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MSRV Ch 112 Part 2 – Dad (II)

Because Si Yue couldn’t move, Fu Yunruo walked back and forth between him and Wenwen. In the end, she placed Wenwen on Si Yue’s bed, allowing the father and son to lie down together.

The bed was large enough for Wenwen to have his own space, and if they got bored, they could chat together.

Naturally, Si Yue was delighted with this arrangement.

The family of three stayed harmoniously in the room, enjoying a high-quality time together.

Si Yue felt his injuries were worthwhile. With the two most important people in his life by his side, his life was truly complete.

However, their family time was soon interrupted when the ward became lively again at around ten o’clock.

When Yuan Xin and the others came to the hospital that morning, they were caught by Chang Zhuyou, who was waiting in ambush.

Si Yue had already instructed that no one other than Yuan Xin, Tiantian, and several other acquaintances should be allowed to visit. He also prohibited any information about the ward from being leaked, especially to Chang Zhuyou’s people, and the front desk staff had been sternly instructed to turn all unwelcome people away.

The Si family was a major shareholder of this private hospital, with the management was handled by the Meng family. Naturally, the staff strictly executed Si Yue’s order and did not dare to slack. Chang Zhuyou came early in the morning, and he not only couldn’t get any information but wasn’t even allowed to enter the inpatient building by the bodyguards stationed in front of the door.

Therefore, when Yuan Xin was stopped by Chang Zhuyou, he didn’t even spare him a glance and simply instructed the bodyguards to block him.

After stopping Chang Zhuyou, however, Yuan Xin didn’t expect to see Fu Zonghong next. Fu Zonghong had also been admitted overnight. He stayed in the same inpatient building as Si Yue and the others, although not on the same floor. Unfortunately, Yuan Xin still crossed paths with him.

Because Fu Zonghong was Fu Yunruo’s biological father, Yuan Xin didn’t dare to order the bodyguards to throw him out. Still, he was also aware of the strained relationship between the father and daughter and knew that he couldn’t bring Fu Zonghong up without prior notice, so he called Fu Yunruo first.

The news of Fu Zonghong being hospitalized last night quickly reached Fu Yunruo’s ears. At first, she thought that this person simply had himself checked into the hospital just to see Wenwen, but the inpatient information showed her that Fu Zonghong’s health was indeed not great and required an examination.

Fu Yunruo recalled the original plot. Even though Fu Zonghong didn’t suffer a physical breakdown and die like in the previous life due to her death, perhaps his body had already had issues from the beginning?

Seeing Fu Yunruo hesitate, Si Yue suggested, “Let’s meet him. Maybe he didn’t come for the reasons you’re thinking.”

In the end, Fu Yunruo left the decision to Wenwen. “Wenwen, he wants to see you. Do you want to meet him?” She looked at the boy.

After some consideration, Wenwen nodded. “Let’s see what he wants.” If Fu Zonghong was here for Fang Xueruo, then they would completely sever the relationship.

Seeing Wenwen’s agreement, Fu Yunruo finally accepted.

So, when Yuan Xin entered the ward, an unwelcome figure was coming in with him.

Fu Yunruo’s eyes were full of indifference.

Fu Zonghong looked at Wenwen, inquired about his condition in detail, and finally felt relieved.

As for Wenwen himself, when he saw Fu Zonghong again, he thought that this person had aged quite a bit after the last time, and even his complexion did not look well.

So, he said, “You should take care of your health too.”

Fu Zonghong was flattered, “Yes! Grandpa will be careful.”

Wenwen thought about how the Fu Group had become the Fang Group in the end. His eyes flickered, and then he innocently asked, “The bad people who made me fall from a very high place, have they been caught? Are you helping them escape punishment?”

“Bad people are very scary!”

Fu Zonghong’s expression changed for a moment, and then he solemnly said, “No, Grandpa will definitely punish anyone who dares to harm Wenwen. Grandpa will seek revenge for you! Don’t be afraid!”

Fu Yunruo glanced at him but didn’t react otherwise.

Yuan Xin noticed Si Yue’s eye signal and immediately understood. He said seriously, “Mr. Fu, all the evidence is here. We have already submitted a report to the police, and we will officially press charges in three days.”

Fu Zonghong took the document bag and carefully examined its contents. The documents showed evidence of a connection between Wenwen’s accident and Fang Xueruo, detailing how Fang Xueruo gradually manipulated her fans and ultimately harmed Wenwen.

Although she didn’t directly hire someone to do the deed, this revelation deeply affected Fu Zonghong, and he almost couldn’t stand steady.

How ruthless must Fang Xueruo be to target even children? It sent shivers down Fu Zonghong’s spine, and he realized he had been wrong about her all these years.

His grandson was only four or five years old, and yet Fang Xueruo showed such great hatred towards him. Where did this malice come from? Was it originally toward Yunruo, or the Fu family? Then, over the years, did his daughter grow up surrounded by such malice?

Did Fang Wanping know? Her daughter harbored such malice towards his daughter.

Fu Zonghong couldn’t convince himself that Fang Wanping was unaware of everything. He leaned more towards the idea that Fang Wanping had ill intentions towards Yunruo, and Fang Xueruo had absorbed this malice under her mother’s influence.

Even if that wasn’t the case, how could she not notice anything? She was the one who stayed at home and looked after the two girls. Was she covering up for her daughter and even twisting the truth?

Had he been wrong about them all these years?

Fu Zonghong thought of how Fu Yunruo cried and made trouble since she was a child, finally growing up to be a hysterical woman. But he…

He looked at his daughter, but all he saw was an indifferent face void of emotions.

Over these years, had she given up on him already?

Fu Zonghong clutched his chest, feeling a sudden, sharp pain. He gasped heavily, and then his vision went black as he collapsed backward.

Yuan Xin happened to be nearby and quickly caught him. “Mr. Fu! Are you okay?” Yuan Xin was shocked. How could someone so fragile that they couldn’t handle seeing some evidence?

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo immediately called for a doctor. Regardless of who this person was, if someone collapsed in front of her, she couldn’t just ignore it.

As they were in a hospital, the doctor arrived promptly and took the unconscious Fu Zonghong away.

Yuan Xin looked at Si Yue and tentatively asked, “Should I check on him?”

Fu Yunruo didn’t express any objection, so Yuan Xin followed the doctor outside.

Fu Yunruo picked up the document bag and checked the information inside. “So, you found the evidence so quickly?”

Si Yue acknowledged with a nod. He didn’t tell her that the chat records were reconstructed, not real. Because they had yet to find definitive evidence of Fang Xueruo being the mastermind, they had to patch up that connection themselves to turn it into evidence.

But it turned out that the accusation was not wrong either.

“However, with this evidence, we can only charge her with incitement.” They couldn’t even charge her as an accomplice because there was no direct financial transaction or an explicit request for illegal actions. Fang Xueruo also hadn’t provided any assistance in the crime. All she did was manipulate the perpetrator secretly, which was why she had been so confident before.

“The man is taking full responsibility and refusing to admit that Fang Xueruo ordered him to do it.” Si Yue said again. Even so, they could still get him a hefty sentence.

Fu Yunruo closed the file. “It’s enough.” For someone as arrogant as Fang Xueruo, having a criminal charge permanently stain her record and reputation would be the most significant punishment.

The Chang family wouldn’t accept a woman who had been in prison for harming others, would they? Seeing Fu Zonghong’s reaction, he probably wouldn’t cover for his stepdaughter anymore.

Fu Yunruo looked at Si Yue with gratitude. “Thank you.” If she was alone, she wouldn’t be able to find evidence so quickly and thoroughly.

“Don’t be so formal with me.” Si Yue smiled faintly. “Leave these matters to me. Don’t let them affect you. You and Wenwen just need to stay happy forever.”

He had been careless this time, but there wouldn’t be the next one. He would protect them under his wings forever.


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