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THDP Ch 129 Part 2 – Heavenly Purgatory Array (II)

“Senior Lin Yan.” Meng Qi asked, “I have a question.”

“Go ahead,” Lin Yan smiled amiably. “You can ask anything you want, whether it’s about cultivation or medical skills. I don’t have any other disciples, so these things will always be taught to you.” Her lips revealed two small dimples as she looked at Meng Qi with gentle eyes, as if she truly regarded her as her own successor, displaying an extremely kind attitude.

“When cultivators perish, their spiritual consciousness disintegrates. The destruction of one’s aura or even damaged spiritual sea could still be repaired, but can someone really return to life once their spiritual consciousness dissipated?” Meng Qi asked, “Although the pursuit of the medical dao emphasizes the saving of lives, it has never mentioned resurrecting someone who has already perished, which is against the heavenly law.”

“The medical dao…” Lin Yan repeated those words slowly, as if she found something amusing. Her lips curled, and she posed a question back to Meng Qi, “Who set its rules? Cultivators are already going against heaven, treading a treacherous path filled with thorns. From Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment… all the way to the pinnacle of Ascension, each step forward is an act of defiance, an uphill battle against the heavens. It is only by shattering the heavenly rules that one can truly achieve ascension. Cultivation defies the heavens, and medical cultivators, even more so, snatch lives from the clutches of destiny. What are your thoughts on this?” Her head tilted ever so slightly, a trace of innocence in her demeanor, but her gaze held a piercing coldness. “Are you ready to go against the heavens?”

Meng Qi nodded.

Lin Yan continued, “What I want to accomplish is merely going a bit further, that’s all.” She looked up, her gaze fixed on the towering and lush Luoxin Tree, which blocked the sky above the Starfallen Sea. It also concealed the white-robed man standing above the foliage, as if he had transformed into a leaf himself, silently standing there without making a sound.

“The heavenly dao has never been fair. We have long been defying the law it set for us, and now we are simply taking it a step further,” Lin Yan chuckled lightly. Her voice was originally very sweet, just like her appearance, which seemed delicate and lovely. However, now it carried a hint of chilly mockery.

“I understand,” Meng Qi’s hand at her side tightened once again. Thinking about the words that appeared in the final volume of the medical notes, a flicker of determination flashed in her eyes. “Senior, how can I assist you?” She nodded; her voice remained calm.

“Since you passed her test, you should not only be proficient in medicines, but also in arrays, right?” Lin Yan asked.

“Yes,” Meng Qi didn’t hide it either, “I once followed an expert and studied arrays for a few years.”

“To pass her test after only a few years of study, it seems your talent in arrays is not inferior to your medical skills,” Lin Yan remarked.

“Follow me,” she said, turning around and heading deeper into the forest.

Meng Qi obediently followed along. She observed the changing scenery on either side, as the towering Luoxin trees grew even taller, casting an oppressive shadow that darkened the forest. As they walked, Lin Yan retrieved a small scale and held it in the palm of her hand. The scale glowed, emitting a gentle fluorescence that illuminated their path ahead. A subtle fragrance emanated from the scale, resembling the scent of the sea, tinged with a slightly bitter and fishy taste. Although the scale seemed small, shortly after Lin Yan took it out, the overwhelming scent of the vast sea seemed to surround them completely.

Meng Qi glanced over, her eyes flickering slightly with curiosity: “That’s…”

“This is the Azure Dragon Crystal.” Lin Yan gave a charming smile as she seamlessly picked up Meng Qi’s words. “You should be familiar with it, as it is one of the materials required for the advancement of the Five Spirit Cauldron.”

“I see,” Meng Qi nodded, shifting her gaze away. Using the Azure Dragon Crystal as a source of light, even though Lin Yan’s era had long since passed, this simple act revealed glimpses of her past brilliance. The crystal was not merely a material necessary for the advancement of the Five Spirit Cauldron

“Do you know the origin of the Azure Dragon Crystal?” Lin Yan asked, glancing at Meng Qi as they walked.

“Legend has it that it comes from the Azure Dragon clan, a royal demon race in the Demon Realm,” Meng Qi replied. “Blazing Feather comes from the Phoenix, and Azure Dragon Crystal comes from the Azure Dragon. Obtaining a Blazing Feather is relatively easier due to the abundance of phoenix feathers, but as for the Azure Dragon Crystal…” She blinked her eyes and continued, “The Azure Dragon, being a royal clan of the Demon Realm, is already scarce in numbers, and the Azure Dragon Crystal is their reverse scale. They possess only one throughout their lifetime.”

“Correct,” Lin Yan nodded. “Furthermore, it requires the refinement of the primordial spirit, which means only the Azure Dragon at the level of Void Comprehending or above would possess the Azure Dragon Crystal. Demons of the royal clans are incredibly proud, and Azure Dragons are no exception. They cherish their reverse scales greatly. If they cannot return them to their clan before death, they often choose to destroy their reverse scale rather than let outsiders obtain it. That’s why Azure Dragon Crystals are exceptionally scarce, with sometimes only one piece circulating for a hundred years.”

After finishing her words, Lin Yan extended her hand, revealing four intact Azure Dragon Crystals lying in her palm. “For the sake of my Five Spirit Cauldron, he once went to the Demon Realm to search for these crystals,” she said, her lips slightly curved, reminiscing about the past with great joy. “Back then, he single-handedly fought his way through, challenging the Azure Dragon Clan. He won seven battles in a row and obtained a total of five Azure Dragon Crystals.” She paused for a moment and continued, “I used one of them to refine the Five Spirit Cauldron, so I still have four left.”

Meng Qi remained silent. There was no record of Lin Yan’s Dao companion. So, the other person was a sword cultivator? Back in Lin Yan’s era, the three realms had already established a balance, and there were barriers preventing easy access between the Demon Realm, the Devil Realm, and the Three Thousand Worlds. In the past, a young man embarked on a journey to the Demon Realm with a sword in hand, exuding a heroic aura. He possessed such a strength that made even the likes of the Azure Dragon willingly surrender and offered precious treasures like the Azure Dragon Crystals…

Meng Qi silently glanced at Lin Yan. The fair complexion of her face was adorned with a smile, and her eyes sparkled with brightness, carrying a smile at the corners of her brows and eyes. It was no wonder she was willing to endure the solitude of thousands of years, leaving behind remnants of her consciousness in the Starfallen Sea. Even if all she had was the faintest thread of hope, she sought to resurrect her Dao companion.


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