MSRV Ch 93 – A Stinky Little Boy

The filming went smoothly. Wenwen completed the last of his scenes today, and the crew specially organized a wrap-up party for him. Many people expressed reluctance to part with Wenwen, as they might not have another opportunity to work together again. As a result, they took this chance to give him many gifts.

Both Fu Yunruo and Wenwen had no way to refuse the enthusiastic crowd. Before long, they received a heap of gifts that couldn’t even be held in their arms. Seeing that nothing particularly valuable was being given, with the gifts consisting mainly of homemade snacks and the like, Fu Yunruo finally allowed Wenwen to accept the gifts with no burden.

Director Mo was also very reluctant to part with the little guy. “I have a friend who’s preparing to shoot a Xianxia movie. Would Wenwen be interested in playing the child version of the male lead?”

Although his friend was looking for a child of seven or eight years old, this shouldn’t be a problem. After all, weren’t they simply afraid that younger kids wouldn’t be able to act? When his friend saw Wenwen, he would surely find it hard to let go, just like he was.

Wenwen looked over curiously, eyes filled with interest.

“Director, that’s not fair! I also want to act with Wenwen. Can you recommend me as well?”

Xia Wanning played a supporting role with only a few scenes in this movie. This time, she cheekily invited herself over to attend Wenwen’s wrap-up party. The so-called ‘enemy of an enemy is a friend’ fitted perfectly here. Xia Wanning had been suppressed by Fang Xueruo for so long. Witnessing the misfortune that befell Fang Xueruo whenever she crossed paths with Fu Yunruo and her son brought immense satisfaction to Xia Wanning, and she was even more rejoiced to see the other party still unable to recover.

If it weren’t for the power of the Chang family, Fang Xueruo would have been pushed out of this industry a long time ago. Moreover, there were rumors that the current head of the Chang family wasn’t entirely satisfied with Fang Xueruo, and it was uncertain whether her engagement could last.

So, in Xia Wanning’s opinion, befriending Fu Yunruo and Wenwen made her feel lucky.

Xia Wanning was a first-line actress herself, and she was also on good terms with Director Mo. So when she jokingly spoke like that, Director Mo not only didn’t get angry but laughed and said, “”How can I do without you? But I can only make an introduction, and the rest is on you.”

“Thank you, Director Mo.” Xia Wanning raised her glass to toast Director Mo.

As Wenwen listened to their conversation, his eyes wandered. He remembered a classic Xianxia movie series that was from this era. At that time, the female lead was Fang Xueruo, and the success of this series pushed her fame to another level.

If she were still the female lead…

Wenwen put on an innocent face and asked curiously, “Is the female lead Sister Xia?”

Xia Wanning happily replied, “Thank you for your lucky words. I will do my best in the audition and won’t let our Wenwen down!”

Wenwen smiled, revealing his little millet teeth. “I really like Sister Xia too!” With Director Mo’s recommendation, Sister Xia should be able to win the role, right?

Wenwen was overjoyed. Finally, a chance for revenge! In his previous life, Fang Xueruo had repeatedly sabotaged his opportunities and blocked his path to success. This time, he was determined to make her taste the same suffering he had endured.

A petty person seeks revenge from morning till night!

Xia Wanning almost couldn’t resist giving Wenwen a tight hug. He was incredibly cute and adorable! Maybe she should have a child of her own to play with? But what if she couldn’t have a baby as cute as him…

“What’s the audition like?” Wenwen asked again, curious.

Si Yue finally found a chance to interject, “I’ll take you to see it.”

Wenwen glanced slightly at Si Yue, then turned his head aside and gave the man a cold shoulder. Who wanted to talk to him, huh?!

Si Yue: “…”

Yuan Xin chuckled: “Then I will take Wenwen to watch the audition.”

Wenwen turned around immediately and grinned, “Thank you, Uncle Yuan!”

Si Yue: “…” Stinky brat.

Director Mo patted Wenwen’s head, “Quickly grow up!”

Wenwen nodded seriously, “I will grow up soon!”

After the party came to an end, Fu Yunruo and Wenwen hopped into the car and headed back home. During the ride, the little boy seemed brimming with joy, occasionally letting out mischievous laughter.

“What made you so happy?” Fu Yunruo asked curiously.

“Secret!” Of course Wenwen couldn’t tell his mother. He was so happy to finally have a chance to take revenge!!

Fu Yunruo flicked the boy’s forehead and sighed in melancholy: “Wenwen has learnt to keep secrets from his Mom.”

Wenwen responded solemnly: “I’ve grown up, and I’m a boy. There are some things that you girls won’t understand, and there are matters I can’t share with you in the future. Mom will have to get used to it.”

Fu Yunruo: “…” Her little boy had grown up and became a stinky brat. Oh, God, they said a daughter was caring, so why didn’t she give birth to a little cotton-padded jacket?


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  1. Haha, Yunruo, I think someone has the same feeling as you, why don’t you both team up to try for a cotton-padded baby girl 😛 Thank you for the chapter!

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