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MSRV Ch 99 Part 1 – Kids Gathering (I)

Speaking of which, there was another point that was even more puzzling: why Si Yue could match the male and female leads?

Fu Yunruo hadn’t ruminated on this question before. After all, the novel had plenty of unreasonable plot points and perhaps, the author was just setting up such a character for fun.

However, no matter how big Si Yue’s name was in the entertainment industry, if was just that, could he really have such great abilities?

Fu Yunruo was filled with doubts. Ever since she learned that Fang Xueruo’s status in the entertainment industry had declined and her reputation was tarnished, along with Fu Yunruo’s own fans causing trouble and blocking many of her resources, Fu Yunruo occasionally pondered a question.

Had the female lead’s halo disappeared? According to the original plot, anyone who opposed the male and female leads would end up in an unpleasant situation.

But now, she had thoroughly offended both of them, yet her career was flourishing with no impact.

And so was Si Yue… No, from the beginning, he never suffered any losses from them.

Recalling the plot in the book, now should be just a few chapters away from the ending. Fang Xueruo would become pregnant, and the main couple would get married for the sake of the child, ending with an extravagant wedding of the century.

Fu Yunruo didn’t remember the exact timeline, but after calculating, it should be around this year…


When Si Yue saw Fu Yunruo suddenly becoming absent-minded, he couldn’t help but call out to her with concern.

“Ah?” Fu Yunruo snapped back to her senses.

“What’s wrong?”

She shook her head, “It’s nothing.”

Fu Yunruo really wanted to ask about Si Yue’s background, but she felt it would be too abrupt, so she ultimately didn’t ask anything.

In the beginning, Wenwen greatly resisted the etiquette tutors, mostly because Si Yue was the one who arranged them. He vowed not to study and wanted to create chaos. He refused to be controlled by Si Yue!

Fu Yunruo didn’t intervene. She knew the class was for Wenwen’s own good, but on the one hand, she also felt her son was still too young. She didn’t want Wenwen to be under so much pressure by learning so many courses at once and only wanted him to enjoy a carefree childhood. If he really didn’t like it, they could wait for a year or two, and it wouldn’t be too late then.

Surprisingly, the two tutors were very good at handling young children. Within just a few days, they managed to pique Wenwen’s interest and made him willingly engage in his studies. They didn’t instruct him or demand that Wenwen memorize everything; they only spent two hours each day teaching him etiquette, immersing it into his daily habits subtly.

Because there were no strict demands, every day was just about delivering lectures, with many lively examples, like telling stories. Occasionally, they played around and demonstrated. Wenwen eagerly followed along with the imitation, and indeed, he learned in a relaxed manner.

As for the results, within such a short period, it was hard to see any significant changes. However, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but wonder if she was biased, but she felt that her son’s temperament and demeanor seemed somewhat different.

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo had no more objections. She recalled the etiquette tutor from the Fu family deep in her memories… Compared to this, that one was simply terrible.

The piano lesson was also an enjoyable process. Wenwen’s mind worked quickly, and he learned fast. At first, he felt that two hours of practice every day was too short and wanted more. If Fu Yunruo didn’t limit the time, he would have happily sat in front of the piano all day.

Looking at the boy who was enthusiastic about his daily practice with no trace of reluctance he showed initially, Fu Yunruo thought to herself: could this be the so-called ‘eating your own words’?

The day arrived when Wenwen invited his school friends over to play. Fu Yunruo had already transformed their home into a delightful kid’s land a day ahead, and she also prepared a variety of cute animal-themed pastries in advance.

Given the summertime, Fu Yunruo made plenty of refreshing treats to beat the heat. She even consulted with a professional nutritionist to plan a kid-friendly lunch.

The nutritionist was recommended by Si Yue, causing Fu Yunruo’s curiosity about his identity to grow stronger. She began to recall the influential and powerful families with the surname ‘Si’ in China. She felt that the status of the Fu family was already quite high, and she knew about several low-profile prestigious families, even though they might not have had much interaction, but none seemed to match her image of Si Yue’s background. Perhaps he came from abroad? Unable to come to a definite conclusion, Fu Yunruo decided to keep her questions to herself.

On the day of the gathering, Wenwen dressed to the nines and was ready to welcome his guests at the door. Around 9:30 am, the parents began to arrive one after another to drop off their children. Kangkang was the first to arrive. As soon as the car stopped in front of the villa and the door opened, Kangkang jumped out, holding a cool robot in his hands. When he saw Wenwen, he excitedly rushed over.

“Wenwen, Wenwen!” Kangkang dashed to Wenwen and handed him the robot with joy. “This is my favorite toy. For you!”

“Thank you!” Wenwen happily accepted it and thanked him, “I really like it!”

Seeing how much Wenwen liked the gift, Kangkang became even happier and hugged him.

When Kangkang’s parents came over, Wenwen greeted them politely, “Hello, uncle. Hello, aunt.”


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