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ATCF Ch 31 Part 3 – Do Boys Also Have Those Days Every Month? (III)

Jiang Zhou was made incredibly frustrated by his failure today, but Jiang Huai was infuriated. In these past few days, several business partners had been causing trouble one after another, leaving him incredibly frustrated.

For those who spoke bluntly and informed him directly that the collaboration had fallen through, he had no choice but to accept it, but even more detestable were those with ambiguous attitudes, speaking in flattering tones while continuously delaying progress. It was evident that they were waiting for him to give up on his own.

Even Qin Lin, who had always been on good terms with him, had subtly changed his attitude recently, which made Jiang Huai even more restless.

Originally, he still held a glimmer of hope, thinking that as long as the Feng family was willing to compromise, the current crisis would only be temporary.

However, when Assistant Bai rushed over in a fluster, holding a phone and telling him about Jiang Ruo’s trending topic, Jiang Huai knew it was over.

In that instant, he felt a sudden dizziness, and his whole being seemed to lose consciousness.

When Jiang Huai woke up again, he was in the hospital. The doctor said there wasn’t any major issue with his body; his brief fainting spell was due to excessive stress and lack of proper rest.

But Jiang Huai knew that he wouldn’t have time to relax. Judging from Assistant Bai’s expression, he could tell that the company probably encountered another significant problem.

This was within his expectations. Some of the business partners had other intentions and simply wanted to use him to establish connections with the Feng family. Now, when they could see that their objectives were impossible to accomplish, they directed their anger at him, and it would be strange if there were no problems with the projects.

After her husband collapsed, Feng Yun sat in front of his hospital bed, feeling lost. Seeing him awake, she first burst into tears and then started worrying about how Ruoruo would be affected by the trending topic incident.

Jiang Huai was annoyed by her cries, so he simply remained silent and stared at the ceiling in a daze.

He did feel sorry for his daughter, but he knew that the Feng family’s action was not solely targeting Ruoruo. Instead, they made a statement, openly telling the public that despite being in-laws, the Feng and Jiang families were no different from enemies.

He couldn’t help but wonder whether his father-in-law also acquiesced to it.

Unknown to Jiang Huai, Old Master Feng was currently very busy right now and had no time to spare for trivial matters — such as the Jiang family.

Since the invitations were sent out, the peers who were on good terms with him or had some interactions with him in the past had been calling to congratulate him on finding his granddaughter.

Whenever he received such calls, Old Master Feng couldn’t help but boast about how well-behaved his granddaughter was. He would talk nonstop, and one call could easily last one to two hours.

Feng Song and Feng Bai, on the other hand, enjoyed indulging in gossip every day. They treated the gathered information as fresh news and shared every detail with Jiang Li.

In fact, Jiang Li didn’t have much interest in the affairs of the Jiang family anymore. As long as the Jiang family didn’t disturb her, she wouldn’t actively pay attention to them.

But whenever her two elder brothers came to talk, she would always listen attentively.

She knew that both her second and third brothers felt that she had been wronged in the Jiang family. Now, they couldn’t wait to share with her about Jiang Huai’s misfortune in order to make her happy.

Especially Feng Bai, who narrated every detail vividly with both words and gestures, his expression fully conveyed the extent of his excitement.

Feng Song quickly realized that Jiang Li didn’t seem interested in the affairs of the Jiang family. With the high school entrance exam approaching, he didn’t want to talk about studying and add pressure on Jiang Li, so he changed the subject and asked her who she wanted to invite to the banquet.

Jiang Li replied honestly, “The invitation has already been sent to the orphanage. Besides that, it’s only Tong Yi and Zhou Tian. That’s it.”

Feng Song had heard Jiang Li mention Zhou Tian before, so he wasn’t surprised. After thinking for a moment, he suggested, “I think it’s better to invite more people.”

Seeing Jiang Li’s puzzled expression, he explained: “You just transferred to a new school, and Grandpa has been worried about how well you’ll get along with your classmates.”

Hearing what he said, Jiang Li instantly understood. If she invited too few people, her grandfather would definitely worry about her social relationships at school.

Prior to transmigrating to the novel, Jiang Li was used to being alone, and the habit didn’t change even now.

But to ease her grandfather’s worries, she decided to invite more people!

However, she couldn’t be sure if people would really come even if she invited them.

Her best bet was to send an invitation to every student in her class. By casting a wide net, she would surely catch a few fish.

Came Monday, the morning self-study session was already over when Tong Yi arrived late as usual. As he reached his desk, he saw an invitation card lying on it.

When he opened it, it was indeed from Jiang Xiao Li. The banquet was scheduled for the weekend after the high school entrance exam, and the venue was the manor of the Feng family.

Just as Tong Yi was about to put the invitation into the drawer under his desk, he noticed that Zhou Li, who sat diagonally in front of him, also held an invitation in his hand.

Although it was slightly different from his own invitation, it was indeed the same invitation card as the one in his hand.

Zhou Li sensed Tong Yi’s killing glare and quickly explained, “It’s a banquet hosted by Jiang Li’s grandfather. She sent invitations to everyone in the class, and I guess I just happened to be included.”

Tong Yi: …

It was good that Zhou Li had this self-awareness, but Tong Yi’s mood remained sour.

After having breakfast in the cafeteria, Jiang Li returned to the classroom with Tong Yi’s favorite glutinous rice cake. However, she noticed that Tong Yi was looking at her with a resentful expression, as if he was looking at a heartless scumbag.

Jiang Li shook her head, trying to drive away this horrifying thought.

It must be because Lin Yu and Tang Rou had been discussing too many novels about chasing wives and runaway lovers in their dormitory. Now she was also becoming abnormal.

She placed the glutinous rice cake on Tong Yi’s desk and curiously asked, “Who messed up with you?”

Tong Yi remained expressionless: “You.”

Jiang Li pointed to herself and asked, “Me?”

Tong Yi nodded, “You actually sent an invitation to that idiot Zhou Li.”

Sitting in front of them, Zhou Li suddenly felt an arrow flew toward him. Yet, he didn’t dare to turn around and argue with Tong Yi.

Jiang Li explained, “Second Brother told me to send more invitations. I got the list of all the students from Teacher He, printed them out, and asked Tang Rou to help me distribute them. I forgot to exclude Zhou Li, but I think he wouldn’t be willing to come anyway.”

Zhou Li: …

No, he actually wanted to go. Pretty much so.

But now that Jiang Li had mentioned it aloud, it would be too shameful for him to go.

Seeing that Tong Yi was still unhappy, Jiang Li added, “Yours was handwritten by me.”

Hearing this, Tong Yi’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

What could be confirmed was that the handwriting on his invitation was indeed Jiang Xiao Li’s.

Jiang Li was puzzled, “Did I ever lie to you?”

Tong Yi clicked his tongue, “Well, since you’re an honest kid, I’ll trust you this time!”

Jiang Li: …

Why is Tong Yi being so weird again?

Could it be that boys also have those days every month?


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