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ATCF Ch 34 Part 1 – Are You Worthy? (I)

Upon seeing Jiang Li and Feng Qi coming together, Tong Yi immediately called out, “Third Master Feng,” and gave up the seat beside him.

Perhaps due to Feng Qi’s strong presence, the children at the table became well-behaved as soon as they saw him, no longer noisy or unruly.

Feng Qi naturally noticed this and, after politely greeting Director Jiang, left on his own.

As soon as he left, the little kids became lively again. Jiang Li finished dealing with the group of children and sat down next to Grandma Director, helping her peel shrimp.

Tong Yi sat down next to her and noticed that she wasn’t very skilled at peeling shrimp, so he naturally took over the task from her hands.

Curious, Jiang Li asked, “You care so much about seniority, but why are you willing to address my uncle as Third Master?”

Tong Yi peeled a shrimp and placed it in Grandma Director’s bowl. “It is just a respectful title. It has nothing to do with seniority. Haven’t you heard others call him Third Master?”

Jiang Li deliberately challenged him, “Well, I really didn’t pay attention.”

Tong Yi: …

After a few seconds, he turned to a little boy beside him and asked, “What should you call me?”

The little boy obediently replied, “Big Brother Tong Yi.”

Tong Yi pointed at Jiang Li again, “And what should you call her?”

The little boy shook his head and said, “Big Sister Jiang Li!”

Tong Yi looked at Jiang Li with a proud expression. “See, even a three-year-old knows that we belong to the same generation.”

Jiang Li didn’t expect him to be so childish, but couldn’t help but continue to challenge him, “Jiang Xiaodong, tell everyone how old you are this year!”

The little boy immediately spoke up in a clear voice, “I’m five years old!”

Jiang Li innocently looked at Tong Yi, “See, he’s not a three-year-old.”

Tong Yi: …

Jiang Xiao Li clearly intended to challenge him, yet why did he find her particularly cute? It must be because he had been in contact with the twins too much these past few days, and he himself had become a bit abnormal.

Watching their interaction, Director Jiang smiled with relief. After Jiang Li left the orphanage, her personality had become much more cheerful, which was good.

Jiang Tang played with the teacup in her hand, glanced at Tong Yi, then at Jiang Li, and felt like she had understood something.

Jiang Li didn’t stay at this table for too long and soon left because she wanted to check on Zhou Tian. Zhou Tian was someone she had invited, and she might know no one here, so the situation could be a bit awkward.

But Jiang Li quickly realized that she was overthinking. When she approached, Zhou Tian had already gotten along well with a group of classmates and started discussing the latest popular TV dramas.

Seeing Jiang Li approaching, many classmates kindly praised her beautiful dress, hairstyle, and how well her shoes matched the outfit.

Unfortunately, Jiang Li wasn’t good at chatting with unfamiliar people, especially in such awkward conversations, so they quickly ran out of topics.

Qin Zheng noticed Jiang Li’s arrival and stood up with a glass of juice, asking, “I haven’t seen you since the high school entrance exam. How did you do?”

Qin Zheng’s choice of topic left many classmates speechless. It was such a nice evening, couldn’t they talk about something more cheerful?

But Jiang Li didn’t think there was anything wrong with the topic and answered honestly, “I think I did okay. How about you?”

Qin Zheng remained silent for a few seconds before smiling and saying, “Probably not so good!”

The surrounding students were left speechless once again.

When an average student says they didn’t do so well, it’s likely true, but when a top student says the same, it could mean they didn’t get a perfect score.

Now that two top students met, one saying “I think I did okay” while the other said “Probably not so good,” it was like cutting through the hearts of ordinary students and then dancing on their wounds.

However, Jiang Li didn’t stay here for too long either. After she left, Zhou Li immediately walked over to Qin Zheng and sarcastically whispered, “I thought you wouldn’t come to this banquet.”

Qin Zheng’s gaze slightly darkened, but he maintained a composed expression. “Why can’t I come?”

“Aren’t you Ruoruo’s best friend? If you attend the banquet, aren’t you worried Ruoruo would mind?” Zhou Li was full of righteous indignation.

Qin Zheng glanced at Zhou and casually replied, “I thought you wouldn’t come either, after all…” He paused for a moment before continuing, “Jiang Li mentioned in class that she obtained the student list from Teacher He and sent out invitations all at once. As a result, she has forgotten to exclude you.”

Zhou Li: …

Jiang Li did say that, but at that time, there weren’t many people in the classroom. How could Qin Zheng, who is usually indifferent to everything, know about it?

In fact, he did hesitate whether to come or not. Later, seeing everyone enthusiastically discussing it in the group chat, he couldn’t help but become curious and came.

If he had known that Qin Zheng could be so sarcastic, he wouldn’t have come, no matter what.

But now that he was already here, it didn’t seem appropriate to leave early.

Zhou Li turned his head and noticed that the surrounding classmates were looking at him with various degrees of mockery. He felt a bit uncomfortable. Unable to hold back, he stood up and walked around to get some fresh air.

As he walked, he saw Jiang Li standing next to a tall, fair-skinned guy. Their interactions seemed quite intimate.

Zhou Li’s eyes lit up, and he was about to discreetly take a photo and anonymously share it in the group chat for some gossip. However, he was suddenly pushed by a seven or eight-year-old child.

“No taking pictures of Sister Jiang Li and Sister Jiang Tang!” The child glared fiercely, as if he would immediately take action if Zhou Li dared to continue taking pictures.

Failing in his attempt to take the candid photo, Zhou Li felt a bit regretful. “Fine, I won’t take any pictures. But you just called both of them sisters?”

The child gave him a stern look. “It’s none of your business!”

Zhou Li: …

He took another careful look at the fair-skinned tall ‘guy.’ Well, their features were indeed quite delicate, and they really did look like a girl.

In this day and age, it seemed that cutting one’s hair short had become a trend for girls. Still, it was rare to see someone who looked so handsome with short hair.


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