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DDDV Ch 116 Part 2 – So Similar (II)

Once the staircase was no longer so crowded, Luo Yaoyao and the others finally walked over and stepped onto the stairs. The first trial, The Path Of Immortality, began with climbing the Stairway To Heaven. During this trial, no one could use their spiritual power and had to rely entirely on their own abilities to pass the trial. At first, most people were confident, believing that with their physical strength, climbing the stairs would be easy. But their confidence soon shattered. As they walked further up, their feet gradually became heavier, and towards the end, it was difficult to move even an inch.

Lu Yaoyao kept moving up. The stairs were too high and not friendly to her short legs. She had to lift them high to step up, which made her teammates anxious with worry, fearing that her round body would lose its balance at any moment and roll down.

Chao Muxue couldn’t bear it anymore: “Yaoyao, let me carry you.” The rules did not say anything against helping other candidates and only prohibited them from harming each other.

“No, I can do it.” Lu Yaoyao’s voice was clear with determination, “I walk steadily.” Seeing that their team was far behind, she pointed ahead and yelled loudly with her crisp, childish voice, “Don’t worry about me. We fear nothing, we move forward, and charge ahead!”

Du Qianshan and Li Dazhuang’s blood boiled with excitement, “Roger it!”

However, they didn’t really charge forward. They started focusing on their steps and walked steadily, step by step. At first, they walked easily, but as time passed, their feet gradually became heavy. Looking up, there was still no end of the stairs.

Luo Yaoyao focused on climbing with her short legs. Suddenly, she realized that she couldn’t see any other trial participants ahead. Standing on the stairs, she looked down and couldn’t see both the ground or the figures of the other candidates.

At some point, even Chao Muxue and the rest of her teammates disappeared.

It seemed that she had climbed pretty high. She couldn’t see the sky or the ground on either side, only clouds passing by, with only the Stairway to Heaven as a solitary path. It was a scenery that truly lived up to its name.

Luo Yaoyao continued walking up, curious about whether the end of this path would really lead to the heavenly realm.

Well, she would know once she reached the top!

The Grand Hall of the Guiyuan Sect was very lively today. The once-in-three-year entry trial was taking place, so from early in the morning, the twelve peak masters and elders had taken their seats in the hall. In the center, a projection displayed the scenes of the trial, which everyone, hoping to secure suitable talents for themselves, paid close attention to. The last trial did not have any particularly outstanding talent, only a few with relatively good aptitude, not enough for the twelve peaks to divide amongst themselves.

“There are many promising candidates this year, and I have already found one. Don’t try to snatch from me,” said a rough-looking elder, the Peak Master of the Eastern Third Peak.

“The trial has just begun, and nothing is certain yet.”

“This time, there is one variant single spiritual root, seven single spiritual roots, and forty-nine dual spiritual roots. Their aptitudes are quite good.”

With that, the Grand Hall became lively. The results of the preliminary assessment were quickly delivered to the peak masters and elders, who were all delighted to see so many talented disciples they could recruit. However, possessing spiritual roots was just the first threshold; no matter how talented, a candidate had to pass all three trials before they could join Guiyuan Sect.

While talents were important, characters were even more crucial. If they didn’t pass the assessment, even those with excellent spiritual roots and aptitude would be rejected.

“This little girl is really interesting,” Peak Master Miao of the Sixth West Peak exclaimed with enthusiasm, her eyes shining as she watched a chubby little figure in red walking up slowly. The little girl was well-nurtured, with delicate and adorable facial features and a chubby body that exuded a cute charm. Because her legs were short and the staircase was high, when she took steps upward, she unconsciously tilted her body to the side, causing her round figure to sway. Just by looking at her, one’s heart seemed to melt with cuteness.

Peak Master Mo of the South Fifth Peak, also the Hall Master of Guiyuan Sect’s Alchemy Hall, looked over amusedly, “Don’t think about this little girl. I’m going to recruit her as a disciple.”

When his friend came to him with the request, Hall Master Mo initially did not care much. He thought nothing of offering a disciple quota and, if the kid’s aptitude was good enough, to teach and guide her personally. Unexpectedly, he ended up taking a fancy of her at first sight.

“Is this the little girl that the Medicine Sect mentioned?” Some of the peak masters had vaguely heard about it. Deputy Sect Leader Ye of the Medicine Sect personally asked a favor from Hall Master Mo, hoping that he would accept a disciple. Others were unaware and only learned the details upon further inquiry.

Peak Master Miao sighed in disappointment, but she soon showed a playful smile. “Senior Brother Mo, I think you have to consider it again. Look how small this child is. Wouldn’t it be hard for your South Fifth Peak to take care of her? My peak, fortunately, has many girls around. Those senior sisters definitely can take better care of their little junior sister.”

Hall Master Mo remained unmoved, his expression unchanged. “That’s unnecessary. There are also female disciples in my peak who can take care of her.”

Hall Master Mo checked the information recorded on the imprint stone about the little girl. Five spiritual roots… His brows furrowed as he saw the poor spiritual roots. Even as an outer disciple, the majority had three or four spiritual roots, however… Hall Master Mo looked at the little girl again and his brows relaxed. Spiritual roots were secondary; what mattered was that this little girl caught his eye. If needed, he could find spiritual materials and refine a Heaven-Replenishing Pill to enhance her spiritual roots.

Peak Master Miao still didn’t give up, “Since we’re from the same sect, Senior Brother, let me help you once. You can still get the Medicine Sect’s gratitude without having to accept a disciple pushed upon you. Isn’t that a win-win situation?”

Hall Master Mo looked expressionless, “I don’t think so.”

Peak Master Miao: “…”

Others: “…” What’s going on with these two? Even if the little girl has exceptional aptitude, why were they competing over someone with only five spiritual roots?

The elders returned their gaze and looked at the reflection of the little girl in the mirror. Just as she looked up, her bright and clear eyes, like black grapes, met their gaze. Her chubby face, with a healthy pink hue, stirred something in their hearts. Perhaps… it wasn’t a bad idea after all.

“East Ninth Peak…is His Venerable still not going to take a disciple this time too?” Someone suddenly broke the topic, which caused the entire hall to fall silent instantly.

All eyes fell on Sect Leader Lu, who had remained silent in the main seat.

However, Lu Chongyun didn’t even pay attention to the conversation happening around. He merely cast a fleeting glance at the little girl, but when his gaze casually landed on another girl’s serene face, it froze in place.

So… similar!

Lu Chongyun stared at the smile on the girl’s face, which seemed to perfectly match the voice and smile in his memory.

Could it be her?


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  1. I’m guessing he saw Mo Chuxue’s face and her similarity to the woman mentioned earlier who was important to Lu Qingyu, but who unfortunately died. Seeing as how Mo Chuxue is an important character to the plot development in the novel-version of the story, I can’t really think of anyone else that would stand out. As for Lu Yaoyao, when will she meet her father? Based on the future chapter titles, it seems she won’t meet him for a while. What a shame!
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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