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DDDV Ch 109 Part 2 – Is His Venerable Going to Have a Dao Couple? (II)

Meanwhile, Lu Yaoyao was watching the commotion below with great interest. If Yaqing hadn’t stopped her, she would have jumped down and joined the crowd.

Dao Venerable was rumored to be taking a Dao couple if Dao Venerable was really her Father…

She was going to have a stepmother?!


Lu Yaoyao fidgeted in her seat; her small frame swayed as her cheeks turned red with emotions. What would happen if she had a stepmother? Would she like her? Would she hate her? If the stepmother hate her, would Father also end up disliking her?

She then glanced at Yaqing, unable to confide her thoughts to him. Yaqing only knew that she wanted to go to Guiyuan Sect, but he was unaware of her reason. All he did was follow her orders unconditionally, and even now, he still didn’t know that her other parents were also a man.

All this while, Yaqing kept Lu Yaoyao in place. The scene below was too chaotic; if he let Her Highness go, he was afraid that her small figure would be drowned in the crowd and accidentally stomped on. Having no other choice, Lu Yaoyao kept her ears open, eager to catch any leaked words. Unfortunately, she didn’t get any useful words. After a while, Guiyuan Sect disciples finally got rid of the overly enthusiastic crowd and fled in a hurry, leaving the restaurant almost empty in an instant.

Lu Yaoyao and Yaqing then returned to their temporary lodging, an inn. Lu Yaoyao thought for a while and asked Yaqing, “Big Brother, can we buy a house here?”

Guiyuan Sect would open their enrollment in two days, after which those who passed the test would officially become new disciples. Lu Yaoyao planned to use this opportunity to sneak into the sect, so Yaqing definitely couldn’t follow along. But he was her bodyguard. He had to stay near her and couldn’t return to the Devil Realm without her, so he must remain in Tianyan City. In this case, buying a house became necessary, as she couldn’t let Yaqing live in the inn for so long.

Lu Yaoyao patted her pouch and generously declared, “Money is no matter. I want to buy the best and most comfortable house.”

Yaqing responded: “Yes.”

After receiving the order, Yaqing immediately departed again to look for a suitable house. During his absence, Lu Yaoyao initially stayed in her room, but she soon grew bored. After a quick ponder, she decided to take a walk.

Upon opening the door, Lu Yaoyao was immediately greeted by loud noises coming from the other end of the corridor. Curious, she peered down the hallway to find a young girl, around eight or nine years old, causing a ruckus while a group of servants tried their best to appease her.

“I am going out! Let me go!”

“Miss, please be obedient. Master has said that you are not allowed to go out.”

“How long do I have to wait?”

“It’s not long.”

“I’m going out now. I’m going to suffocate to death here!”


The girl insisted on leaving, but the servants blocked her path. As she glanced around, she caught sight of another girl, clad in red like herself, who was staring intently in her direction. This only served to fuel the girl’s annoyance further.

“What are you looking at? I’m going dig out your eyeballs!”

“…” So fierce! No wonder she was not allowed to get out. Her family must be afraid of her causing trouble!

Lu Yaoyao hopped down the hallway towards the stairs. As she passed by the little girl, she announced loudly, “I’m going out to have fun!”

She then left happily.

The girl: “…” Ahhh, so angry!

Tianyan City was huge. In the past few days since Lu Yaoyao arrived, other than visiting various restaurants, she hadn’t had a chance to explore the city carefully. Under the envious glare of the fierce young girl, Lu Yaoyao left the inn and walked briskly into the street.

The day of Guiyuan Sect enrollment was drawing near. There were many kids and teenagers who came to the city and stayed in various establishments, including Lu Yaoyao’s inn, aiming for the coveted chance to enter the legendary Guiyuan Sect. The little girl Lu Yaoyao met just now also made a lot of ruckuses when she had just arrived, so Lu Yaoyao recognized her.

That girl was accompanied by numerous servants and was at the correct age, so she must be here to be a Guiyuan Sect’s disciple. However, her temperament was too fiery and willful, often saying things like wanting to gouge people’s eyes out. No wonder the servants were strictly ordered to keep her inside. They must be afraid of her causing trouble before she could enter Guiyuan Sect!

The street was very lively, with people coming and going; most of them were disciples wearing uniformed robes of various sects. The robes were of different colors and styles, but the disciples looked equally ethereal and otherwordly.

On either side of the street, rows of shops stood neatly in line, beckoning to customers with open doors. In no time, Lu Yaoyao found her hands full of various foods, the last of which was a crispy snack wrapped in oiled paper. So delicious that she devoured it in just three bites.

Not all the people in Tianyan City were cultivators. There were plenty of regular people who couldn’t cultivate here, but they were not at all submissive to the cultivators. Anyone who could live in this city must have some family members who were cultivators, so they held their heads high with confidence.

Regular people needed food. Because of this, there were many stalls selling snacks on the street, which excited Lu Yaoyao to no end. Speaking of which, Lu Yaoyao had now seen the capital cities in the Three Realms, but she liked Cultivation Realm the most. It was lively but not noisy, bustling but not excessive, and brimming with various novelties.

Just like the rest of the Yuanqi Continent, the Cultivation Realm also respected the strong. Still, the way regular people and cultivators lived side by side in harmony was unheard of in the Demon and Devil Realms. In the Demon Capital, low-level demons with weak cultivation bases lived tremblingly day by day. It was not rare for them to be killed by a stronger demon upon the most minor infractions. And the Devil Realm was even more so. Lives were very cheap there, as proved by the popularity of the death match arenas. Even the biggest market in the capital looked more like a shady black market in comparison.

While strolling, Lu Yaoyao observed a shop that was attracting a large number of people in sect uniforms. Curious, she lifted her gaze and examined the shop’s name — The Danxin Hall.

Lu Yaoyao put aside the snacks in her hands, then walked forward and entered the shop.

A shop assistant politely stepped out to greet the new customer, “Welco—”

As the shop assistant looked up, they spotted a little dumpling in red struggling to cross the threshold with her short legs. Once inside, she lifted her head, revealing her adorable features. Her chubby, rosy cheeks complemented her lively, black eyes. With a small mouth and an overall chubby appearance, she exuded a cute and endearing aura.

Seeing such a cute little dumpling, the shop assistant’s polite smile immediately warmed, “Welcome, little miss. What kind of pills do you want? Our Danxin Hall has the most complete stock in the world.”

Seeing that the girl was very young, no more than five years old, but she seemed to be coming alone, the shop assistant couldn’t help asking, “Did you get separated from your family, little miss?”


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  1. I was wondering how she would enter the sect and it’s certainly an interesting development for her to enter as a disciple. Now I’m looking forward to how she’ll reveal her status as their venerable’s daughter!
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