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DDDV Ch 129 Part 2 – Reunion (II)

“Why are you crying? Who bullied you?” Ziwang noticed Lu Yaoyao’s wet eyes. Not only that, but even her nose and face flushed red from overcrying, and she looked obviously upset.

When Ziwang noticed Suhua had returned alone, he initially thought nothing. After a while, however, he became concerned and went to look for Lu Yaoyao, but there was no sign of the little girl everywhere. He initially thought she might have gotten lost, but when he recalled their conversation before she had left, he came in this direction with hope. On the way, he met their Master and the sect leader, who had heard that Lu Yaoyao was missing and had come back together. Unexpectedly, they found her right here, but this fearless young girl was now crying so loudly.

Lu Yaoyao hiccupped and didn’t speak. Yao Jiuxiao walked out from behind, his face as cold as ice, his imposing presence overwhelming. He fixed his gaze on Lu Yaoyao, who was still trembling.

Lu Chongyun raised an eyebrow. “Senior Brother, haven’t I always told you that you shouldn’t always wear that icy demeanor? Look, you’ve scared the child.”

Lu Yaoyao lowered her head and refused to give Yao Jiuxiao a look, “Eldest Senior Brother, let’s go back.”

Still wearing a cold expression, Yao Jiuxiao’s eyebrows furrowed.

Hall Master Mo and the others didn’t say anything; they simply assumed that Lu Yaoyao had been frightened by His Venerable. Afraid that His Venerable might have gotten impatient by her cries, they quickly bid their leave.

Yao Jiuxiao moved his lips several times. In the end, he didn’t call out, but the already chilling aura surrounding him instantly intensified. Ziwang thought that His Venerable was angry, so he instinctively hastened his steps.

Yao Jiuxiao stood in place, and for once, he seemed confused and flustered. Had he done something wrong?

Lu Yaoyao peeked her head out from her eldest senior brother’s shoulder and saw that her Father hadn’t followed. She pouted, feeling even more down. Sitting on Ziwang’s arm, the little girl looked dejected and uncharacteristically silent.

Ziwang noticed his little junior sister’s mood and looked at their master for help. He didn’t know how to comfort children!

Hall Master Mo, equally helpless, pretended not to see his eldest disciple’s pleading eyes.

After leaving the East Ninth Peak, Lu Chongyun went directly back to the main peak, parting ways with Hall Master Mo and his two disciples. Hall Master Mo led his two disciples back, while the three disciples who stayed on the peak were chatting in the courtyard outside the hall. Ziting was sitting with a relaxed posture, leaning on the railing, Ziwen stood with crossed arms in the courtyard, and Ziwan was squatting on a rock. They all noticed the three’s arrival and looked over simultaneously.

Hall Master Mo led his two disciples into the courtyard.

“Master, Eldest Senior Brother, Little Junior Sister!” Ziting stood up. Ziwan also jumped down from the rock, and they both leaped lightly to stand on either side of Ziwen.

Hall Master Mo looked around at his five disciples. Seeing them all neatly lined up, he nodded solemnly with a serious expression and then quickly walked past them. From the way he hastily left, it was as if he was fleeing from something.

Originally, Hall Master Mo had intended to assess the progress of his disciples, but he now felt that it might be too harsh to assess them right after leaving seclusion. It might be better to do it tomorrow.

Ziwen and his two junior brothers: “???”

All three of them looked puzzled.

“Is Master not going to assess us?” Ziwan couldn’t believe it. Was there such a good thing?

Ziwang didn’t say anything. He went to Ziwen, quickly handed over their little junior sister, and let out a sigh of relief. Afterward, he didn’t forget to give Ziwen an encouraging look.

“???” Ziwen lowered his head and immediately faced a pair of big red and swollen eyes, looking very pitiful.

“Why is Little Junior Sister crying?” Ziting came closer.

“She looks like a rabbit now,” Ziwan commented.

“Frightened by His Venerable,” Ziwang explained.

Ziwen and the others: “…”

Ziting burst out laughing: “Countless people want to see His Venerable but are unable to. Yet, Little Junior Sister, you saw him but was frightened…”

Ziwan put on the air of a senior brother, “Junior Brother, stop. Little Junior Sister is still young.”

Ziwen patted the little dumpling in his arms and said softly: “Little Junior sister, don’t be afraid. His Venerable’s is just a bit overwhelming, and he’s a bit cold in temperament… It’s just his personality, but His Venerable is actually very good.”

Lu Yaoyao buried her face in Ziwen’s chest, feeling too embarrassed to admit that she wasn’t scared.

“Little Junior Sister, come with us. Your senior brothers will take you to play.”

In the half month since Lu Yaoyao had come to the South Fifth Peak, apart from the first day when they were introduced to each other, only her second senior brother had spent time with her. The other senior brothers were either in seclusion or under discipline, and this was the first time they had all gathered. Since Master wasn’t assessing them today, they had some free time to spare, so the four senior brothers decided to have some fun with their little junior sister.

Ziwang and the others stayed with Lu Yaoyao, cheering her up, and even playing fun games with her.

The games played by alchemists were, of course, not ordinary, such as testing pills. While the eldest senior brother Ziwang was talented in alchemy, he made a lot of pills with strange effects. He fed a pill to the third senior brother Ziwan, causing him to laugh uncontrollably while trembling.

Then, they caught the fourth senior brother, who tried to escape, and after feeding him a pill, he began dancing wildly for a while.

The second senior brother couldn’t escape either, having his whole body turned green, and the eldest senior brother also showed a spirit of adventure and ate one himself…

Lu Yaoyao was so amused that she laughed heartily, completely forgetting her earlier sadness.

They played until evening, and the senior brothers accompanied Lu Yaoyao back to her little pavilion.

Ziwan waved his hand, “Little Junior Sister, see you tomorrow!”

Satisfied that they had cheered up their junior sister, the four of them returned to their respective residence.

Lu Yaoyao waved at their departing backs, her laughter went afar and reached the setting sun. “Let’s play together again tomorrow!”

Ziwang and the others: “…”

After bidding farewell to her senior brothers, Lu Yaoyao bounced up the stairs. The luminous pearls emitted a faint light in the darkness, illuminating the small building. After the lively and noisy atmosphere had dissipated, calmness returned. Lu Yaoyao found herself in the quiet room, and the suppressed feelings of sadness from the daytime resurfaced. Thankfully, her emotions had improved significantly.

After thinking about it, Lu Yaoyao found herself still quite upset. She hurriedly went to the study, retrieved pen, ink, and paper, and started writing a letter. She was going to file a complaint!


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