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DDDV Ch 114 Part 1 – It’s So Funny (I)

“The vision must be about me!” A voice suddenly exclaimed.

Huh? Did she just speak her mind loud? Lu Yaoyao was stunned, and there was a commotion among the crowd as everyone eagerly looked at… someone far in front of her.

Lu Yaoyao tiptoed, wanting to see who had just spoken, but the people in front obstructed her view. She leaned forward and glanced ahead, only to find a proud and handsome boy speaking. “My father said that when I was born, there was a grand vision in the sky, and even the flowers in the courtyard where I was born blossomed.”

The crowd exclaimed in astonishment. Please to see himself in the center of attention, You Huahai lifted his chin slightly and said, “Since I have come to participate in the entry trial, I won’t continue hiding it. Anyway, you will eventually find out. As a naturally gifted prodigy like me, Dao Venerable Hengwu will surely make an exception and accept me as his disciple.” You Huahai were extremely confident. He was destined to have an extraordinary life and become a prodigy that would capture the attention of the entire Cultivation Realm!

Someone raised a question, “If you truly are that destined person, why didn’t your parents send you to the Guiyuan Sect early on? The most formidable experts are in the Guiyuan Sect. Wouldn’t it be the best for you to grow up there?” You Huahai, looking down upon everyone, displayed an air of disdain as he spoke again, “You guys know nothing. I am the sole heir of the You family. In my shoulders is the responsibility passed down for generations.” He was the cherished heir finally born after a long wait, how could his parents to let him be taken away while still in infancy? Naturally, there was the need to keep him hidden and protected until he was mature enough.

In fact, if not for the fear that further delay might hinder his progress, his family would have liked to keep him at home for even longer.

“I am now in the ninth realm of Qi Condensation.” You Huahai proudly declared.

The crowd gasped again. The ninth realm of the Qi Condensation stage! He could break through the Foundation Establishment period at any time. What an amazing talent!

As a result, everyone became even more enthusiastic toward You Huahai, hoping that they could be lucky enough to get close to him and receive his help.

Lu Yaoyao was also amazed. The flowers in the courtyard blossomed when this person was born. Could he be the reincarnation of a flower fairy?

Du Qianshan observed Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue, who were gazing in awe at You Huahai. Seeing the envy in their eyes, he quickly comforted them, “Even though your births might not have triggered the blossoming of flowers, your talents are undoubtedly good enough!”

“…” Well said. But let’s stop the topic here.

Wen Zixing, on the other hand, looked at You Huahai sympathetically. It was just too ostentatious for him to go around proclaiming the extraordinary signs that happened during his birth. This revealed early that he coincidentally possessed a mutated wood spiritual root, causing him to be preemptively eradicated by the demon race and making him one of the unfortunate victims used to frame the devil race.

It was him, Wen Zixing, who really had a way to save the world! The real Chosen One!

Wen Zixing puffed out his thin chest and thought: Well, he can also save this You Huahai by the way!

But, how strange. He remembered that the original novel did not seem to mention any special rule for eighteen-year-old people during the entry trial.

Wen Zixing scratched the back of his messy head. Forget it. Maybe he remembered it wrong, or maybe it was so minor that the novel didn’t bother to elaborate on it.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, here we go again. This Wen Zixing always gave her this peculiar feeling, as if he had known certain people before despite it being their first encounter. He must be hiding something! Lu Yaoyao felt a sudden excitement, as if she might uncover some secrets. Her gaze gleamed brightly, curious about what this little guy was concealing.

Wen Zixing suddenly felt a shiver run down his spine and glanced around in perplexion before averting his gaze again.

Slowly but steadily, the queue moved out. There were only a dozen or so people left ahead of them, so Lu Yaoyao shifted her attention to the voices she heard in the front.

“Three spiritual roots of metal, wood, and fire. The bone age is sixteen. Pass.”

“No spiritual root. Bone age thirteen. Not pass.”

“No spiritual root. Bone age seventeen. Not pass.”

“Excuse me, I am eighteen this year. This is my birth certificate.” The girl who failed to pass quickly took out a booklet. She just turned eighteen this year.

The Guiyuan Sect disciple in charge of the registration point went to verify the authenticity of the document. Seeing the stamp of a City Lord and several other dignitaries, he said, “You pass.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” The girl happily followed another disciple and left.

“Mutated wood spiritual root. Bone age eighteen. Pass!”

After so many people, someone with extraordinary aptitude finally emerged, bringing great excitement to the disciples of the Guiyuan Sect. Lu Yaoyao leaned forward and glanced ahead, recognizing the person to be the boy whose birth was said to trigger the vision. The result of his examination made You Huahai even prouder. He stood with his head high and chin raised, looking extremely complacent.

Soon it was Wen Zixing’s turn. He was both nervous and hopeful. Well, he was the Chosen One, but he still had no idea what kind of spiritual root he possessed. In any case, having a mutated thunder root would be fantastic—it sounded really cool!

“Metal and wood dual spiritual roots. Bone age fourteen.”

Dual roots… Wen Zixing was disappointed for a moment, but soon cheered up again. He could cultivate haha! Who had never had a dream of cultivating and achieving immortality?

Wen Zixing turned his head to steal a glance at Chao Muxue and Du Qianshan. He knew that they both would pass the trial and eventually enter the Guiyuan Sect, but this little girl…

He secretly felt sorry for her, because she didn’t have a role in the original novel.

It’s her turn! Lu Yaoyao trembled with excitement. She didn’t know what kind of spiritual root she had. She had grown to be a Golden Core cultivator, yet she had never tested her spiritual root!

Lu Yaoyao walked forward expectantly and looked at the round stone on the table.

However, as soon as the disciple in front of the spiritual stone saw her small body, he didn’t let her do the test and instead reached out to pull her to the side, saying, “This is not a place to play. Little girl, go and play somewhere else.”

Lu Yaoyao turned her head and frowned. “I’m not playing. I’ve queued and want to register,” she said, and was about to return to the direction of the spiritual stone.

The disciple stopped her again: “But you don’t meet the criteria.”

She waited in line for hours, and this was the result? “Why?” Lu Yaoyao was very dissatisfied.

“For one, the sect only accepts youths between the ages of eight and eighteen.” Children younger than that lacked the ability to take care of themselves. They couldn’t possibly recruit toddlers and expected the sect to take care of them, could they?

Lu Yaoyao hurriedly explained, “I’m eighteen years old!”

That disciple lowered his head and glanced at the little girl’s height. No matter what, this lie was too exaggerated, wasn’t it? It would be much more believable if she claimed to be eight instead of eighteen. “Little girl, don’t make the fuss. Come back three years later when we open the next recruitment. You will be of the right age by then.” He said patiently.


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  1. Honestly, even if she’s actually just a little kid, just let her do the test and dismiss her for the results showi g her too young is probably faster than talking it out.

  2. Since Wen Zixing was killed early on in the novel, it just goes to show that you shouldn’t stand out too much if you can’t protect yourself or there will be consequences. As for Lu Yaoyao, she’ll have to prove herself somehow, but I wonder how she’ll go about that?
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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