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DDDV Ch 113 Part 2 – The Vision from Eighteen Years Ago (II)

Chao Muxue naturally noticed the bold and direct gaze of the person in front of her. Those eyes were only filled with admiration and devoid of impurity, so she didn’t feel offended and responded with a gentle smile. She then lowered her gaze to look at Lu Yaoyao. Lu Yaoyao turned her head and looked up, finding a thin and dark-skinned young boy staring blankly at Muxue. The boy was dressed in tattered clothes, his exposed skin bony, but it was evident that he took great care to keep himself clean. His messy hair was tied up with a grass stalk.

Seeing the boy still staring at her with a dazed expression, Chao Muxue asked with a smile, “Do I look beautiful?”

The boy nodded blankly.

“Pfft!” Both Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue burst out into laughter, and Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help commenting, “He’s so cute!”

Wen Zixing snapped back to reality, his face turning crimson. Thankfully, his dark skin concealed his red face. He lowered his gaze and saw a little girl with a smiling face standing between him and Muxue. Wen Zixing was taken aback. “Is she your little sister?” he wondered, as the book never mentioned Chao Muxue bringing her sister along for the entry trial.

“I’m the big sister,” Lu Yaoyao corrected in a serious tone. She already knew that she was ten days older than Muxue.

Chao Muxue laughed, “No matter how you look at it, I am the big sister.”

Lu Yaoyao refused to back down, “No, I am.”

Wen Zixing watched their interaction for a while before opening his mouth and asked, “My name is Wen Zixing. Can we be friends?”

Wen Zixing’s gaze focused intensely on Chao Muxue, unconsciously holding his breath.

Chao Muxue smiled graciously, “My name is Chao Muxue, and this is Lu Yaoyao.”

Lu Yaoyao grinned, “Nice to meet you!”

“My name is Du Qianshan.” An unfamiliar voice came from behind Chao Muxue.

Wen Zixing became instantly curious and looked over. It was Du Qianshan! He died in a secret realm while saving Chao Muxue, a loyal friend he had met during the entry trial. He was witnessing the first encounter between Qianshan and Muxue!

A boy, around sixteen-year-old and dressed in a white brocade robe, stood behind Chao Muxue. He was clearly still in the growing period and around as tall as Chao Muxue. He slightly leaned forward, evidently wanting to join the conversation.

Lu Yaoyao looked up at Wen Zixing, feeling a strange sense of excitement emanating from him. She couldn’t quite pinpoint what was odd, but she didn’t sense any ill intentions, so she simply assumed that he was overly excited about the upcoming entry trial.

“Now that we’re all friends, let’s stick together during the trial!” Wen Zixing couldn’t help but feel excited. The profound friendship between Qianshan and Muxue had formed during the trial, and if he joined as well, wouldn’t he become even closer to Muxue?

Lu Yaoyao liked it lively, so she cheerfully agreed. “Okay!”

Chao Muxue also agreed with a smile.

Du Qianshan noticed a tiny figure bouncing around gleefully and couldn’t resist asking, “You have to be at least eight years old to sign up. Do you meet the criteria?”

Lu Yaoyao crossed her hands on her hip. “Of course!”

Du Qianshan cast a doubtful glance, scanning the child’s height up and down from a distance. Were all eight years old this short? His young cousin had been this tall by the age of three, hadn’t he? Could it be that this child suffered from a growth disorder, unable to grow taller? With such thoughts, he expressed his sympathy and said, “I didn’t realize you are so pitiful. I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.”

Lu Yaoyao blinked puzzledly. What pitiful?

The queue was so long. There were still forty to fifty people ahead of Lu Yaoyao and the others, and in just a short while, over ten people already lining up behind them, with signs of more people joining. It would be a while before it was their turn, so they stood there bored, speaking softly.

“What do you know about the entry trial of the Guiyuan Sect?”

Chao Muxue looked nervous, “I have no idea. But this is the number one sect, so it must not be easy.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded in agreement, “And there are so many people registering. I don’t know how many can pass this year!”

Wen Zixing was extremely confident, “Muxue and Qianshan will definitely pass!”

Lu Yaoyao looked up at him, her big eyes silently conveying a message: and then?

“Erm…” Wen Zixing glanced around awkwardly, unable to say anything. How could such a little kid pass?

“…” Lu Yaoyao’s chubby face puffed up. What did he mean by that? Did he think she couldn’t pass?

Du Qianshan crossed his arms and said, “During the trial, you guys follow my lead. I’ll protect you.” As he looked at his temporary teammates, who were all inexperienced in cultivation, his young shoulders inexplicably felt burdened. Well, it seemed that he would have to shoulder everything!

Lu Yaoyao smiled sweetly: “Qianshan is very nice.”

Wen Zixing nodded in agreement. In the original book, Du Qianshan was indeed someone with a strong sense of responsibility.

As they chatted among themselves, others also chatted with their acquaintances.

“I heard that this year they are relaxing the entry requirements for those who turn eighteen.”

“Last time it was fifteen. Those born in this year are really lucky,” the speaker said with an envious tone, with a subtle sour air.

This matter was well-known within the Cultivation Realm. In fact, all sects in the Cultivation Realm have been progressively loosening their entry criteria for individuals born eighteen years ago as they grow older.

It started eighteen years ago.

One day eighteen years ago, a vision suddenly appeared in the sky, enveloping the entire Yuanqi Continent.

At that moment, even cultivators who were in seclusion emerged to observe the celestial phenomenon. It was widely known that when unusual signs appeared in the heavens and earth; it indicated the descent of divine treasures and rare talents. This particular phenomenon seemed to herald the birth of an extraordinary child with an exceptional destiny. It was said that when Dao Venerable Hengwu was born, there was also such a phenomenon, but they were limited to his immediate vicinity. However, this time was unprecedented in the history of the continent, as the vision enveloped the entire continent. Fortunately, it was an auspicious omen; otherwise, the world would have been in great peril.

However, it was unknown which of the three races the child belonged to. The Cultivation Realm firmly believed that compared to the Devil Realm and the Demon Realm, they were the ones favored by the heavenly dao. They firmly believed that this destined child would surely be born among them! In an instant, the top cultivators ordered the search for the newborn baby who received the favor of the heavens. If a child blessed by the heavenly dao could be accepted as a disciple, they might become the second Dao Venerable Hengwu and their sect, the second Guiyuan. Just thinking about how the Guiyuan Sect became the de facto number one sect because of Dao Venerable Hengwu, how could it not stir people’s hearts?

Yet, it was precisely because the entire continent saw this vision, even the most renowned divinators failed to determine its exact origin and source. Despite the exhaustive search conducted by various sects, they failed to find any conclusive answers. Consequently, the sects made a deliberate decision to modify their entry requirements. Those born on that particular day, regardless of their inherent talent, would be welcomed into the sects. However, this change also led to instances of false birth dates being reported, as it was challenging to accurately determine a bone age down to the birth date. Thus, the conditions were relaxed for the young boys and girls born in that specific year.

Lu Yaoyao pricked up her ears and heard some interesting information. Wait, wasn’t that her birthday? She broke out of her shell on that day.

The circumstance of her birth was quite earth-shattering. Could it be that the vision was also about her?

“The vision must be about me!” A voice suddenly exclaimed.


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