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ATCF Ch 32 Part 2 – Don’t Be Like Your Third Uncle (II)

Seeing his third grandson speechless, Old Master Feng couldn’t help but laugh. “There’s no one else in our family to use as an example, so we’ll just have to use you. If you can’t accept it, then keep it to yourself.”

After thinking for a while, Feng Bai finally remembered someone and confidently said, “There’s Tong Yi!”

“Tong Yi?” Old Master Feng frowned.

Feng Bai had a smug smile on his face, “Yes, Tong Yi. Grandpa should use him. He lacks motivation all day long, but I believe he will definitely have a bright future.”

Old Master Feng scoffed lightly, “I think that kid is quite motivated now. I heard he even beat up that bastard Jiang Zhou before.”

Feng Bai: …

These days, could beating someone up really be considered as being motivated?

However, since the person being beaten up happened to be Jiang Zhou, there seemed to be nothing wrong with that statement.

Jiang Li glanced at her grandfather, then at her third brother. She really wanted to remind them that Tong Yi wasn’t a part of the family, so there didn’t seem to be any basis for comparison.

But on the second thought, she decided to remain silent. For the sake of family harmony, she should keep the conflict from escalating, alright!

Today, Feng Qi was rarely present. Although he didn’t often come home for meals, he had long grown accustomed to his old man’s habit of arguing for the sake of arguments. He paid it no attention and picked up a chicken leg for Jiang Li before continuing his meal.

Old Master Feng noticed this action and let out a sigh, “To be honest, being too academically exceptional isn’t always a good thing. Let’s take Feng Qi as an example. He has been praised since childhood, but now he rarely stays at home. Sometimes, I even question if I only had two sons. Xiao Jiang Li, please don’t be like your Third Uncle!”

Feng Qi: …

Come to think of it, this was probably the first time Feng Qi became a target of Old Master Feng’s attack.

However, if his niece really went on to study medicine and followed him in research, hardly ever coming home, then the old man would probably have even more to complain about.

Old Master Feng turned to Jiang Li and smiled, “That’s why I believe that the entrance examination scores don’t represent everything. What do you think, Xiao Jiang Li?”

Jiang Li immediately nodded, “Grandpa is right. As long as we do our best, I think the actual results aren’t that important!”

She was worried that if she didn’t go along with her grandfather’s words, he would provide a long list of examples.

Hearing Jiang Li’s response, Old Master Feng knew that she wasn’t nervous about the upcoming examination. Finally, he could put his worries aside.

On the day before the examination, Jiang Li went to check the venue. To her surprise, Tong Yi was also there.

Facing Jiang Li’s surprised eyes, Tong Yi gave her a nonchalant look, “Why do I feel you’re looking at me as if I’m an alien?”

“I thought you weren’t taking the exam.” Jiang Li said truthfully. In that novel, Tong Yi didn’t take the high school entrance examination and went abroad a day before.

Tong Yi had indeed initially planned to go abroad soon, but due to some unexpected circumstances, he stayed in the country temporarily. He raised an eyebrow and looked at Jiang Li; his expression seemingly a mix of amusement and a smirk. “Jiang Xiao Li, if you want to know about me, you don’t have to beat around the bush and ask your elder brother for information. Just ask me directly. I won’t keep anything from you.”

Jiang Li found that Tong Leifeng was a bit narcissistic at times.

But she couldn’t possibly tell him she knew he was going abroad because she read it in that novel!

Well, since he willingly let her ask, then there was no need to hold back.

She thought for a moment and asked, “Why have you been playing fool in front of everyone?”

Tong Yi was silent for several seconds before letting out a deep laugh, “I’m not playing fool. It’s called biding my time, understand?”

Jiang Li gave him a look, “You didn’t answer my question.”

Tong Yi pondered, “Call me ‘Big Brother Tong Yi,’ and I’ll tell you right away.”

Jiang Li withdrew her gaze, expressionless.

If he won’t say, then forget it. After all, she could guess the general idea.

Tong Yi reached out and gently tapped her forehead. “Is it so difficult for you to call me ‘Big Brother’?”

“Of course it is! Big nephew, are you trying to take advantage of Xiao Jiang Li?!”

Tong Yi: …

Today should be just checking at the exam venue, why did this guy also tag along?

He coughed a bit nervously and shifted the conversation, “Where’s your brother?”

“Parking the car. Should be here soon.” Feng Bai’s attention was successfully diverted.

Tong Yi touched his nose awkwardly. “Then you guys wait for him. I’ll go check my room first.”

After saying this, he turned around and left, as if running away.

Once he was far away, Feng Bai remembered Tong Yi tried to trick Xiao Jiang Li into calling him ‘Big Brother’ just now. He immediately turned back at her and reminded, “You must never call Big Nephew ‘brother.’”

Jiang Li couldn’t help laughing, “Of course, I wouldn’t call him that. But you shouldn’t call him nephew either!”

“No, that’s what we should call him.” Feng Bai spoke matter-of-factly. “His aunt will soon marry our eldest brother. According to family seniority, he is our big nephew.”

Jiang Li: …

At this moment, she finally understood the reason behind Tong Yi’s weird behavior before.

At first, he tried to persuade her to call him ‘Big Brother,’ but when he didn’t achieve his goal, he cheekily called her ‘Big Sister’ instead.

At one point, he said something about them being friends and emphasizing that they were peers.

Today, this guy started tricking her to call him ‘Big Brother’ again.

So, all of this weirdness was actually Tong Leifeng’s attempt to equalize his seniority?

In hindsight, when she exchanged greetings with Eldest Brother in the video call, she did find the future sister-in-law somewhat familiar. So she was actually Tong Leifeng’s aunt?

Seeing Jiang Li look confused, Feng Bai couldn’t help but ask, “Hasn’t Big Nephew told you about this matter all along?”

Without waiting for her to answer, he continued to mutter to himself, “Well, considering his personality, it would be strange if he took the initiative to tell you. But now that you know, you can use your seniority to suppress him!”

With a suppressed smile, Jiang Li nodded and said, “Yeah, of course.”

Starting today, Tong Leifeng has a new name: Tong Big Cheater!

When the students went to check their exam room, parents and other family members were not allowed into the school, so both Feng Bai and Feng Song could only stop at the school gate and watch Jiang Li go in.

Feng Bai glanced around and whispered to his twin: “Why does it seem like everyone waiting outside is much older? We stand out a bit, don’t we?”

Feng Song nodded: “Let’s wait in the car. Xiao Jiang Li will give us a call once she finishes.”

Feng Bai nodded immediately and added with a sigh, “Today’s pretty hot, too.”

Jiang Li followed her admission ticket number and quickly found her exam room. When she was about to leave, she heard Zhou Tian’s cheerful voice.

“Jiang Li, you are also here!”

Jiang Li’s eyes lit up, “Which classroom are you in?”

“I’m in Classroom Four, how about you?”

Jiang Li responded: “Classroom Six. We are pretty close. Wants to go to lunch together tomorrow?”

“That’s great! But my home is quite far, so I can’t go back for a nap at noon. I was thinking of booking a hotel room by the hour, but everywhere nearby was already full,” Zhou Tian complained. She was a petite girl with big eyes and a mushroom-like hairstyle, making her look like a doll. Especially when she mumbled and complained in a low voice; it made people want to pat her head and gave her a cuddle, but Jiang Li quickly restrained that dangerous thought.

It must be because Grandpa often rubbed her head recently, which affected her with this habit.

Jiang Li looked at Zhou Tian and said with a smile, “My grandpa mentioned that he will bring a camper van tomorrow, We can all take a nap inside together.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Tian’s face lit up with excitement, but soon a hesitant expression appeared. “Will your grandpa agree?”

Jiang Li nodded, “Grandpa is very easy to get along with, so you don’t have to worry.”

Tomorrow was not a day off. Her two older brothers had classes, while her aunts and uncles had to go to work. So her grandpa had said from early on that he would send her for the exam.

Hearing Jiang Li’s words, Zhou Tian felt as if the enormous burden that had been weighing on her head had suddenly been lifted.

For someone who was accustomed to taking naps, not taking one was like killing her!

The two girls strolled along, chatting and laughing. As they exited the school gate, Jiang Li spotted someone she really didn’t want to see.


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