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DDDV Ch 138 Part 2 – Father and Daddy Are Both Here, How Wonderful (II)

Lu Yaoyao had a restless sleep all night, and when she woke up in the morning to attend class, she felt listless, constantly thinking about her Father’s current mood and whether he had recovered. As a caring little cotton-padded jacket, she felt she should be by her Father’s side at this moment. Lu Yaoyao contemplated the possibility of feigning illness, but unfortunately, in this world of cultivation, it was too easy to verify if someone was truly sick or not.

Lu Yaoyao had no choice but to go to class obediently. During the break, her friends gathered to chat, and Chao Muxue said, “I talked to my senior brother about Dazhuang, and he said he would make arrangements.”

“Brother Junyang?” Lu Yaoyao thought it would be more friendly to call him brother instead of senior brother and thus hadn’t changed her habit. “Won’t it be too much trouble?” She asked worriedly. “My Master said that my Second Senior Brother should handle it.”

Chao Muxue smiled, “Senior Brother said it’s a simple matter. If Dazhuang had spiritual roots, he would have been accepted as an inner disciple a long time ago.”

It was thanks to the vision. Almost all disciples who were around eighteen years old had been accepted into various peaks, and Dazhuang was one of the few who did not enter the inner sect.

After knowing that some outer disciples were bullying others, Lu Junyang had taken it upon himself to deal with the situation. As chief disciples, all these outer disciples were part of his responsibility. Assigning Li Dazhuang to Lu Junyang was the best choice, and with so many disciples coming and going on the main peak, one more wouldn’t make a difference.

Lu Yaoyao agreed with this choice.

Wen Zixing, on the other hand, was lamenting inside. “No, no. Let Dazhuang come to my place!” Why did Chao Muxue move too fast? He had planned to appease his Master first and then bring up the request in a few days!

“It’s okay, Xingxing. Dazhuang can go anywhere; it doesn’t matter as long as he’s no longer being bullied,” Lu Yaoyao reassured, “We all know that you want to help. Brother Junyang’s arrangements are the best.” In Lu Yaoyao’s heart, Brother Junyang was even more formidable than her second senior brother.

Wen Zixing felt like crying. Was this what he cared about? If Dazhuang went to the main peak, he would be very close to Chao Muxue. Having him in the main peak was too dangerous!

“If Dazhuang doesn’t adapt to the main peak, he can always go to the Fifth Peak or Seventh Peak later,” Lu Yaoyao continued, unaware of Wen Zixing’s inner turmoil. After she finished speaking, she began thinking about her Father again.

The return of the former first elder’s remains to the sect should have been a momentous event, but it seemed surprisingly quiet until now. Lu Yaoyao felt that there were too many mysteries, and she couldn’t make sense of them.

She wondered if she should just ask her Father directly; would he tell her?

Finally, after waiting for the classes to end, instead of returning to the South Fifth Peak, Lu Yaoyao headed towards the East Ninth Peak.

Wen Zixing was busy thinking about how to change Chao Muxue’s mind and didn’t notice Lu Yaoyao’s unusual behavior.

The base of the East Ninth Peak was exceptionally quiet because there were no people around. Consequently, this area was very deserted. Lu Yaoyao walked for quite some time without encountering anyone. It was only when she reached the foot of the mountain that she remembered the East Ninth Peak had a protective barrier.

Would she be able to enter? Lu Yaoyao cautiously extended her hand, feeling her way forward, and encountered no rejections.

Lu Yaoyao stepped in and kept walking on the mountain, but the barrier had never rejected her.

The corners of her lips curled up. So, she could just come here whenever she wanted to?

The only problem was that the East Ninth Peak was too vast. Lu Yaoyao followed her instincts and ran forward, but after a while, she hadn’t even passed a single mountain. She deeply missed her sealed cultivation base at this moment. If she had her cultivation, she wouldn’t need to rely on her short legs to run.

It was all Daddy’s fault. Why did he have to compete with Father?!

In the end, she was the only one who suffered…

When Lu Yaoyao lifted her gaze, she saw a man in red standing with his back to her.

“Daddy?” Lu Yaoyao blinked, thinking she was imagining things.

This was her Father’s territory, within the number one sect in the Cultivation Realm. How could she see her Devil Venerable Daddy here?

Lu Yaoyao felt she was missing her Daddy so badly that she had a hallucination. She had just muttered his name a few times; if she could summon Daddy by doing that, he would have appeared a long time ago.

The figure whom Lu Yaoyao deemed ‘hallucination’ turned around and saw the dumbfounded little girl just standing still like a stone. He raised an eyebrow and said, “After wandering around for so long, you don’t even recognize your Daddy anymore?”

That familiar tone made Lu Yaoyao blink and then suddenly pounce on him like an octopus.

“Daddy!” It’s really Daddy!! Why is Daddy here?

“Daddy, I missed you so much!”

Lu Yaoyao hugged Lu Qingyu’s neck and sighed with affection three times, “Daddy, Daddy!”

Lu Qingyu was greatly satisfied by his little girl’s sticky display of affection. His beautiful face lit up with a smile as he wrapped his hand around his daughter and effortlessly held onto her little body. He then snorted and said in a sulking tone, “This Venerable thought you only had eyes for your Father!”

“Daddy has wronged me.” Lu Yaoyao confidently justified herself, “Am I that kind of daughter?” She leaned closer to Lu Qingyu, her big round eyes blinking, and the bright orbs reflected Lu Qingyu’s visage. “Daddy, look carefully at my eyes. My eyes clearly only have you!”

Just as Lu Yaoyao finished speaking, a faint, cold cough came from behind her.

Her little body stiffened; this situation seemed oddly familiar.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes darted around for a moment, then she stood her ground and asserted, “Of course, if Father were standing in front of me, my eyes would only have him!”

Lu Qingyu snorted and patted Lu Yaoyao’s back, “You little rascal.”

Lu Yaoyao quickly got down, and when she landed on her feet, she looked to the right; Father was there. She swayed left, and her Daddy was there too.

At that moment, it was as if countless fireworks exploded in her mind.

Excitement, joy…

A surge of happiness burst from her heart, and Lu Yaoyao suddenly burst into laughter. Her big eyes formed crescent shapes, and her youthful laughter rang out. She held her Father in one hand and her Daddy in the other, laughing so hard that she began to cry.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Lu Qingyu: “…”

This crying was so familiar that their scalps quickly tingled in conditional reflexes.

“Crying and laughing, you look so ugly,” Lu Qingyu disdainfully said.

“Wooohooo… What do you understand?” Lu Yaoyao retorted through her tears, “I… I’m just overwhelmed with joy!” She grabbed onto both of them tightly.

Only then did her heart feel at ease.

Father and Daddy are both here. How wonderful!


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