sense of calmness, as if the dust had finally settled.

It’s really true…

After putting away the documents, Fu Yunruo sat quietly for a while, her mind blank. It took a moment before she got up and walked out. The senior brother had already left, leaving only Uncle Guo watering the orchids in the flower shed.

Fu Yunruo looked around, then picked up the scissors and began trimming the leaves.

Uncle Guo noticed her and casually asked, “What’s going on between you and Si Yue recently?”

Although Uncle Guo rarely returned to the villa lately, he was still aware of any changes that occurred.

It was quiet inside the flower shed. After a while, Fu Yunruo finally muttered, “Uncle Guo, they are father and son…”

Uncle Guo was one of the closest people to Fu Yunruo, aside from Wenwen, and he would inevitably find out sooner or later. Fu Yunruo couldn’t continue hiding such a significant matter from him.

Now that even the DNA test results were out, it was time to be honest with Uncle Guo.

Fu Yunruo had prepared a lengthy explanation, but before she could begin, she saw Uncle Guo nodded knowingly.

Surprised by his nonchalant reaction, Fu Yunruo asked in confusion, “Uncle Guo, did you… already know?” When did he find out? How?

Fu Yunruo’s face was filled with question marks.

Uncle Guo said: “No.” It was just a speculation he had before.

When a man suddenly got close to a single mother and her child, devoting himself wholeheartedly to taking care of them but showed no ulterior motives towards the mother, the only possibility left was that he had intentions for the child.

And when someone had such a deep interest towards a stranger’s child, they could only either be a pervert, a trafficker, or someone with a blood relationship.

“Isn’t that obvious?”

“…” Fu Yunruo was speechless. Once again, she was reminded of her naivety.

And she couldn’t ask why Uncle Guo didn’t remind her either. She had strong reasons to believe that the old man would just call her stupid.

Uncle Guo frowned and asked, “So? What does he want? Is he going to take Wenwen away?”

Fu Yunruo shook her head. “No, Wenwen’s custody will still be mine. But he wants to exercise his rights and obligations as a father and wants to raise the child with me.”

If Si Yue had intended to take away her son, Fu Yunruo wouldn’t be able to remain so calm.

“What about you? Doesn’t he plan to be responsible for you?”

Fu Yunruo quickly waved her hand. “He doesn’t need to take responsibility.” It was too awkward to explain the whole story to an elder. In short, neither of them was responsible for the other. If not for Wenwen, they were just strangers.

Uncle Guo frowned in dissatisfaction. Could it be that brat was so attentive to Ruoruo only for the sake of his son?

“Are you going to keep the relationship unclear? You are the one who will suffer criticism later.”

Fu Yunruo scratched his face in embarrassment, “The situation here is more complicated… In short, don’t worry, Uncle Guo, I will never suffer.”

“Don’t I care about you?”

Fu Yunruo smiled. “Besides, if I ever get bullied, I have Uncle Guo and many senior brothers and sisters to stand up for me. I’m not afraid at all.”

“Hmph!” Uncle Guo snorted coldly.

“By the way, Uncle Guo, Auntie Mei told me last night…” Fu Yunruo quickly changed the topic.

Uncle Guo didn’t dwell on the matter and allowed the conversation to shift. His village was also included in the development area, and his own share of land was quite a lot.

In the afternoon, Fu Yunruo took the documents with her and went to pick Wenwen home. In the car, she kept glancing at her son, hesitant to bring up the topic.

Wenwen’s heart skipped a beat, immediately guessing that the results of the test had been out.

Sure enough, once they got home, Fu Yunruo took out the documents from the file bag and gave it to Wenwen, “The result are out. The entire process was handled by people Mom trusted without involving any third party.”

Wenwen’s gaze wandered for a moment before finally settling on the open report in front of him.

…supporting the claim that Si Yue is Fu Wen’s biological father. …

Wenwen turned his head and ran upstairs. “I will never admit it!”

“Wenwen!” Fu Yunruo chased after him, but when she reached the second floor, Wenwen had already run into his room and locked the door behind.

With a hard evidence in hands, Wenwen could no longer deceive himself. Even if he couldn’t get over the emotional barrier in his heart, he had no choice but to accept the truth.

Even though he knew that the trajectory of his past life and current life were completely different now, he still couldn’t let go of his internal hurdle.

He knew Si Yue couldn’t be blamed…

Yet, he didn’t know how to describe the feelings he currently had…

If only Si Yue had appeared in his previous life, would their tragedy be avoided?

He only knew that his mother had passed away early in his previous life, but he did not know what exactly happened…

Fu Yunruo repeatedly called loudly from outside the door, but no reply came. She couldn’t understand. Before knowing about their blood relationship, Wenwen got along so well with Si Yue. Why did he suddenly turn so repulsive?

Reflecting on her past actions, Fu Yunruo could swear that she had never instilled the idea that his father was a bad person who had abandoned them into her son’s mind.

She had also dropped subtle hints, but Auntie Mei assured her that nobody in the village dared to utter any nonsensical words in front of Wenwen.

Unable to get a response from her son, Fu Yunruo stood uneasily in front of the door.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated. Fu Yunruo took it out and saw a message from Si Yue.

“We are going to shoot some night scenes, so I won’t be coming back tonight.”

“…” Fu Yunruo didn’t know how to respond. What did it matter to her if he came back or not? They were just neighbors. Even if he didn’t return home for a week, it had nothing to do with her…

Moreover, they don’t have any special relationship. Why would he need to inform her about his itinerary? Could it be he sent it wrong?

So she texted back: “Did you send it to the wrong person?”



Fu Yunruo glanced at the documents in her hands. After pondering for a moment, she send: “The test report is out.” As one of the parties involved, she thought it was necessary to inform Si Yue of the results.


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