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DDDV Ch 118 Part 1 – These Days, It’s Not Easy to Take Care of Friends (I)

Lu Yaoyao advised, “If there’s a chance, give it a try. It’s better than doing nothing and giving up.”

Du Qianshan agreed, “Let’s see if we can improve this method a bit more.” Although they had only known each other for a short time, since they were teammates, they couldn’t give up easily.

Wen Zixing, who was not involved and seemed out of place: “…”

Li Dazhuang saw Wen Zixing, noticed his gaze, and smiled innocently.

Wen Zixing: “…” with an impeccable smile like that, if he didn’t know the plot, he would have been fooled too!

Wen Zixing looked at the group of naïve teammates and brooded. Only he saw through everything!

The group discussed back and forth, but couldn’t come up with a better solution. Someone even suggested carrying him over, but that would violate the rules. They could assist from the side but couldn’t fully help, and Li Dazhuang had to rely on his own efforts to cross. In the end, they decided to blindfold Li Dazhuang and let him walk. They initially thought about tying his feet together, but Li Dazhuang didn’t want to burden them, not even by using their shoulders. They compromised by using a belt to guide him. If Li Dazhuang accidentally fell, he would let go of the belt to avoid pulling the other person down.

“…” Wen Zixing thought to himself, even if they came up with such a solution, it didn’t necessarily mean they would succeed. Even with both eyes open, it wasn’t guaranteed they could successfully walk the metal rope, let alone blindfolded. And… even if Li Dazhuang didn’t make any mistakes, he would quietly trip him up to eliminate him.

Du Qianshan also sighed inside. They had only just met a few times, and he was taking such a big risk. Before coming here, he had told himself to make connections with powerful people and hug their golden thighs. However, when he looked at the talented individuals surrounded by a crowd over there, and then looked at his side… He had originally wanted to be taken care of by a big boss, but now he had become the one taking care of others!

Li Dazhuang blindfolded his eyes with a torn piece of cloth and adjusted to the darkness. Du Qianshan held the belt and led him. It was Lu Yaoyao’s initial idea, and she had intended to be the one leading, but Du Qianshan took over the task forcefully. They wasted some time, and now there were only a few groups left in the square. Lu Yaoyao said, “Let’s go too!”

Li Dazhuang became nervous immediately, and Lu Yaoyao reassured him, “Don’t think about anything, and you won’t be afraid.”

Li Dazhuang quickly said, “Okay, I’m not afraid.”

As soon as they looked down, they saw a bottomless abyss. Even someone without a phobia of heights would tremble at this sight.

Du Qianshan took the lead, holding onto the belt with both hands, carefully stepping onto the thin metal rope.

Chao Muxue supported Li Dazhuang and moved forward, keeping the belt taut. Du Qianshan stopped and didn’t move. Lu Yaoyao said from the side, “Take a step with your left foot first, and slowly move forward. Just follow what we practiced earlier, focus on stepping left and right slowly.”

Li Dazhuang’s feet slowly stepped onto the wire, moving cautiously, but steadily.

The first step was a success!

Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue held their breaths and gradually relaxed. With the first step taken, they were halfway to success!

After the two ahead had already walked a certain distance, Lu Yaoyao was about to step forward when Wen Zixing volunteered, “I’ll go first!” In case Li Dazhuang didn’t make any mistakes, it would be easier for him to trip him up from behind.

Wen Zixing took a step forward, about to step onto the wire. But as he looked down, he saw a bottomless abyss beneath him. He immediately withdrew his foot.

Lu Yaoyao looked at him in confusion.

Wen Zixing stammered, “I, I think I’m also afraid of heights…”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Wen Zixing trembled and almost cried. This tightrope walk had no safety guarantee, and he couldn’t take a single step forward. At this moment, he no longer had the idea of sneaking a chance to eliminate a would-to-be villain. He was afraid that he would be eliminated first.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” It was already too late to practice walking now.

Wen Zixing felt like crying. “I… I didn’t expect it either.” His mind was filled with thoughts of how to eliminate Li Dazhuang without leaving a trace. He hadn’t considered whether he would dare to walk. He wasn’t afraid of heights before, but now he was terrified of this great height.

“What should we do then?”

Chao Muxue said, “What else? Let’s follow the previous method.”

Wen Zixing weakly asked, “But what if we fall down?” From this height, it would be a fatal fall, right?

Lu Yaoyao was speechless, “Nobody will die. If we fall, the senior brothers and sisters will catch us.” Hadn’t he seen those disciples flying on their swords in the sky?

Chao Muxue stood in front and said, “Cover your eyes and walk, leaning on my shoulder.”

Wen Zixing weakly looked ahead. Even so, he was still afraid.

Lu Yaoyao pondered for a moment and said, “You crouch down and hold on to me while walking. It’s not as easy to lose balance when crouching.” Just, it would be slower and more tiring, and most importantly, looked so uncool.

Chao Muxue also added, “I will crouch down too and support you from behind.”

Looking at the two girls, Wen Zixing felt that he couldn’t let himself be outdone by them. If he couldn’t overcome the current challenge, how could he join the Guiyuan Sect and fulfill his great mission?! A surge of heroic spirit rose from the soles of his feet, and Wen Zixing boldly said, “No need to cover my eyes. Let’s… walk while crouching!”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Taking a deep breath, she heroically walked in front, with the crouched-down Wen Zixing holding onto the sides of her clothes from behind.

“Don’t worry, if I’m not mistaken, this path won’t be long,” Lu Yaoyao reassured. Since they could pass the first test, it meant their physical strength was decent. As long as they were daring and cautious enough, this challenge should be easy to overcome.

Wen Zixing thought for a moment. Indeed, although the other end of the rope bridge couldn’t be seen from here, it was actually not that long. As she stepped onto the rope with her little red shoes, Lu Yaoyao stood steadily.

Wen Zixing tremblingly followed behind. His feet were planted on the taut rope, and as he lowered his head, he felt suspended high in the air. He squatted down and didn’t dare to move. “My… my legs are weak.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”


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  1. Haha! I think Wen Zixing still has a long way to go before he can start to make an impactful difference to the novel-version plot. I’m just wondering how Yao Jiuxiao feels seeing some random man holding onto his daughter’s clothes. It must not be a very good impression for him, lol.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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