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Aerial Rain
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THDP Ch 129 Part 4 – Heavenly Purgatory Array (IV)

“Look!” Outside the forest, Sikong Xing suddenly stood up, pointing in the direction of the forest, “What’s going on there?”

“That’s light…” Su Junmo walked to her side, “An array?” He was not sure either. The distance was a bit too far, not to mention that the light was too radiant, far surpassing the strongest array he had ever seen.

“It’s an array!” Ji Wujiong’s expression turned serious as he raised his gaze toward the sky above the forest. A hint of playful curve appeared at the corner of his lips. “It’s not done by Meng Qi, she’s not capable of this. It seems there are true experts inside!”

Li Che, Xue Chengxuan, and the others turned to each other, and they all saw a look of worry in one another’s eyes.

Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng rose to their feet. They both raised their hands, causing their natal long swords and natal weapon to materialize in mid-air, prepared to strike at any given moment.

Right at that moment, a dreadful aura swept across, shrouding the entire expanse of the forest’s sky, spanning a thousand miles.

“Enemies incoming!” Su Junmo’s expression grew solemn. With a snap of his fingers, his primordial spirit condensed by his side. “Be careful, they are strong. Something must have occurred inside. Stay alert.”

“What about Meng Qiqi?” Sikong Xing’s face was filled with worry as she stomped her foot. “Meng Qiqi has been gone for so long this time. Why hasn’t she come out yet? I hope nothing has happened to her.”

“Not for the time being,” Ji Wujiong glanced at her, then looked up at the sky. The terrifying pressure seemed to have glanced at them, but was more focused on the forest. “There’s a rare heavenly treasure that has emerged, attracting these guys.” He pointed to the sky as he spoke, his tone not particularly polite, but better than his attitude towards Xu Zijun and the others. “Whoever is inside, they can intimidate them, so these guys dare not take action.”

“Dare not to take action?” Xue Jinwen repeated these words, her eyes shifted, “Could it be that the legend is true?”

“What legend?” Sikong Xing asked hastily.

“I also came across it in an ancient book by chance…” Xue Jinwen murmured, “It was a medical note left behind by a senior medical cultivator who had once been to the Starfallen Sea. The notes were incomplete and heavily damaged, with almost no information remaining about medical experiences. Only two or three pages were preserved.” She glanced at Ji Wujiong as she spoke. Among their group, this mysterious black-clad man was undoubtedly the most powerful and knowledgeable.

“You continue talking.” Ji Wujiong lazily responded, “Why looking at me?”

Xue Jinwen turned her eyes back at the sky, “Have you noticed that in the Starfallen Sea, we have never been attacked by any spirit beasts that surpass the highest cultivation level in our group?”

The group was taken aback, quickly recalling the numerous battles they had faced along the way. They exchanged glances, unsure of what to make of it. Upon closer reflection, it seemed to be true. While the encounter with the Snow Fang Bees was dangerous, it was due to their sheer numbers, and even the snakes and the wolf pack, despite their terrifying appearances, did not surpass the group’s cultivation levels.

The Starfallen Sea was known as the most dangerous place in the Three Realms, where anyone below the Spirit Severing stage could not survive. Those who had been here and managed to barely escape with their lives all said that the spirit beasts here were much stronger than those in the Three Thousand Worlds, and the environment itself was extremely perilous with toxic and miasmic gases permeating many places. One moment of carelessness could lead to death. Since the formation of the Starfallen Sea, many cultivators had indeed perished here, including some formidable ones who had reached the Void Comprehending or even the Comprehending Perfection realm. However, throughout their journey, even if they were only at the edge of the Starfallen Sea, they had not encountered any spirit beasts higher than the Spirit Severing.

In an instant, everyone looked up at the sky. The terrifying pressure that traversed across thousands of miles was definitely more than just the Spirit Severing level. It was very likely that it belonged to a formidable expert who had just reached the Comprehending Perfection stage, emitting such a horrifying aura. However, they did not sense any killing intent. In other words, this terrifying presence was not targeting them.

“If that’s the case…” Su Junmo hesitated for a moment before speaking up. “I have also heard similar rumors in the Demon Realm, saying that within the Starfallen Sea, the beasts won’t attack cultivators whose cultivation level is lower than theirs.” He paused briefly before continuing, “However, the environment here is extremely harsh and dangerous. Any creatures you encounter in the Starfallen Sea are inherently stronger than those outside. Even beasts at the same cultivation level are deadly.”

“Exactly,” Xue Jinwen nodded, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “The remaining two and a half pages of the medical notes left by that predecessor also mention this. Strong creatures within the Starfallen Sea, including the beasts, won’t attack cultivators whose cultivation level is lower than theirs. He mentioned that he was on the verge of leaving the Starfallen Sea after surviving a near-death experience when he encountered a beast that had just entered the Comprehending Perfection stage. He thought he was done for, but to his surprise, the beast merely glanced at him before turning away.”

“This is quite strange,” Chu Tianfeng murmured. “In any place of the Three Realms, it’s always the law of the jungle, where the stronger prey on the weaker ones. There has never been a rule forbidding higher-level beings from attacking those of lower realms. Isn’t the Starfallen Sea known as a dangerous place? Why would such a rule exist? It doesn’t sound like a treacherous land; it’s more like a sect’s trial ground.”

Upon hearing Chu Tianfeng’s words, everyone was taken aback. Among the group, nearly all of them hailed from prominent sects and were well acquainted with the sect’s training grounds. It was a place where disciples underwent trials arranged by the sect to enhance their skills. The difficulty of the trials varied based on the disciples’ cultivation levels, and generally never exceeded their own realm by more than one level. However, what about the Starfallen Sea?

Chu Tianfeng raised his head and glanced at the sky. The intimidating aura above seemed indifferent to their presence, or maybe just too preoccupied to bother with them as it sprinted towards the forest ahead.

Determined, he clenched his teeth, and suddenly, the red lotus beside him took to the air.

“Be careful.” Qin Xiumo warned. The two of them were becoming more and more in sync. As soon as the words fell, his own natal sword flew into the sky, as if chasing after Chu Tianfeng’s lotus. Their movements quick, yet both of them were extremely cautious, not daring to go too far.

All eyes were fixed on Chu Tianfeng’s fleeting red lotus as it ascended into the air. The flower, small in size, spun rapidly before abruptly bursting apart, scattering dozens of crimson petals in all directions.

Qin Xiumo’s natal sword mirrored the spectacle. Floating in mid-air, it subtly raised its tip, pointing its blade against the sky, prepared to strike at a moment’s notice.

“Ah!” Sikong Xing suddenly exclaimed.

Chu Tianfeng’s red lotus turned into a wisp of smoke and dissipated.

Qin Xiumo’s sword remained in place but stopped moving, showing no reaction whatsoever.

“How?” All eyes were on Chu Tianfeng.


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  1. I never thought the Starfallen Sea was in essence a training ground for cultivators. It seems that the Dao is using it weed out unworthy cultivators while also enhancing the strength of those who can pass its “trial.”

    Now I wonder what the great pressure surrounding the forest is because I don’t think it belongs to Yun Qingyan, since he could have used it earlier to deter Lin Yan’s actions. Could it be that the Starfallen Sea itself has a trace of the Dao’s consciousness, hence why it can determine every creature’s allowable actions in its vicinity?

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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