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ATCF Ch 33 Part 3 – Third Master Feng is not Someone They Could Afford to Provoke (III)

After the high school entrance examination, the time for the banquet hosted by the Feng family was getting closer. On the day before the banquet, Jiang Li was taken by her second aunt to try on dresses, who insisted on making her try on many sets in order to find the perfect one.

Jiang Li had never worn a dress before and always felt a bit strange in them, but Second Aunt seemed to enjoy it and kept saying how good she looked in this set or that set.

Finally, she came to a somewhat amusing conclusion: it’s not that the dresses looked good, but rather that the person wearing the dress looked good.

Following Second Aunt’s suggestion, Jiang Li ultimately chose a black dress. When she stepped out wearing the dress, everyone at home seemed suddenly unfamiliar with her.

Everyone thought she looked great, except for Feng Qi, who frowned and said, “Doesn’t this outfit make her look too mature?”

Second Aunt immediately retorted, “Don’t you think it looks elegant?”

Feng Qi raised an eyebrow in confusion, “She won’t look elegant without this outfit?”

Second Aunt: …

Well, she was unexpectedly speechless.

Of course, someone like Feng Qi, a single man who had never had a girlfriend when he was almost thirty, couldn’t understand that young girls wanted to dress more maturely. But as they grew older, they all liked to be praised for looking young.

Seeing Feng Qi killing the mood again, Jiang Li walked up to him and asked, “Third Uncle, which dress do you think looks better on me?”

Feng Qi pondered for a moment and replied, “Anything looks good on you.”

Jiang Li immediately smiled and said, “Then I’ll stick with this one!”

Feng Qi: …

He only said it looked good, not that it was suitable.

But seeing his little niece looking satisfied, he couldn’t be bothered to express his opinion anymore!

Watching this from the side, Feng Bai nudged Feng Song with his elbow and whispered, “I’ve noticed that only Xiao Jiang Li can control our third uncle.”

Feng Song gave his younger brother a glance, “Actually, you can also try reasoning with our third uncle. Who knows, you might be able to control him successfully.”

Feng Bai rolled his eyes, “If you stop giving bad advice, we can still be good brothers.”

That night, the eldest brother of the Feng family, Feng Yang, finally returned from overseas with his fiancée, Tong Nian.

Jiang Li had greeted Tong Nian through video calls before, but upon meeting her in person, she realized that her future sister-in-law was even more beautiful than she appeared on the screen, and, more importantly, really resembled her nephew Tong Yi.

As soon as Feng Yang arrived, he rubbed Jiang Li’s head and said, “Xiao Jiang Li, nice to meet you for the first time. Please take care of this big brother in the future!”

Feng Yang smiled with great tenderness, and his dimples were particularly noticeable. He gave off a warm and friendly vibe, making it easy for people to like him.

Feng Qi coldly remarked from the side, “You messed up her freshly styled hair, and yet you expect her to take care of you. You are quite a daydreamer.”

Feng Yang: …

Why did he feel like there was a hint of sourness in his third uncle’s words?

Feng Yang quickly moved his hand away from Jiang Li’s head and then opened his luggage, taking out the gifts he had brought for everyone.

Jiang Li noticed that the gift her eldest brother had brought for her was actually a beautifully crafted replica pistol, looking exquisite and elegant.

Old Master Feng couldn’t help but criticize, “Yangyang, you’re becoming more and more unreliable. Is this something a girl would like?”

Feng Yang explained with a good temper, “I thought it looked good at the time, and I was sure Xiao Jiang Li would like it, so I couldn’t help but buy it. If she doesn’t like it, I will exchange it.”

Jiang Li immediately said: “No need. I like it very much.”

Feng Yang smiled, “This gun is a replica, you can only look at it, not use it. If you’re interested in shooting, your sister-in-law and I can teach you.”

Tong Nian immediately reached out and put her hand on Jiang Li’s shoulder. “How can we say ‘teach’? We can only say we’ll learn from each other. And don’t call me ‘sister-in-law,’ you should call me ‘Sister Tong.'”

Jiang Lin nodded, “Thank you, Sister Tong.”

The next day, the banquet was held as scheduled. Jiang Li followed her grandfather throughout the event as he happily introduce her to the people attending the banquet.

The guests were actually quite curious about Jiang Li’s identity, considering that the Feng family and the Jiang family hadn’t had much contact for a long time. Yet, they were now hosting a grand feast for the Jiang family’s daughter.

A few people who were familiar with the old man couldn’t help but tease, saying that even on his 70th birthday, he didn’t have such a grand setup.

Upon hearing this, Old Master Feng’s face lit up with a smile. “Birthdays come every year, but there’s only one granddaughter. Can you compare the two?”

As soon as they heard this, everyone understood that the patriarch of the Feng family completely denied Jiang Ruo’s identity.

Although the matter of the real and fake daughter had already been widely circulated before, the Jiang family had not publicly acknowledged it, and the Feng family had not come forward to say anything. While everyone believed that the matter was probably true, they couldn’t be completely certain.

Today, they finally confirmed that Jiang Ruo had absolutely no blood relationship with the Feng family.

Having confirmed this, someone, in order to please Old Master Feng, couldn’t help but tentatively ask, “So, your granddaughter will be a part of the Feng family from now on?”

Old Master Feng narrowed his eyes and said, “Do I even need to say it? Xiao Jiang Li is now listed on the same household registration as her third uncle. She has nothing to do with those random people outside.”

“Yes, yes, you’re right, sir. They say nieces resemble their uncles, and today I truly believe it.”

To be honest, the girl’s looks and temperament were outstanding, and she didn’t show any discomfort in such an environment. How could she possibly be someone who grew up in an orphanage?

“Well, as long as you’re not face-blind…” The old man suddenly paused, glanced at Feng Song behind him, and continued, “…even someone with severe face blindness should be able to see that.”

Feng Song: …

Seeing how much Old Master Feng loved this granddaughter, people began suggesting, “Actually, you could consider changing Miss Jiang Li’s surname to Feng, so she can be called Feng Li. It would make her feel closer to the family.”

Hearing this, Jiang Li couldn’t help but frown. The original ‘Jiang Li’ followed the surname of the orphanage’s old director, and her own given name was also Jiang Li. Suddenly changing her name would make her feel very uncomfortable.

Old Master Feng obviously hadn’t thought of having his granddaughter change her surname. He smiled and explained, “Xiao Jiang Li grew up in the orphanage, and she was taken care of by the director, whose surname is Jiang. She carries her surname.”

However, the person misunderstood, thinking that Old Master Feng was hesitant to ask and continued persuading, “Although she follows the director’s surname, changing her surname would show everyone that she belongs to the Feng family and has no connection to the Jiang family.”

“Is Jiang Huai worthy?” Feng Qi, who had remained silent all this time, suddenly spoke up.

Everyone around was stunned.

Feng Qi sneered, “My niece can have whatever surname she wants. Do we need to change her surname because of some scumbag?”

Everyone: …

It was said that Third Master Feng’s temper was not good, but since he spent most of his time in the laboratory, people didn’t feel it much.

Well, today they truly witnessed it.

Third Master Feng’s temper was indeed quite explosive!

Moreover, it was clear that this niece of his was absolutely not someone to mess with, because anyone with eyes could see that Third Master Feng cared a lot about his niece.

To lighten the mood, someone tried to tease, “Third Master Feng, you’re completely treating Miss Jiang Li as your daughter. When she grows up and gets married, you’ll definitely…”

Feng Qi gave the person a cold stare, successfully shutting them up, and then he held Jiang Li’s hand. “Talking to these people is not interesting. Let’s go find your grandma director.”

Everyone: …

Although Feng Qi was quite aggressive, they strangely didn’t feel offended.

Well, Third Master Feng was someone they couldn’t afford to provoke!

Jiang Li followed Feng Qi to the table where the guests from the orphanage were seated, only to be surprised to find that Tong Yi was also sitting at the same table.

What surprised her even more was that Tong Yi had already become friendly with the children, and the children even called him Brother Tong Yi.

What was going on here?


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