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DDDV Ch 141 – Going Down The Mountain

“After your grandmaster passed away, your martial grand-uncle, that is, the previous sect leader, didn’t want Master’s teachings to influence more people, so he erased them all,” Yao Jiuxiao explained in a low voice. His Master, Lu Yuandao, sought harmony among the Three Realms. Until his last moment, he never ceased looking for a way for the different races to live peacefully, and his biography was filled with such views. His elder brother Lu Yuanxing never approved of Lu Yuandao’s ideals and even blamed these teachings for the severe damage inflicted on the Guiyuan Sect. In anger, he destroyed all related materials regarding Lu Yuandao and prohibited the sect from mentioning this name again.

It wasn’t a complete destruction, but more of a censorship. Even so, by banning everything related to Lu Yuandao, Lu Yuanxing practically made his own brother a taboo in the sect. Even the mandatory courses for young disciples were infused with racial prejudices, which included those studied by Lu Yaoyao.

Had Lu Yuandao not perished, he might have been expelled from the sect. Lu Yuanxing’s son Lu Chongyun, despite Yao Jiuxiao’s guidance and teachings, inherited his father’s will and continued the hatred. This was the reason Lu Yaoyao failed to find relevant records even after scouring the Library Pavilion.

“It wasn’t Grandmaster’s fault…” Lu Yaoyao said, unable to hold back. She had learned a lot about Yuanqi’s history and knew how much people had suffered. For thousands of years, the continent was filled with battles and conflicts, often escalating into chaotic wars involving multiple parties. Any peace was just a fleeting moment because the sparks of war would soon engulf the land again. It was an endless cycle.

Not everyone was keen on war. How many would prefer to be displaced rather than living in a peaceful world? Surely, not only Grandmaster felt this way. Meaningless wars bring nothing but devastation and leave everything on earth riddled with wounds.

Throughout history, the last three hundred years have been the longest period of peace, brought about by her Father and Daddy…

Wait, let her think this through — Lu Yaoyao supported her elbow with one hand and pinched her chin with the other, pondering deeply.

Before Daddy started ruling the Devil Realm, it was chaotic, with major forces fighting and annexing each other. Bloodthirsty and violent by nature, the devils also had their eyes on the other two realms, frequently launching attacks on the humans and demons.

But the Devil Realm was not the only chaotic place; the Demon Realm was similarly disorderly. After Daddy united the Devil Realm, he imposed absolute control through his unmatched prowess and led the devil race with an iron fist. It was during the same period that Father emerged as the Dao Venerable, earning the respect of the human race and becoming the de facto leader of the Cultivation Realm.

Father and Daddy were equally matched in strength; any battles between them always ended up in a stalemate. This balance meant neither side could take advantage of the other, and somehow, the human and the devil races ended up signing a peace treaty. Seeing this, the Devil Realm, to avoid being targeted by a human-devil alliance, united under the Demon Kings and signed a treaty with the other two realms. This was the beginning of the Three Realms Treaty.

Grandmaster was Father’s master; his worldview was likely influenced by Grandmaster. As for Daddy, even though he always seemed to treat everything disdainfully, and despite all his talks and boasting about taking over the Three Realms under his rule, he still restrained his people, thus creating true peace.

Thinking about it, it seemed like there was a tacit understanding between her Father and Daddy. But weren’t they mortal enemies?

Lu Yaoyao scratched her head, finding it all too complex.

“You should go back to your studies,” said Yao Jiuxiao, handing her a jade pendant.

Lu Yaoyao took the pendant with a puzzled look.

“The pendant contains a teleportation array. Next time, you can come directly,” Yao Jiuxiao taught her the spell to activate the teleportation array.

After Lu Yaoyao memorized it, Yao Jiuxiao then said, “Try it.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” Alright, she’ll try.

Lu Yaoyao activated the spell, channeling her scant spiritual aura into the array. A flash of green light later, she found herself in her private room at her Father’s peak. Lu Yaoyao delightedly fiddled with the pendant. It was indeed convenient! Now, she could visit without needing Father to pick her up!

The next day, Lu Yaoyao, full of energy, got up early, quickly got ready, and rushed outside with excitement. Instead of heading to the classroom, she was running to see her friends at a different location.

That’s right, they were skipping class and going down the mountain today!

Lu Yaoyao joyfully ran to the meeting point. “Muxue, Qianshan, Xingxing, I’m here!” she exclaimed. But midway, she halted abruptly upon seeing Lu Junyang standing next to Chao Muxue.

What’s going on? Were they caught just as they were about to skip class?!

Seeing Lu Yaoyao, Lu Junyang smiled and walked towards her, his tone was somewhat helpless. “Thinking of going down the mountain without taking a token?”

Leaving the sect wasn’t so simple. The sect was protected by layers of barrier, and people needed a token to enter or leave. Naturally, it was impossible for disciples to just sneak out without a good reason.

Lu Junyang learned from Chao Muxue that the group had planned to go down the mountain so casually. He was dumbfounded for a moment but soon found it amusing. Skipping fundamental classes was common, and Lu Junyang himself hadn’t attended many. As long as they passed the assessments, he wasn’t too concerned about their behavior.

“Do we need a token? It’s our first time going out, we didn’t know…” When Lu Yaoyao realized that Lu Junyang wasn’t there to catch them, she tilted her head and giggled.

Lu Junyang took out four tokens, handed one to Lu Yaoyao, and gave the other three to Chao Muxue to distribute.

Lu Yaoyao took a closer look and examined her token. It was palm-sized, black in color, engraved with the sect emblem in subtle dark lines. It looked very lofty and imposing. “Are you coming with us, Brother Junyang?” She asked expectantly. “Come and visit my house! Would you like that?”

Initially, Lu Junyang wanted to decline. He was worried that these juniors wouldn’t be able to unwind themselves with his presence. But the idea of visiting Lu Yaoyao’s home was tempting.

While he hesitated, Chao Muxue persuaded, “Senior Brother, why not join us?”

The other two naturally had no objections and joined in persuading him. Of course, Wen Zixing had another motive — having a good relationship with the male lead from the original story surely would be beneficial, possibly even triggering some plot point.

With such sincere invitations from his juniors, Lu Junyang, who happened to be free anyway, finally agreed.

Lu Yaoyao cheered joyfully.

With Lu Junyang joining, the group of five descended the mountain without hindrance.

Arriving in Tianyan City again, Lu Yaoyao felt like she was in a different world. The city was as lively and prosperous as she remembered. Lu Junyang, being the most familiar with the area, took on the role of a guide. Knowing Lu Yaoyao’s love for food and novelty, he took them to delicious eateries and entertaining places.

Lu Yaoyao was extremely happy. She and her friends let loose, thoroughly enjoying themselves. After a morning of fun and a delicious lunch, Lu Yaoyao led her friends to her house.

“I’ve settled down in the sect for now, so my family bought a house in the suburbs to give me a place to stay,” she explained.

Wen Zixing exclaimed, “Yaoyao, so you’re actually a rich little woman!” The real estate prices in Tianyan City were high. Even in the suburbs, one couldn’t afford a place without substantial financial means.

Lu Yaoyao protested, “What’s with the ‘little’?!”

Wen Zixing ruffled Lu Yaoyao’s head, “Aren’t you quite little?”

“You are little, you are littler than me!”

“Ouch, ouch, so scary~”

“Stinky Xingxing!”

Amidst laughter and chatter, the group reached their destination. The grand gates of the estate were closed. Lu Yaoyao stepped forward, raised her hand, and knocked on the door, “Brother Yaqing, I’m back!”


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