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DDDV Ch 117 Part 2 – The Rope Bridge (II)

Yaoyao felt wronged. Was she going to be eliminated? Was there something wrong with this test? Didn’t Daddy say she was an unparalleled genius in cultivation? How could a genius fare like this? She couldn’t even pass the first level in the entrance trial of a sect…

Daddy’s a liar…

The surroundings suddenly changed, and the stairs in front of her disappeared. The next moment, she found herself standing in a circular-shaped open square, and all her exhaustion vanished.

Lu Yaoyao blinked her eyes, which were already misted with moisture. She looked around in confusion. Had she been eliminated?

“Great! You’ve passed too, Yaoyao! “ Chao Muxue, Du Qianshan, and the other two squeezed out of the crowd and happily walked up to Lu Yaoyao. After passing the test, they had been searching for their other teammates for a while. They had found everyone except Lu Yaoyao, and they thought that the little girl had failed the first trial.

Lu Yaoyao looked up at her familiar friends, feeling a bit dazed and looking somewhat foolish.

Chao Muxue noticed Lu Yaoyao’s reddened eyes and asked with concern, “Why are you crying? Was it too difficult? It’s alright, you’ve already passed.”

Lu Yaoyao looked up at them and smiled happily, “No, I didn’t cry!”

Wen Zixing laughed on the side, “I’m sure she cried because she couldn’t find us.”

“No way,” Lu Yaoyao retorted. She had always been confident in her own talents, thinking she was a natural genius. But the cruel reality had shattered her confidence, although now it was starting to heal! She was a genius, after all!

“We all passed!” Lu Yaoyao cheered.

Li Dazhuang was also happy, but when he thought that he had no spiritual roots, he was a little depressed again: “This is just the first test. I wonder how many can pass next.”

“The beginning is always the hardest. As long as we successfully take this step, no matter how difficult the following challenges may be, we can overcome them!” Lu Yaoyao spoke with confidence, “I can guarantee that the upcoming tests won’t eliminate many people!”

Chao Muxue agreed: “Yaoyao makes sense.”

The others didn’t argue, whether they believed it or not.

In fact, Lu Yaoyao was right. The first level seemed simple, just climbing the stairs continuously. However, no one found it easy or lasted as long as Lu Yaoyao. The further they went up, the more their willpower was tested. When their physical strength reached its limit, not everyone could persist and breakthrough themselves. In reality, there were few people who could reach the passing line of 250 steps. Those who stood here were individuals with strong determination and exceptional aptitude.

A quick glance around the square revealed that at least half of the participants had been eliminated. As the tests progressed, the number of eliminations decreased. Ultimately, they would reach the grand hall and become disciples of the Guiyuan Sect. Whether they would become inner disciples or outer disciples depended on whether they would be accepted as someone’s disciples.

Now they are standing on the suspended square at the top of the cloud, with only one road in front of them. Two parallel, extremely thin ropes that seemed to be made of some kind of metal hang from one side of the square, extending deep into the clouds. The rope was extremely thin, as if it could be broken if you step on it, and there was an invisible bottomless sky below, once you fall, you would be smashed to pieces.

After observing for a while, Lu Yaoyao realized that there might be more people who had passed the first test. Gradually, some of them started walking on the narrow ropes. Lu Yaoyao noticed that when they stepped on the ropes, the two ropes remained steady. Li Dazhuang’s face turned slightly pale at the sight, and he said in frustration, “I won’t be able to accompany you on the next path. You guys have to do your best.”

This test didn’t have a significant impact on most people, as they weren’t afraid of heights. All they needed was to cautiously move forward, making sure not to fall off. But it was undoubtedly the biggest challenge for Li Dazhuang. Lu Yaoyao remembered how Li Dazhuang reacted during their flying sword experience; he was clearly afraid of heights. This test was like a death sentence for him. If he couldn’t overcome his fear, he would lose his qualification once he fell. And now, they were in the midst of the trial, with limited time for him to overcome it.

Du Qianshan just found out about Li Dazhuang’s fear of heights and slapped his forehead, “What should we do? Is there any solution?”

But Wen Zixing’s eyes lit up. Li Dazhuang was afraid of heights, so he definitely wouldn’t be able to pass this test. If he couldn’t enter the Guiyuan Sect, what schemes or tricks could he possibly use?

“That’s really unfortunate.” Wen Zixing suppressed his excitement and pretended to be sympathetic.

Chao Muxue consoled, “There must be a solution.”

Lu Yaoyao’s young face displayed a sense of maturity, “When faced with difficulties, there is always a way to solve them. We simply haven’t thought of a solution yet.” Lu Yaoyao pondered earnestly and, after a moment, came up with an idea using her clever mind. She looked up and asked, “Dazhuang, if I blindfold you, would you be afraid? Can you walk?”

Chao Muxue’s eyes brightened, “That’s a good idea!” She looked at Li Dazhuang and asked with concern, “Can you walk slowly while blindfolded?”

Li Dazhuang looked at the two ropes, his face turned even paler, “I don’t know.”

“What if I guide you while you’re blindfolded? I’ll hold your hand and walk with you.”

Li Dazhuang rubbed his head, “I don’t want to trouble you. What if I don’t walk properly and end up causing trouble for you?” Li Dazhuang felt disappointed that the Guiyuan Sect wasn’t the place for him, but upon further reflection, he didn’t have spiritual roots. Even if he passed this test, there were more challenges ahead, and he didn’t want to burden the people who had been so kind to him.


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  1. I’m beginning to wonder if Li Dazhuang is actually a demon spy or not because his internal thoughts seem to suggest otherwise. On a side note, I realized that a couple of my previous comments referred to Chao Muxue as Mo Chaoxue, lol. There are so many names, that it’s difficult to remember them properly, but I’ll try my best!
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