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DDDV Ch 129 Part 1 – Reunion (I)

The person who entered the room did so silently, and Lu Yaoyao didn’t notice their approach at all. She huddled under the bed, completely still and holding her breath. Would the person notice her? She hadn’t seen Dao Venerable yet; she didn’t want to leave like this!

Don’t find me, don’t find me… Lu Yaoyao closed her eyes and repeated silently. Unfortunately, her wish was in vain. It seemed like the person had discovered her. A gentle surge of spiritual power enveloped her and brought her out from under the bed, then she found herself in someone’s arms.

Lu Yaoyao covered her eyes with her hands, muttering, “You can’t see me, you can’t see me…”

Before she could repeat it several times, she suddenly felt something familiar about this embrace…

A soft, low chuckle sounded and disappeared in an instant.

Lu Yaoyao was taken aback and nervously opened her eyes, peering out from between her fingers.

A familiar face appeared before her eyes. Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened, staring blankly for a while, and then she suddenly threw her arms around the person’s neck.

“Father! I knew you were here!!” She didn’t guess wrong… her father was a member of the Guiyuan Sect, Dao Venerable Hengwu!!

“I searched for you so hard, Father. Why didn’t you come find me? I missed you so much…” Lu Yaoyao cried pitifully, her tears streaming down. After three years, she finally saw Father again! At this moment, she was just a child who missed her father, pouring out all her worries and anxieties from the past few years in front of the person who loved her most, with no restraint.

Only at this moment did her heart finally feel at ease.

“Father, I missed you so much! You have no idea how scared I’ve been… Do you not want me anymore?”

Yao Jiuxiao comforted her with familiar movements, “It’s Father’s fault. Father should have come to see you earlier.”

It was said that the most favored have no fear. The more Lu Yaoyao was comforted, the more wronged she felt, and she couldn’t stop crying. “Father, are you, did you, already know I was here?” She asked between her sobs. Her eyes were red, looking especially pitiful.

Seeing her father fall silent, Lu Yaoyao understood that he had tacitly admitted.

She howled even louder—

“Father, you’re so mean! I missed you so much, and you didn’t want to see me… Do you not love me anymore?” She wailed.

Yao Jiuxiao seriously explained, “I thought you were with your Daddy. When I found out you came to the sect, I went to see you at night.” For half a month, he had gone several times, but she was always asleep and unaware.

Although he hadn’t appeared in front of his daughter, he had been silently keeping an eye on her. He immediately sensed it when she came to the East Ninth Peak. Therefore, when Lu Chongyun and Mo Liuying came to deliver the pill, he quickly dismissed them and went to see her himself.

When Lu Yaoyao finally returned to Cangshan, he and Lu Qingyu already had differences. Knowing that they couldn’t continue to maintain the pretense of living together harmoniously, Yao Jiuxiao reluctantly stepped back and watched her be taken away by Lu Qingyu.

Knowing Lu Qingyu’s personality, Yao Jiuxiao thought he would keep a close eye on the child and wouldn’t let her leave the Devil Realm easily. He had also prepared himself to personally bring Lu Yaoyao back when the time came. However, he never expected that the child not only escaped from the Devil Realm but came directly to him.

Lu Yaoyao grasped the main point, “Father, you knew I was taken away by Daddy, didn’t you?” The night she was taken from their home in Cangshan and woke up in the Devil Realm, Father was also there!

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Lu Yaoyao closed her eyes and wailed again. Large teardrops fell from the corners of her eyes.

“Father, you’re so mean… and Daddy too…,” Lu Yaoyao was genuinely upset. After being separated for three years, she had thought about reuniting with Father and Daddy every moment. When she finally returned home after overcoming countless difficulties, she found that her family was gone. At that moment, she thought she had been abandoned and felt so sad and anxious.

Her father was right there, yet he didn’t come out to see her.

Daddy, too. He kept silent and didn’t tell her a thing!

She thought Father didn’t know she had returned, so she had made every effort to escape from the Devil Realm to find him…

Lu Yaoyao cried and cried, her sobs gradually becoming softer, but her tears continued to flow like a steady stream. She had thought that finding her father would make her thrilled and excited, and while those emotions were indeed present, at this moment, she felt more sadness. She couldn’t understand why Father could be so heartless to her distress. Had cultivating the Dao made him so indifferent, unable to empathize with her?

Yao Jiuxiao’s heart ached. Seeing his little daughter cry so sadly, his normally icy heart seemed to crack open. “Yaoyao…”

His stoic and emotionless demeanor showed signs of wavering, and unfamiliar emotions similar to panic began to surface.

But the girl didn’t want to listen to him anymore. She struggled to get down from his arms, yelling, “I don’t want to talk to Father anymore!”

Lu Yaoyao ran out with her short legs. She wanted to have a cold war with Father! She was temporarily ignoring him!


Lu Yaoyao ignored him. She had her temper too!

Lu Yaoyao ran out with her head down. It didn’t take long for her to bump into someone and almost fall backward; luckily, a pair of hands caught her just in time.

“Little Junior Sister?”

Lu Yaoyao looked up and saw her eldest senior brother. Their master and the sect leader were also there.

“Why are you crying? Who bullied you?” Ziwang noticed the little girl’s wet eyes. Not only that, but even her nose and face flushed red from overcrying, and she looked obviously upset.


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