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ATCF Ch 32 Part 3 – Don’t Be Like Your Third Uncle (III)

The two girls strolled along, chatting and laughing. As they exited the school gate, Jiang Li spotted someone she really didn’t want to see.

Jiang Zhou was still sitting in a wheelchair, but the cast on his leg had been removed, and there were no more bandages around his waist. He looked much less pleasing to the eye compared to the last time they met.

Zhou Tian also noticed Jiang Zhou. She turned her head, cautiously observing Jiang Li, and asked, “Why is he here? Shouldn’t he be resting at home?”

“Jiang Ruo should be taking exams here too. We don’t need to pay attention to him,” Jiang Li replied. After saying that, she bypassed Jiang Zhou and headed toward where Feng Song had parked the car.

The moment Jiang Zhou saw Jiang Li, he involuntarily clenched his fists, forcing himself not to call out to her.

When he arrived earlier, he had seen the car of the Feng twins. It was obvious that they were here to accompany Jiang Li to check the examination venue.

If he were to have a conflict with Jiang Li, it would undoubtedly be the first thing that would reach Feng Qi’s ears, and he had no idea what that madman would do this time!

As Jiang Li walked away, Jiang Zhou finally calmed his emotions, only to see another person he didn’t want to see.

Qin Zheng stood opposite Jiang Zhou and hesitated for a while. But in the end, he couldn’t help but ask, “Is Ruoruo… also taking exams here too?”

Jiang Zhou snorted coldly, “You have the audacity to ask about Ruoruo?”

Qin Zheng frowned, not understanding where this hostility came from.

“If you care so much about Ruoruo, why don’t you go back and have a chat with your father, who seems to be busy lately? Ask him whose back is he stabbing!”

“…” Qin Zheng was speechless. He was only a middle school student now; of course he had never inquired about business matters with his parents. But hearing what Jiang Zhou had just said, could it be that his father and Uncle Jiang had a conflict?

However, Jiang Zhou had no intention of explaining further and had the person pushing his wheelchair take him away.

Qin Zheng sighed, feeling helpless. Being just fifteen, he had no idea how to handle such a situation.

Over the next two days, the annual high school entrance examination took place in Minjiang City. Outside each examination venue, numerous parents had taken their positions. They held umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun, their faces beaming with smiles. Those standing nearby engaged in conversation, discussing their children, and people with common interests quickly formed small circles.

Feeling bored inside the camper van, Old Master Feng got off with the housekeeper and couldn’t resist joining the conversation. Hearing a beer-bellied man next to him boasting about how his son would surely get into a top-tier high school, while everyone around showered him with compliments, Old Master Feng turned to the housekeeper beside him and asked, “Is it really difficult to get into a top-tier school?”

Before the housekeeper could reply, a middle-aged woman selling watermelons nearby chimed in, “It’s both difficult and easy. The current policy only allows half of the students to attend regular high schools, while the other half must go to vocational schools! Getting into a top-tier one is even more challenging.”

Old Master Feng was taken aback, “Is there such a thing? I’ve never heard Xiao Jiang Li mention anything like this.”

The loyal housekeeper promptly responded, “Miss Jiang Li has always been the top student in her school. She doesn’t need to worry about admission rates and wouldn’t bother you with such matters.”

Old Master Feng nodded approvingly, “Indeed.”

After his remark, the people around immediately crowded around him and asked, “Which school is your granddaughter studying at?”

The beer-bellied man, seeing that no one paid attention to him anymore, mumbled in disgruntle, “It couldn’t be Minjiang First, anyway!”

Before Old Master Feng could respond, the woman selling watermelons quickly interjected, “Minjiang First only has a high school department, they don’t have a junior high! They claim it’s for balancing the educational resource, but it’s all just on the surface. Everyone knows that Yingcai Junior High is the cradle of Minjiang First, and all the outstanding students from Yucai are taken by Minjiang Second!”

The beer-bellied man rolled his eyes and continued inquiring Old Master Feng, “So, what school your granddaughter is from? Is it Yingcai or Yucai?”

“Neither, she is studying at Minjiang International School.” Old Master Feng spoke humbly.

Hearing this, everyone around took a sharp breath.

“Minjiang International School is that well-known elite school, right? Their annual tuition must be five digits!”

“Five digits? You’re dreaming. My daughter passed their entrance test before, and the annual tuition was nearly two hundred thousand. Our family couldn’t afford it, so she ended up participating in the lottery and went to a public school.”

Listening to the sighs of the surrounding people, the housekeeper couldn’t help but sympathize with them, because he could almost predict what the old master would say next.

However, before Old Master Feng could speak, the woman selling watermelons once again stole the spotlight, saying, “Although the tuition is expensive, Minjiang International School also offers high scholarships. Not only do they award scholarships for major exams, but the top thirty students in the final exams can also have other fees totally waived.”

The beer-bellied man muttered quietly, “You know a lot.”

The woman immediately replied, “My son used to study at Minjiang International. He took the entrance exam for Minjiang First last year and got in.”

The crowd: …

Here comes the dreaded parental humble brag!

However, Old Master Feng didn’t think that the woman selling watermelons was showing off at all. He smiled and said, “It seems we are the same. My Xiao Jiang Li will also attend Minjiang First. She would be an underclassman of your child.”

The crowd: …

These days, parents were not afraid that their own children were not outstanding; they were afraid that other people’s children were too outstanding and their parents felt the need to show off!

Old Master Feng, on the other hand, enjoyed chatting with these parents. He pointed to the watermelon stall and turned to the housekeeper, saying, “Buy all the melons here and distribute them to everyone. We’re all here to accompany our children during the exams, so we are acquaintances.”

The woman selling watermelons brightened up and said, “I also have ice cream here, sir. Would you like some?”

Old Master Feng nodded, then turned to the crowd, “Those who want to eat watermelon, eat watermelon. Those who want to eat ice cream, eat ice cream. No need to be polite with me!”

The people looked at each other at first, feeling a bit hesitant, but after someone took the lead, the rest became more relaxed.

Thus, next to the watermelon stall outside Minjiang First High School exam venue, a large group of people gathered, enjoying watermelon and chatting.

If it weren’t for everyone intentionally lowering their voices, the security would have thought they were holding a mass meeting.

The housekeeper couldn’t help but glance at his employer, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, and prayed in his heart, “Please don’t let the old master’s friends see this scene, or they’ll have material for jokes for one whole year!”


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