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DDDV Ch 128 Part 1 – Sending Pill (I)

“Yaoyao~ your senior brother’s happiness depends on you. Remember to speak well of me…”

“Does Senior Brother’s happiness lie in reading storybooks?”

“Of course! Stories are my wife. I can’t live without them for a day!”

“I’ll consider it…”

“Little Junior Sister.”

Someone’s gentle voice called her name, and Lu Yaoyao looked up to see Ziwen standing not far away, smiling in her direction.

“Second Senior Brother!” Lu Yaoyao ran over. “Second Senior Brother, why are you here?” She was pleasantly surprised. Apart from the first three days, Second Senior Brother hadn’t come to pick her up again!

Yan Zihui strolled over, “Greetings, Senior Brother Ziwen.”

“Greetings, Junior Brother Zihui.” Ziwen nodded with a smile, then looked at Lu Yaoyao. “Master has come out of seclusion, so I’ve come to pick you up to meet him.”

“Master has come out of seclusion?!” Lu Yaoyao was surprised again. On the second day she arrived at the South Fifth Peaks, Master went into seclusion to refine pills. Since then, Second Senior Brother had been taking care of her. Afraid that Lu Yaoyao might misunderstand, he explained that whenever the Danxin Hall obtained any rare and top-quality spiritual materials, Master would personally refine them.

When Lu Yaoyao heard this, she remembered the day she encountered Senior Brother Junyang in the Danxin Hall. It seemed that he was on an errand to bring some spiritual materials back to the sect, presumably the same material Master was currently refining.

Considering the huge spectacle during the break just now, Lu Yaoyao felt it was natural. Master had successfully refined a high-ranking pill, so it was inevitable that he would come out of seclusion.

Seeing that it wasn’t appropriate to continue occupying Lu Yaoyao’s time, Yan Zihui reminded her for the last time, “Remember your promise!” and then he left.

Lu Yaoyao followed Ziwen back to the main hall of the South Fifth Peak, where Hall Master Mo was already waiting. On the other side was Lu Chongyun, the sect leader of the Guiyuan Sect. It was widely acknowledged that Mo Liuying, the chief alchemist of the Guiyuan Sect, was the number one alchemist in the entire Cultivation Realm. His talent in alchemy was unrivaled and on par with the top talents of the Medicine Sect. Now that he had just successfully refined the first divine-level pill in a thousand years, Hall Master Mo’s fame as the number one alchemist was solidified even further.

For such an important event, Hall Master Mo’s personal disciples naturally attend. Both the reclusive Ziwang, who always kept himself in seclusion, and the outgoing Ziting, who was forced into the seclusion, were present, and even Ziwan was released from his solitary confinement. When Ziwen and Lu Yaoyao entered the hall, they first greeted Sect Leader Lu and Hall Master Mo before exchanging greetings with their senior (junior) brothers.

Hall Master Mo sat in the main seat of the hall, looking radiant. From his last seclusion, he obtained not only a divine-level pill, but also a lot of valuable insights for his cultivation. Lu Yaoyao’s eyes first fell on the exquisite purple wooden box placed next to his Master. Very curious about what the divine-level pill looked like, she walked up, tilted her head, and eagerly asked, “Master, can I take a look?”

Hall Master Mo naturally wouldn’t refuse such a small request from his youngest disciple. He casually opened the box, and a strong medicinal fragrance wafted out.

Lu Yaoyao tiptoed to see but couldn’t quite reach, so she quickly climbed onto Master’s lap and leaned over the edge of the table to get a better look. In the wooden box inlaid by a piece of millennium-old soft silk lay a round pill emitting a faint halo. Both Ziwan and Ziting moved closer and tried to have a better look as well. Ziwang and Ziwen were more composed, but they also couldn’t contain their curiosity and came over, watching with restraint.

Five pairs of eyes gathered on the small wooden box, but Hall Master Mo’s attention was elsewhere. He was stunned. He had taken in many disciples, but none of them had approached him as naturally as Lu Yaoyao. Now, he finally understood why some of his fellow elders had always favored their young disciples.

Only one pill was produced this time, but Hall Master Mo was satisfied. Quality always mattered more than quantity when it came to alchemy. Hall Master Mo let his five disciples have a look at the pill for a while before closing the box again. Though reluctant, the disciples stood back without protest and straightened themselves up. They held a deep respect for their master and were greatly inspired by him. He was their role model!

“Let’s take this pill to the East Ninth Peak.” News of the divine-level pill’s completion couldn’t be kept a secret. While the Guiyuan Sect currently held the number one position in the Cultivation Realm, what if other sects came knocking, asking for a share? Apart from the ones potentially hidden by other major sects, this was the only divine-level pill currently known.

Only His Venerable could safeguard this pill, and only in his hand would it be most effective.

Lu Chongyun stroked his beard, clearly in agreement with Hall Master Mo’s idea. “Senior Brother has been stuck in the Great Ascension stage and his cultivation hasn’t progressed for a long time. This pill will surely be of great benefit to him.”

Hall Master Mo’s gaze shifted to his five disciples, apparently considering who should accompany him to deliver it. “Ziwang, you will accompany me.”

“Yes, Master.” Ziwang responded respectfully.

Perhaps it was the sight of the divine-level pill, but Ziwang’s eyes rarely showed enthusiasm, and his complexion became sunny.

Lu Yaoyao felt a surge of excitement when she heard they were heading to the East Ninth Peak. Here comes her chance!

“Master, I also want to go. Can you take me along, please?” Lu Yaoyao tugged at Hall Master Mo’s robe, her big eyes pleading as she pouted and swayed her petite figure. “Please, pretty please?”

Seeing this, Ziwen couldn’t help but say, “Master, why not take Little Junior Sister along? She hasn’t been to the East Ninth Peak yet.”

Lu Yaoyao quickly nodded.

Other senior brothers also chimed in, “Master, please take Little Junior Sister with you!”

Lu Chongyun found it amusing to see Junior Brother Mo being besieged by his disciples. Being in a good mood, he said, “It’s been a while since I last seen Senior Brother. I will go with you.”

Hall Master Mo, softened by his youngest disciple’s cajoling, relented. “Alright, let’s go together.”

Lu Yaoyao was overjoyed. “Thank you, Master! Thank you, Sect Leader!”

Ziwen and the rest actually also wanted to follow, but it was widely known that His Venerable did not like too many people visiting his East Ninth Peak and disturbing his peace. Each of them had also gone to deliver pills before, so it was only appropriate to hand this chance over to their eldest senior brother. As for their little junior sister, since she hadn’t been there before, it would be a good opportunity for her to see. So, the remaining three disciples watched as Hall Master Mo and his group headed towards the East Ninth Peak, bringing the box containing the divine-level pill.

With the presence of both Sect Leader Lu and Hall Master Mo, the group was directly escorted to the East Ninth Peak and arrived at the entrance in an instant. Even Lu Chongyun, upon reaching this point, had to continue ascending on foot. A barrier had been set up at the entrance of the East Ninth Peak, blocking outsiders from intruding. Lu Chongyun placed his fingers together, and amidst the swirling spiritual aura, a messenger paper crane appeared out of thin air, spreading its wings and flying into the barrier.

After a moment, Lu Chongyun said, “Let’s go.”


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