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ATCF Ch 35 Part 2 – Just a Pair of Elementary School Kids (II)

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Jiang Zhou was obviously stunned, “What happened? Did Qin Zheng dare to bully you? I’ll go to him and settle the score.”

Jiang Ruo hurriedly shook her head, “He didn’t bully me, but… he lied to me.”

She took out her phone and opened the video that Zhou Li had sent her, playing it for Jiang Zhou to see.

After watching the video, Jiang Zhou remained silent for a long time before saying, “I don’t know that Qin Zheng is such a person. You should ignore him from now on.”

Jiang Ruo nodded heavily. Although she had already made up her mind, she still felt upset inside.

Jiang Zhou saw through her thoughts at a glance and comforted her, “You’re only fifteen now, and your main task is to focus on your studies. You shouldn’t be thinking about love at this age.” He reached out to support Jiang Ruo’s shoulder and softly said, “Promise your brother that you won’t date until you come of age, okay?”

Jiang Ruo nodded and pouted, “I won’t date. I don’t want to be involved with boys anymore; they’re all unreliable.”

Hearing her childish words, Jiang Zhou smiled and said, “If you don’t want to date, then don’t. No one says that girls must date in their lifetime. Anyway, your brother can take care of you forever.”

Jiang Ruo’s mood finally improved a bit. She leaned against Jiang Zhou’s shoulder like she used to when she was younger and whispered, “Neither Qin Zheng nor I had started anything, so it’s not really a heartbreak. I’ll just treat it as… losing a playmate, yes, just a playmate, nothing serious.”

Feeling the warmth on his shoulder, Jiang Zhou’s entire arm felt a bit stiff, but he still smiled and said, “Yes, just a playmate, don’t take it to heart.”

All he wanted was for Ruoruo to be happy.

After the banquet ended, when Feng Qi saw that Tong Yi was still lingering at the Feng family’s house and not leaving, he couldn’t help but frown slightly.

He could easily see through Tong Bingran’s intentions. That guy clearly wanted to use him as a pawn. Naturally, Feng Qi couldn’t resist making some sarcastic remarks.

But if Tong Yi really had any improper thoughts about his underage niece, he had no intention of tolerating it.

Feng Qi went over and patted Tong Yi’s shoulder, saying, “Come out, let’s talk.”

His actions left Tong Yi utterly confused, but when Third Master Feng actively asked to chat, there was no way he could refuse.

Tong Yi followed Feng Qi outside, only to find Feng Qi standing by the pond, feeding the fish, seemingly forgetting that he wanted to chat with him.

After hesitating for a moment, Tong Yi decided not to disturb him and just stood there, waiting for Feng Qi to remember their conversation.

After a while, Feng Qi turned to look at him and asked, “I remember you were planning to go abroad before. Why didn’t you go?”

Tong Yi didn’t expect him to show concern for his affairs and immediately replied truthfully, “I was originally planning to leave before the entrance exam, but Brother… I mean, Uncle Feng Yang, wanted to return to the country for a banquet. So, I changed my plans at the last minute and decided to leave with him in a couple of days.”

Hearing his response, Feng Qi fell silent for a few seconds and asked, “You’re leaving the country in a couple of days?”

Tong Yi nodded, “Third Master Feng, you know my situation. If I continue to stay in the country, it will be quite difficult.”

Feng Qi raised an eyebrow and looked at him, “There’s no one in the country worth staying for?”

Tong Yi blurted out, “I’m going abroad normally, not to a war zone. It’s easy to stay in touch through phone calls!”

After saying this, he was immediately annoyed with himself.

He was used to saying such rogue words casually, but it was obviously inappropriate against Third Master Feng!

Unexpectedly, after he said that, Feng Qi’s expression visibly softened compared to before, and he even said, “It’s good. Young people should go out and experience the world.”

Tong Yi: …

Third Master Feng was acting strange!

However, he couldn’t quite put his finger on what was off here.

The two of them chatted for a while and then went their separate ways. Tong Yi returned to the hall and found Jiang Li teaching a group of children how to fold origami cranes. The children surrounded her in awe, exclaiming in amazement.

Tong Yi immediately ran over and said very familiarly, “Boys, forget about folding paper. Let me take you to play with drones.”

Jiang Li turned to look at him and frowned, “Who told you that boys can’t learn origami?”

Tong Yi shrugged, “It’s not that they can’t, it’s just not exciting.”

Thinking of what Sister Tang had said to her, Jiang Li couldn’t help but tease, “If you’re too much of a macho, you’ll definitely have a hard time winning the girl you like in the future.”

Tong Yi deliberately argued with her, “Who told you I must like girls? What if I like boys?”

Jiang Li made a shocked expression, but when she thought of Sister Tang’s boyish appearance, she felt that Tong Yi’s statement made sense.

So, she gave Tong Yi a look of sympathy, “Then you’ll probably have a tough time in the future. But as a friend, I still support you.”

Tong Yi: …

He was just joking around, and Jiang Xiao Li actually started doubting his sexuality?

She’s not being a good friend at all!!!

Tong Yi looked at the group of young boys and said, “If you want to play with drones, come with me now. Otherwise, once Big Brother Tong Yi goes abroad, you won’t have the chance to play anymore.”

The boys glanced at Jiang Li secretly and hesitated.

Jiang Li was not surprised to hear that Tong Yi was leaving abroad. She asked, “Have you already set the date?”

Tong Yi replied truthfully, “In a few days, together with your eldest brother. You must remember to help me check the results of the entrance exam, as you promised. If I pass, you’ll call me ‘big brother.’”

Jiang Li furrowed her brows, “You haven’t even taken the entrance exam as a whole, how can you pass mine?”

Tong Yi grinned mischievously, “Then let’s just compare our written scores. If I took the PE exam, I’d definitely get full marks. But considering your slim arms and legs, I’ll pretend I only got 48 points. That’s enough for our friendship, right?”

Jiang Li looked at him expressionlessly, “I think it’s more credible to rely on the scores published by the government.”

Tong Yi sighed, “Jiang Xiao Li, you really aren’t being a good friend.”

Jiang Li patted the shoulder of a young boy next to her and said, “Hurry up and ask our big nephew Tong Yi to play with the drone!”

The little boy asked curiously, “Why is he our big nephew?”

Jiang Li said seriously, “Based on the family’s seniority, he is my nephew, so you can call him big nephew from now on.”

Tong Yi seemed to be struck by lightning and glared fiercely at the little ones, “If any of you dare to call me big nephew, then no one will take you to play with the drone.”

A boy named Jiang Xiaodong immediately looked at Tong Yi and said with flattery, “Sister Jiang Li can call you big nephew, and we will continue calling you brother Tong Yi. Is that okay?”

Tong Yi: …

No, that’s not okay.

But he was a generous person, so he won’t argue with Jiang Xiao Li!

Tong Yi took the group of young boys and prepared to go play with the drone, but he ran into Feng Qi outside.

Tong Yi touched his nose, feeling that Third Master Feng was very elusive today, appearing and disappearing so suddenly.

Meanwhile, Feng Qi looked at Tong Yi, who was like the boss of the kids, and recalled the conversation this brat had with his niece just now, and had an indescribable expression on his face.

What were they? A pair of elementary school kids?

He even suspected them to have puppy love. But it seemed he was thinking too highly of them!


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