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DDDV Ch 116 Part 1 – So Similar (I)

“How did you pass the test?” Du Qianshan remembered that before he left, the little girl was taken away without being tested. He squinted and whispered, “Do you actually… have that?”

Wen Zixing pricked up his ears to listen.

Lu Yaoyao blinked in confusion. “What?”

“I mean…” Du Qianshan looked around and made sure no one was paying attention before whispering, “Do you have a connection?”

Lu Yaoyao shook her head and puffed her chest, “They just saw my extraordinary talents and admitted me.”

Du Qianshan was surprised. “That impressive?”

“Of course!”

The person who was flying with Lu Yaoyao just now had finally recovered. Once he felt better, he immediately walked over to say his thanks, “Thank you! If you ever need help, I, Li Dazhuang, will definitely do my best!” He patted his solid, tanned chest. Li Dazhuang had an honest and sincere appearance and his sturdy build made him look mature, but he was only eighteen this year.

Li Dazhuang! Wen Zixing glanced over and became alert. Although the name sounded very common and rustic, this person was actually an important character – a spy for the demon clan! Up until the novel’s abrupt end, Li Dazhuang had not been exposed, proof of his ability and cunningness.

But – Wen Zixing thought to himself – now that he was here, he would definitely expose Li Dazhuang’s treachery!

On the other hand, Du Qianshan felt that Li Dazhuang was reliable, so he warmly said, “Let’s form a team and go through the trial together.”

Li Dazhuang scratched his head, “Can we do that?”

“Of course! The rules don’t require it, but there are no prohibitions either. In any case, it’s better to move in a group rather than staying alone.”

Li Dazhuang still looked hesitant, “But my aptitude isn’t good.”

Du Qianshan glanced at Lu Yaoyao’s small stature and said meaningfully, “Don’t worry. It’s not just you.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” Who knows who will be the one holding back!

Chao Muxue easily agreed.

Wen Zixing had no objections. In fact, it would be more convenient to have Li Dazhuang under his watch. Besides, in the novel, Li Dazhuang and Chao Muxue were also friends. Who knows, Li Dazhuang might have had a hand in Chao Muxue’s death!

Finally, Li Dazhuang chuckled and agreed with a grin. And so, a team of five was formed.

Lu Yaoyao looked around and saw many people already standing on the open ground, most of them were young girls and boys in their early teens. They were chatting in pairs, seemingly searching for partners to form a group with. Lu Yaoyao focused her gaze and saw the young girl she had previously met at the inn. There were several people around her, seemingly accompanying her with a respectful attitude. Lu Yaoyao sighed in her heart, thinking how fortunate the girl was to have family members to accompany her through the exam. But Lu Yaoyao didn’t care much and put the matter aside to chat with her new friends.

Surrounded by many people, Murong Liluo lifted her chin slightly, wearing an arrogant and impatient expression. Her gaze swept past casually, and suddenly she noticed a girl not far away who was very eye-catching. The reason why she made a deep impression was that she dared to mock her!

Murong Liluo strode over angrily, “You clearly don’t meet the requirements! Why are you here!”

Lu Yaoyao was busy chatting with her new friends when a shrill voice suddenly interrupted them. They looked up and saw the little girl, also dressed in red clothes, glaring at Lu Yaoyao with an unfriendly expression.

“Since I am here, I naturally have met the requirements.” Lu Yaoyao replied patiently.


“How is it impossible?” Lu Yaoyao raised her chin proudly, “Because I have an extraordinary talent, my age is not a problem.”

Li Dazhuang showed a silly grin, “Guiyuan Sect is so nice. They are naturally willing to give a chance to people with special talents. As for me, I don’t even have spiritual roots, but I was allowed to pass because I am eighteen.”

Li Dazhuang came from an ordinary family in an ordinary village. After the death of his parents, he was alone. When news spread in the town about a legendary sect starting to accept disciples, he overheard people talking about the special exception granted for eighteen years old youths – regardless of whether they had spiritual roots or not; they were all allowed to participate in the entry trial. Li Dazhuang didn’t know if he had spiritual roots, but he was born with great strength. Having the opportunity to join a sect and walk into the road of cultivation, who wouldn’t want that? So he traveled a long distance to come to Tianyan City. Although he was found to have no spiritual roots, he obtained the qualification for the trial because of his age.

Those who managed to come here were not ignorant. Even when they saw a little girl who was obviously much younger, they at most only took a few more curious glances, and no one thought that she was here without meeting the requirements. If the little girl was admitted because of connections, Guiyuan Sect wouldn’t do it so blatantly, so she must be here because she fulfilled some special criteria.

Murong Liluo hated Lu Yaoyao. When she was trapped in the inn, she saw Lu Yaoyao going out to play every day, which she considered a provocation. She found it extremely annoying.

Du Qianshan parroted: “Yaoyao’s talent is indeed extraordinary.”

The group didn’t talk badly despite Murong Liluo’s rude behavior, considering she was just a ten-year-old girl. But in Murong Liluo’s eyes, they were all protecting Lu Yaoyao, which angered her even more.

“Miss, the Clan Head said not to cause trouble.” A young man at the side persuaded.

Murong Liluo was annoyed: “Shut up!”

When Wen Zixing saw how this little girl had made trouble with the important side characters in the novel, his expression turned serious as he fell into deep ponder. Could it be that some details were missed because the novel was written from Lu Junyang’s perspective?

In the end, the expected skirmish did not arise.

A disciple flew on his sword and stopped mid-air. A spiritual aura gathered in his dantian, amplifying his voice several times and interrupting the conversation below. In an instant, all eyes turned to him.

“Welcome to Guiyuan Sect’s initiation trial. I will now explain the trial rules to you all. The trial comprises three stages, and the first stage is the Path of Immortality…”

The disciple spoke calmly and unhurriedly, and silence fell upon the crowd. Lu Yaoyao focused on remembering the trial content and rules. It sounded simple, but must not be easy. However, she had a rough idea in her mind.

The explanation continued for roughly a quarter of an hour. After the disciple finished, he said in a deep voice, “The trial has officially begun!”

All the disciples of the Guiyuan Sect soared into the air. In an instant, a gigantic staircase appeared in front of the crowd, winding up and up without an end in sight.

Those closest to the foot of the staircase hurried forward and were the first to start climbing.

Murong Liluo no longer paid attention to Lu Yao Yao and the others. Accompanied by her guards, she quickly walked towards the entrance of the staircase.

Du Qianshan was eager to start, “We should go too!” He exclaimed.

“No hurry. Let’s take our time. People are crowding now, what if there is a stampede?” Lu Yaoyao calmed him down. She was aware of her own small stature. If she went with the crowd, she might be squeezed in and got separated from her friends, so she must be careful.

Chao Muxue agreed, “Better be more cautious.”

Once the staircase was no longer so crowded, Luo Yaoyao and the others finally walked over and stepped onto the stairs.


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  1. Hopefully that bratty girl won’t be admitted into the sect, but I have feeling she will because she serves as a good foil for Lu Yaoyao, lol. On another note, I’m shocked that Li Dazhuang is a demon spy! I didn’t think that Brother Yuanyuan would do such a thing, considering he knows that Lu Yaoyao’s parents come from both the Devil and Cultivation Realms. Perhaps it’s someone under him acting without his authority?
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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