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ATCF Ch 47 Part 1 – Learn How to Play Victim (I)

Seeing Zhao Qiang appear in the office, Jiang Li was also particularly surprised, but she quickly figured out that her uncle must be at an important juncture in his experiment and couldn’t get away, hence the current situation.

If she guessed right, Zhao Qiang probably took it upon himself to come here, because her uncle, even if he needed someone to help him solve a problem, was unlikely to choose the socially inept Zhao Qiang.

Seeing the homeroom teacher, Teacher Qian, already had a skeptical look, Jiang Li immediately turned her gaze to Zhao Qiang and asked, “Senior Brother, why are you here? Where’s my uncle?”

“…” Zhao Qiang froze in place. He originally wanted to pretend to be a guardian to help his junior sister solve the problem, but now his plan seems unworkable after being pointed out by her.

But he quickly regained his composure and truthfully said, “Professor Feng is conducting an experiment, and we didn’t dare to disturb him, so I came first.”

Teacher Qian took a sip of water from the cup on the table and then turned his gaze to Jiang Li, asking, “Does your uncle manage your affairs?”

Jiang Li nodded, “Yes, but my uncle is usually very busy, so it’s common not to be able to contact him.”

Teacher Qian nodded, “I see.” Thinking of the experiment mentioned by Jiang Li’s senior brother and the mysterious folders he had found on her phone, he couldn’t help but be curious, “Your uncle wouldn’t happen to be involved in medical research, would he?”

Jiang Li immediately nodded, “Teacher Qian, you’re really smart, you guessed it right.”

Teacher Qian was both amused and annoyed, “Is that hard to guess? The way you disarmed Bai Guolin’s arm, you must have learned it from your uncle, right?”

Before Jiang Li could speak, Zhao Qiang immediately said, “I taught her that, teacher, if you want to blame someone, please blame me.”

Teacher Qian asked with a half-smile, “Who said I was going to blame her?”

Seeing Bai Guolin’s pitiful state, he was indeed quite angry at first, but after Qin Zheng’s statement and considering Bai’s anonymous report against Jiang Li, he had already lost much of his anger.

After bringing Jiang Li to the office, Teacher Qian immediately sent a message to the person in charge of the surveillance room, asking for footage from the corridor outside the classroom. After watching the footage, he knew Qin Zheng was telling the truth. Although the video had no sound, it clearly showed Bai Guolin blocking the classroom door and not letting Jiang Li enter, and indeed, it was he who struck first. Relying on his height and strength, Bai Guolin tried to slap Jiang Li but was outmaneuvered and had both his arms dislocated.

In this case, it was Bai Guolin’s fault, and his parents wouldn’t be able to protest if Jiang Li had only dislocated one of his arms. But the problem was Jiang Li dislocated both his arms, and during the second dislocation, Bai Guolin was already powerless to retaliate. If Bai Guolin’s parents insisted on blaming her on this point, things could become tricky.

“Wouldn’t it have been better to just dislocate one of his arms?” Teacher Qian looked at Jiang Li and said helplessly.

Before Jiang Li could speak, Zhao Qiang couldn’t help but interject, “If only one arm was dislocated, the person might lose his mind due to pain and cause harm. It’s safer to dislocate both at the same time.”

“…” Teacher Qian looked silently at the innocent-looking Zhao Qiang. It seemed he wasn’t Jiang Li’s senior brother for nothing!

To be honest, Jiang Li’s actions were indeed satisfying, but the aftermath was a bit troublesome to deal with. As a teacher, Teacher Qian obviously couldn’t encourage her behavior. He sighed and asked, “When Bai Guolin’s father comes later, will you negotiate with him?”

This remark was addressed to Zhao Qiang. It was already clear to Teacher Qian that this senior brother of Jiang Li was not particularly savvy in emotional intelligence. If he were to negotiate with Bai Guolin’s parents, the situation might become uncontrollable.

Zhao Qiang hesitated for a moment, then said, “If Professor Feng can make it, naturally he should handle it. If he can’t, then… then I’ll have to bite the bullet and do it.”

“…” At least this boy does have some self-awareness, knowing he’s just biting the bullet and going through with it.

Teacher Qian looked helplessly at Jiang Li, then withdrew his gaze and stared at the ceiling, contemplating how to handle Bai Guolin’s parents next.

When Assistant Bai received the call from the school, he was busy dealing with company matters. He already had too much on his plate, but being a father, of course he couldn’t help but worry about his son. With a nervous heart, he asked for leave from Jiang Huai and hurried to Minjiang First High School.

His son’s homeroom teacher had called to say that his son had been in friction with a classmate, got his wrist dislocated, and was now receiving bone-setting treatment. When he heard the news, Assistant Bai couldn’t help but wonder who was capable enough to dislocate the kid’s wrist, given his height and burly stature.

Rushing to the campus, Assistant Bai headed straight for the office building. After some inquiries, he found Teacher Qian’s office. As soon as he entered, he saw Jiang Li there too. Before he could even greet Teacher Qian, he looked at her in surprise, “Miss Jiang Li, you’re here too?”

Jiang Li nodded, expressionless, “Yes, thanks to your son.”

“…” Assistant Bai was stunned for several seconds before realizing that the other student who had gotten into friction with his son was Jiang Li, and he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Seeing that Bai Guolin’s father knew Jiang Li and even called her “Miss,” Teacher Qian was confused. But as a homeroom teacher, he couldn’t just ignore the matter, so he took out his phone and handed it to Assistant Bai, “Mr. Bai, here’s the footage of the dispute between Bai Guolin and Jiang Li. You should watch it first.”

Assistant Bai finally returned to his senses and quickly thanked Teacher Qian as he began to watch the surveillance footage. The moment he saw his son attempting to hit Jiang Li, his nerves tensed and he cursed, “This damn thing, how dare he?”

Then, the footage showed his son’s arms being dislocated by Jiang Li.

Assistant Bai: …

Although his son looked miserable, Assistant Bai finally breathed a sigh of relief. If Jiang Li hadn’t fought back and had been slapped by his son, the Feng family would definitely not let it go, and his family would no longer have a place in Minjiang.

After watching the entire footage, Assistant Bai turned to Jiang Li pleadingly, “It’s all my fault for not disciplining him properly, letting this damn kid become lawless. I hope Miss Jiang Li can forgive him this once.” When you’re under someone else’s mercy, you must know how to bow your head, and Assistant Bai bowed very deeply, hoping to make amends for his son’s behavior.

Jiang Li looked puzzled, “Whether you can discipline him or not is your business, but I’m not some generous person. If he troubles me again, it won’t just be a matter of dislocated arms.”

Assistant Bai nodded immediately, “You’re right, Miss Jiang Li. I’ll discipline him properly and make sure he doesn’t trouble you again.”

Jiang Li: …

Jiang Huai’s assistant seemed a bit too flexible!

Teacher Qian never expected the situation to unfold like this. He had planned to tell Bai Guolin’s father about the anonymous report his son had sent and mediated the situation, but now it seemed entirely unnecessary.

Zhao Qiang was completely stunned, too. When he finally came to his senses, he looked at Assistant Bai with uncertainty, asking, “Are you really not going to trouble my junior sister?”

Assistant Bai shook his head vigorously, like a bobblehead, “This whole incident is my stupid son’s fault. I will discipline him properly and make him apologize to Miss Jiang Li.”

Jiang Li shook her head, “No need for apologies. I don’t want to see him around me.”

Assistant Bai nodded immediately. After hesitating for a few seconds, he added, “I can transfer him to another class or even another school.”

Jiang Li looked at Assistant Bai calmly for a few seconds and then suddenly smiled, “Aren’t you curious why Bai Guolin targeted me?”

Assistant Bai was taken aback, “Wh… Why?”

Jiang Li’s gaze was cold, “Maybe you should send him to Minjiang International School, preferably in the same class as Jiang Ruo. I think he’d be very happy there.”

Assistant Bai was dazed, and it took him a while to respond, “Y-you mean… do you mean…”

“I don’t mean anything, just think he’s quite pitiful. As his father, maybe you’ll fulfill his wish?” Jiang Li spoke with an icy smile.

“…” Assistant Bai didn’t know how to respond. He had been aware how his son always blushed and sometimes couldn’t speak properly around his employer’s daughter, but he never thought his son would develop inappropriate feelings for her.

Even after Jiang Ruo’s parentage was exposed, she remained a young lady of the Jiang family, far beyond the reach of his son. That boy was in no position to aspire for her, and fortunately, had the sense to understand this. It would have been fine if it was just admiration, but his son had gone so far as to provoke Jiang Li for Jiang Ruo, which was utterly senseless.

At this moment, Assistant Bai was determined. If what Jiang Li had just said was true, he would do anything to dissolve his son’s improper thoughts.

After apologizing to Jiang Li again, Assistant Bai informed Teacher Qian that the entire incident was his son’s fault, and then left the school.


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