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ATCF Ch 33 Part 1 – Third Master Feng is not Someone They Could Afford to Provoke (I)

While Old Master Feng was busy sitting cross-legged with other parents, the housekeeper was actually quite worried about Miss Jiang Li’s reaction when she saw this scene. Before the entrance exam, the Old Master had solemnly given Miss Jiang Li a long list of examples, emphasizing that good grades didn’t matter, and that the key to the entrance exam was participation.

But Old Master’s current behavior… was a bit hard to explain.

Fortunately, the housekeeper’s worries were unnecessary because before the first exam had even finished, Old Master Feng silently returned to the camping car to see what lunch the chef had prepared for his precious granddaughter.

After the first exam, Jiang Li returned to the camping car with Zhou Tian. She thought her grandfather would at least ask how difficult the test was or something, but to her surprise, he didn’t mention the exam at all. He just told them to eat and take a nap.

Zhou Tian seemed completely unconcerned, but she emphasized to Jiang Li that they must not discuss the subjects they had taken or reveal any answers. She planned to focus on one subject at a time.

What could Jiang Li do but respect her choice!

Jiang Li thought Zhou Tian wasn’t really concerned about exam results, but as soon as the two-day entrance exam ended, before they had even left the exam hall, Zhou Tian started asking her for answers and wanted her to evaluate the difficulty of the papers. Jiang Li found it both amusing and exasperating.

In her opinion, this year’s entrance exam questions were fairly standard and not much different from what she had expected.

Seeing Jiang Li’s calm and relaxed look, Zhou Tian suddenly seemed uninterested in the results and asked, “Are you sure of your result? Will you get the top spot?”

Jiang Li shook her head with a smile. “This depends not only on abilities but also on a bit of luck. I’m not that confident.”

Zhou Tian sighed, “It’s all Sheng Mian’s fault. If she hadn’t deliberately tripped you during the PE exam, you might have scored a few more points.”

Jiang Li shrugged. “Even if she hadn’t tripped me, I still wouldn’t have gotten a perfect score. The results won’t be out for almost half a month. Let’s relax during this time!”

After leaving the exam hall, Zhou Tian saw her parents waiting to pick her up and waved goodbye to Jiang Li before rushing over to them.

g Li thought her grandfather should have been waiting for her in the camping car as before. But to her surprise, Grandpa and her two older brothers were waiting outside the school gate, and even more unexpectedly, Jiang Tang was standing with them.

Jiang Li quickly went over, her eyes shining. “Sister Tang, you are here!”

Jiang Tang smiled and ruffled her hair. “Hmm, Grandma Director also came. She wanted to see you after you finished your exam, so I came with Grandpa Feng to pick you up.”

Jiang Li held onto Jiang Tang’s arm. “Is Grandma Director’s health still okay?” Based on the memories left by the original ‘Jiang Li’, she knew that the old director’s health was not as robust as before.

“No major problems, just the same as usual!” Jiang Tang answered truthfully.

Old Master Feng immediately said, “Then it’s a good opportunity to have a comprehensive medical check-up while you’re here in Minjiang City. People like us who are getting old must take care of our health.”

Jiang Li reached out and held Old Master Feng’s other arm. “Grandpa, don’t talk nonsense. You’re not an old man.”

Old Master Feng burst into hearty laughter. Although he was indeed an old man who would soon be laid to rest, he wanted to live a few more years, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

Jiang Tang couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Jiang Li. She had noticed the change in her friend’s personality, but she didn’t think much of it because she attributed the change to Jiang Li reuniting with her loved ones.

Even though she had just arrived in Minjiang City, she could see at a glance that the people of the Feng family truly cared for and loved Jiang Li.

Tong Yi didn’t want to run into the twins, so after the exam, he deliberately took his time leaving the exam hall.

However, he still saw them.

But that wasn’t the point!

The key point was: Who was the boy rubbing Jiang Xiao Li’s head?

And more importantly, Jiang Xiao Li didn’t seem to mind at all. She even reached out to hold the boy’s hand?

Well, Jiang Xiao Li was only fifteen this year, so she probably didn’t realize the difference between boys and girls.

But what about Feng Song and Feng Bai? How could they just ignore it when they saw a brat getting touchy with Jiang Xiao Li?!

Tong Yi quickly walked out of the exam hall and greeted Old Master Feng politely. “Grandpa Feng, you’ve come to pick up Jiang Xiao Li!”

Old Master Feng was about to nod when Feng Bai interjected, “Nephew Tong Yi, you seem to have called it wrong.”

Tong Yi: …

Old Master Feng smiled without paying much attention. “He has been calling me Grandpa for so many years, no need to change now.”

Feng Bai murmured, “But then the generations will be messed up, won’t they?”

Old Master Feng glared at him. “He and Niannian are different. What’s there to be messed up about?”

Feng Bai didn’t dare to argue with his grandpa anymore and could only keep silent.

After exchanging greetings, Tong Yi stood opposite Jiang Xiao Li and looked at Jiang Tang, who was beside her, with a smirk. “Is this guy your friend too? Introduce me.”

Jiang Li froze for a few seconds before reacting, “This is Jiang Tang, my…”

Tong Yi reached out his hand towards Jiang Tang with a look of ruffian. “Jiang Tang, right? Let’s be friends!”

Jiang Tang furrowed her eyebrows slightly and turned to look at Jiang Li. “Is he your friend?” By instinct, she felt that this boy held considerable hostility towards her. Reaching out his hand to her definitely wasn’t just for a simple handshake.

Jiang Li nodded, but quickly shook her head again. “My relationship with him is a bit complicated.”

Tong Yi looked displeased. “How is it complicated?”

Jiang Li smirked. “I only found out recently that your aunt married my eldest brother, so strictly speaking, you can also be considered my nephew.”

Tong Yi’s expression stiffened. “Didn’t we agree that we’re friends? I am your peer!”

Jiang Li nodded. “Well, that’s true too. I’ll call you a friend, and you can call me Aunt.”

Tong Yi: …


The hell with Aunt!

However, if he dared to curse out in front of Xiao Jiang Li, her two brothers would probably chase him and gave him a good beating.

In the end, Tong Yi could only look at Old Master Feng with a pleading expression, but the old man could only show an expression of helplessness.

He was experienced in disciplining his grandsons, but he had no idea how to handle a granddaughter.

So it was better to just be a bystander.


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