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ATCF Ch 34 Part 3 – Are You Worthy? (III)

The protagonist of today’s banquet was Jiang Li, but the Feng family did not let her participate too much in socializing. Nevertheless, anyone had seen how much Old Master Feng doted on this long-lost granddaughter of his, and, as a result, quite a few people developed intentions similar to Mrs. Qin’s.

As the alcohol flowed, the clarity of some people’s minds diminished. Under the instigation of those who enjoyed stirring up trouble, one of them approached Old Master Feng and began talking nonsense.

“Old Master Feng, since you dote on your granddaughter so much, are you planning to find a suitable match for her from the right family?”

After all, everyone knows that when the only daughter of the Feng family eloped with that poor nobody Jiang Huai, Old Master Feng was almost angered to death.

With such a lesson from the past, Old Master Feng would undoubtedly keep a close eye on his granddaughter to prevent her from making the same mistake again.

Although Jiang Li was only fifteen years old, for the upper-class circle, arranging marriages for their children at an early age was as normal as could be.

Old Master Feng frowned, “My Xiao Jiang Li is only fifteen. Is that a proper question to ask?”

As for being from the right family or not, he didn’t particularly care about it. Back then, he opposed his daughter’s marriage purely was purely due to Jiang Huai’s character issues, and subsequent events indeed proved that Jiang Huai was a scoundrel.

The person who received Old Master Feng’s criticism didn’t get offended but rather laughed along, saying, “She’s young now, but in a few years, she’ll be of age. My grandson is around the same age as your granddaughter, and our family background is relatively decent. I wonder if he could be considered as a potential candidate?”

Old Master Feng had had it enough, and his face was filled with sarcasm as he looked at the person and asked, “Is your family worthy?”

Seeing Old Master Feng getting angry, the person suddenly regained some sobriety.

But before he could apologize, Old Master Feng asked again, “You think you are worthy?”

“…” Everyone present was left speechless.

Old Man Feng rolled his eyes, “How great is your grandson?”

The crowd exchanged glances awkwardly, but no one dared to intervene.

In his younger days, Old Master Feng was known to have a fiery temper, but after retiring from the business world, his temperament had mellowed somewhat. Especially during today’s banquet, he had been wearing a constant smile, giving off the aura of a benevolent figure. Many assumed that with age, he had become gentler.

Now, it was clear that they had made a misjudgment. Old Master Feng’s temper hadn’t changed a bit, and probably would never. His precious granddaughter was his reverse scale that should never be touched, not even when joking around.

As for the idea of a marriage alliance, it was simply a daydream.

The younger generation of the Feng family was a formidable force within the elite circles, and they supported one another with utmost loyalty. With such sons and grandsons in front, there was no need for the Old Master to arrange any marriage business for his cherished granddaughter.

The Feng family was not one to be trifled with.

The person who had tried to find fault with Old Master Feng was also a significant figure within the circle. However, after being rebuked, he didn’t even dare utter another word.

The high society was not vast, and those attending the banquet were mainly interconnected. The little incident quickly spread throughout the gathering, and while people made a few jests, they ultimately dismissed it as a lighthearted matter.

When Tong Bingran, the brother of Tong Yi’s late father and the current head of the Tong family, heard about this, he elegantly shook his wine glass and whispered to his younger sister, “That old man from the Huang family is getting more and more muddle-headed. No one in the circle does not know that once your future grandfather-in-law loses his temper, he would charge ahead regardless of anything. Yet he dared to make a provocation.”

Tong Nian furrowed her brows, “Xiao Jiang Li is not of age yet, so we don’t need to worry about these things.”

Tong Bingran chuckled lightly, nodding towards a nearby spot, “Have you noticed that our nephew hasn’t been home for several days now?”

Tong Nian shrugged nonchalantly, “Isn’t it usual for him not to come home often?”

Tong Bingran put his wineglass on the table, “Right. But in the past, he would just hang out at internet cafes. Now, it seems like he treats the Feng family as his own home and frequently comes here.”

Tong Nian paused for a moment, then replied, “We are relatives now, and he’s around the same age as Feng Song and Feng Bai, so it’s natural for him to come here.”

Tong Bingran smiled and said, “Indeed, it’s normal, but I’m just concerned that other members of the Feng family might not appreciate it.”

Tong Nian laughed, “Big brother, you’re overthinking it. I can see that the people from the Feng family like our Xiao Yi.”

The corner of Tong Bingran’s mouth twitched, “I hope so!”

Tong Nian felt that her older brother’s tone was a bit strange today, but before she could inquire further, she saw him suddenly stand up and head in Feng Qi’s direction.

Tong Bingran had a square face, and his smiles were particularly amiable. He approached Feng Qi and casually initiated the conversation, “Speaking of which, it’s been years since I last met Third Master Feng at a banquet.”

Feng Qi turned and gave him a cold glance, “We are going to be relatives, so calling me Third Master Feng is not appropriate.”

Tong Bingran: …

He called ‘Third Master Feng’ because many people outside referred to Feng Qi that way, and he just followed the crowd without thinking much about it.

But when Feng Qi mentioned becoming relatives, it meant Tong Nian, who would marry Feng Qi’s nephew. Did Feng Qi expect him, who was much older, to address him as Third Uncle?

Tong Bingran pretended not to hear Feng Qi’s last remark and simply said with a smile, “I can tell that your father likes Jiang Li very much.”

Feng Qi nodded, “Not just my father, everyone in our family likes her.”

“That’s understandable. Jiang Li is really a clever and well-behaved child, so it’s natural that you all like her,” Tong Bingran looked into the distance and suddenly chuckled, “Unlike my irresponsible nephew, who always causes trouble outside.”

Feng Qi responded with an “Oh” and added, “Our Feng family has good genes.”

Tong Bingran: …

He finally understood what others had said: If you think your life is too long, go talk to Third Master Feng; after chatting for three minutes, you’ll be infuriated enough to shorten your lifespan by three months.

Recalling his purpose, Tong Bingran took a deep breath and said, “Although Tong Yi is not very responsible, I noticed that he seems obedient to Jiang Li. Both children are of similar age, so if…”

Feng Qi interrupted him, “A nephew listens to his aunt’s words. This kid is really filial to his elders.”

Tong Bingran: …

Was he here to sow discord or to raise his blood pressure?


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