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MSRV Ch 104 Part 1 – A Gift (I)

When Wenwen heard this, his eyes fluttered a bit as the thought of Si Yue changing him into his pajamas left him conflicted and a little shy at the same time.

Well… seeing that Si Yue had taken care of him, he would be generous this one time and overlook the fact that Mom and Si Yue had gotten along behind his back again!

“Mom, I’m hungry.” Wenwen touched his belly and said in a sweet voice.

So Fu Yunruo called the room service to bring breakfast up. Considering that the hotel was open to the public, both Fu Yunruo and Si Yue simply opted to have all their meals delivered to their rooms in order to avoid attention.

After finishing breakfast, the mother and son stayed in the room. Wenwen’s scenes were scheduled for the afternoon today, and they had nothing to do in the morning. The weather was still too hot to consider going out for a walk, so they preferred to stay in the air-conditioned room.

Wenwen snuggled up to his mother and coquettishly said, “Mom, let me play with the phone, please~”

Fu Yunruo was firm, “No, little kids shouldn’t play with phones; it’s bad for their eyes.”

“I’m not a little kid, Mom. I’m a big kid now. Just a short while, pretty please?”

Ever since Yuan Xin had set him up social media accounts, he was no longer the same Wenwen who used to disdain playing with gadgets. Most of the time, he couldn’t wait to check how many followers he had gained and scroll through their comments. More than anything, he badly wanted to connect with his fans!

However, his mother was very strict and didn’t allow him to use electronic devices too much. The itch persisted, but he didn’t dare to secretly buy a mobile phone by himself, so he had no choice but to act cutely, trying his best to use his charm to secure more gadget time.

And now there was another thing that he was dying to do: he wanted to know how the internet’s reaction to his first movie role. He couldn’t wait to see it for himself!

“Have you learned all the characters? Can you even read the comments?” Fu Yunruo was unmoved. This stubborn little guy must have forgotten that he was half-illiterate!

Wenwen rolled his eyes, “Even if I don’t understand, I can let the phone read for me or I can check on Baidu myself!”

“…” Well, he made sense.

Wenwen blinked his eyes.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but tap his forehead, “Sly reasoning.” Nevertheless, she handed him the phone, “You can only play for thirty minutes, and don’t hold it too close to your eyes.”

Wenwen was initially happy when Fu Yunruo relaxed her stance, but when he heard it was only thirty minutes, he started bargaining, “One hour! Thirty minutes is too short!”

Fu Yunruo gave him a glance, “Twenty minutes.”

Wenwen: “…” What kind of bargaining is this?! He hurriedly said, “Thirty minutes, then. Thirty minutes!” Whatever! He would use his charms again after thirty minutes!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Fu Yunruo looked through the peephole and saw Si Yue standing outside. In an instant, his words from last night came back to her mind, causing her heart to race uncontrollably. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself down before opening the door.

“Good morning,” Si Yue greeted with a smile. He was dressed in sportswear today, making him look youthful and energetic.

“Good morning,” Fu Yunruo stepped aside, allowing Si Yue to enter.

“What have you both been up to?”

“Nothing in particular,” Fu Yunruo replied casually.

Si Yue entered the room and immediately noticed Wenwen seated in a chair, deeply engrossed with the mobile phone in his hands. The boy’s head slightly bowed as he focused on the screen, and his chubby fingers were busy tapping on it from time to time, looking exactly like the poster boy of an internet-addicted child.

Hearing someone come in, Wenwen briefly looked up and called, “Morning, Uncle Yue,” before lowering his head again and continuing to play with the mobile phone.

Si Yue glanced at Fu Yunruo, who hurriedly explained, “He’s been pestering me for the phone since early morning, so I let him play for thirty minutes, no more.”

“Oh, right!” She picked up the inkstone that Wenwen had placed on the table and handed it to Si Yue. “You forgot to take this with you last night.”

Si Yue didn’t take it and said matter-of-factly, “I bought this for Wenwen. He’ll start learning calligraphy soon, and he can use this inkstone for practice.”

“But…” Fu Yunruo hesitated. Wenwen hadn’t even started learning yet, and Si Yue was already preparing. With such a comparison, it looked like she cared little about her son’s education. Furthermore, she also realized that she and Si Yue had different attitudes regarding Wenwen’s upbringing.

Fu Yunruo leaned towards giving the child a relaxed and enjoyable childhood, where things like supplemental courses and interest classes could come later. In Si Yue, on the other hand, she saw his high expectations for his son’s future success.

At first, he might have concealed it, but as he saw her softened stance and Wenwen’s accommodating attitude, he began to push boundaries, step by step.

Now that she had conceded once, Fu Yunruo realized that she could no longer reject Si Yue’s involvement in Wenwen’s education. Nevertheless, she added, “If Wenwen finds himself overwhelmed with too many courses, we can always delay his studies for a year or two. There’s no rush to pile on so many courses. He needs time to play.”

“I’ll handle it.” Si Yue nodded and gave his assurance. Learning naturally should be tailored to one’s talents, interests, and abilities. Fortunately, there were no dull children in the Si family.

In Si Yue’s view, Wenwen was already having it easy. Back in his own childhood, he started learning at the age of three, and his daily schedule was packed full of lessons, leaving limited free time to play.

Wenwen was engrossed in playing with his phone, completely unaware that his parents were busy planning his course schedule for the next few years.


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