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DDDV Ch 157 Part 3 – This Is My Daughter, Lu Yaoyao (III)

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Thus, Lu Yaoyao was swiftly brought to the main peak, where Lu Chongyun proudly introduced his martial niece to everyone. He took Lu Yaoyao to see various distinguished guests, momentarily forgetting his two disciples. All the while, Lu Yaoyao played the role of a mascot, her little chubby face almost stiff from smiling.

She received so many gifts to the point her tiny hands felt sore. Lu Chongyun’s acquaintances were naturally big shots from various major forces, and the meeting gifts they gave her were nothing insignificant. Even Lu Yaoyao, who thought she was accustomed to seeing priceless treasures, was dumbfounded. In an instant, half of her little pouch was quickly filled to the brim.

And that wasn’t all. After showing her off, Lu Chongyun took her to his private stash, where various spiritual tools and materials piled up dazzlingly. With a grand wave of his hand, he filled the other half of Lu Yaoyao’s pouch and would have continued if only there was more space available. If it hadn’t been for the limited space, he would have continued to stuff it with gifts.

Though larger than most storage bags, Lu Yaoyao’s little pouch still had limited space. She had never filled it before, but now it was stuffed to the brim. Lu Chongyun still thought the pouch was too small and wanted to gift a replacement, but Lu Yaoyao hurriedly declined. This pouch was a gift from Father, and she cherished it.

Since Lu Yaoyao didn’t want to change her pouch, Lu Chongyun wanted to stuff her with a few storage space items. After much difficulty, Lu Yaoyao managed to fend off this generous offer and finally found an opportunity to make a quick escape. Once she left the main peak, she wiped the sweat from her forehead, her heart still racing from lingering fear.

Martial Uncle’s love was too heavy. Almost crushing her alive!

“Pfft!” Lu Junyang, who was tasked with escorting Lu Yaoyao back to the South Fifth Peak, let out laughter.

Lu Yaoyao stamped her foot, “Brother Junyang, don’t make fun of me.”

With remaining laughter in his eyes, Lu Junyang patted her head, “Brother isn’t making fun of you. I’m envious of how popular you are.” As he recalled her sorry state just now, he couldn’t help but chuckle again.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” Brother Junyang’s certainly teasing her; don’t think she would be fooled!

After they left the forbidden area, she felt like a monkey in the zoo, being watched by so many people. She couldn’t help feeling a bit traumatized.

Seeing the little girl’s dejected look, Lu Junyang quickly smoothed her hair and said warmly, “You see, your Brother Junyang never expected that you are my direct junior sister from the same lineage, so I am very happy now.”

Just like everyone else, Lu Junyang was initially surprised. He had no idea that Yaoyao would be His Venerable’s child. But it also explained why he had always felt close to Lu Yaoyao and found her endearing, though he had never thought about it before. He was already fond of this little girl, wishing she could have been his direct junior sister, but unfortunately, she was taken in by South Fifth Peak. Of course, he was happy with Muxue as his junior sister, but he also wanted Yaoyao; now, it seemed his wish was indirectly fulfilled. Given that his master was the junior brother of Yaoyao’s father, they were indeed directly related in lineage.

Lu Yaoyao was instantly soothed, and she showed a bright smile, “I’m happy too!” She felt even closer to Brother Junyang now!

“Why not stay at the main peak for a while?” Lu Junyang asked again. After Master knew Yaoyao was his martial niece, he had already tried to lure her to stay at the main peak. Of course, Lu Junyang was in favor of this idea.

Lu Yaoyao quickly waved her hands, “No, no, I’ll come and visit you when I’m free.” She knew her master and senior brothers certainly wouldn’t be happy with the idea, not to mention she already had a second residence at East Ninth Peak. Having three residences within one sect was more than she could manage!

“You see, if you’re willing, I could arrange a courtyard next to Muxue’s for you. That way, you’d have company.” Lu Junyang suggested with a warm smile, knowing Lu Yaoyao and Muxue were good friends and often played together.

Lu Yaoyao was tempted by Lu Junyang’s suggestion. Her small pavilion at South Fifth Peak was quite a distance from her senior brothers’ places. Furthermore, she was the only girl, so her senior brothers couldn’t just swing by and enter at will, and the East Ninth Peak was even more desolate. Staying next to Muxue would certainly make things livelier.

However, after some thought, Lu Yaoyao reluctantly declined. As she had considered before, she already had enough residences in Guiyuan and didn’t need another one. Even though the sect’s peaks were far apart, the teleportation arrays made travel convenient, and it was easy to go back and forth several times a day.

Seeing Lu Yaoyao’s insistence, Lu Junyang didn’t push further. He simply thought to himself that he could prepare the courtyard just in case she changed her mind someday.

“Brother Junyang, we’re here. Thank you for sending me off. You should get back to your duties.” Even though the grand memorial had ended, there was still much to do, and she didn’t want to keep him from his responsibilities any longer.

But Lu Junyang insisted on escorting Lu Yaoyao to the doorstep of her small pavilion. Unable to resist his persistence, Lu Yaoyao agreed. South Fifth Peak consisted of several smaller peaks, and Lu Yaoyao’s residence was halfway up the largest one, requiring a substantial walk to reach. Chatting along the way made the journey feel shorter. As the two approached the path leading to Lu Yaoyao’s pavilion, they saw several figures waiting in front of the building.

Her eyes instantly lit up, and she ran towards them excitedly. “Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, Third Senior Brother, Fourth Senior Brother…!!!” she called out to each of them.

When Ziwang and his junior brothers saw their little junior sister safely bouncing home, a wave of relief washed over them.

Ziwan stepped forward and scooped up Lu Yaoyao, with the other three following suit.

Seeing Lu Yaoyao’s senior brothers, Lu Junyang also stepped forward to greet them.

“Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother,” Ziwang and the others greeted Lu Junyang, with Ziwan stepping back to position himself behind Ziwen, tacitly hiding Lu Yaoyao from view. The four of them had instinctively sensed danger and acted accordingly — even though the other party was their respected Senior Brother Lu, they absolutely couldn’t allow him to steal their little junior sister away!

Lu Junyang seemed oblivious to their guarded stance and returned the greetings. With a slight nod and a warm smile on the lips, he said: “Well, I am leaving Yaoyao in your care. Please take good care of her.”

Ziwang and the others: “…!!!” They’re right; this person is indeed thinking of taking their little junior sister away!

The most diplomatic among them, Ziwen, responded with a polite smile, “Eldest Senior Brother, there is no need. Taking care of our junior sister is our duty as her senior brothers.”

Lu Junyang nodded, still smiling, “Then, I’ll be leaving first.”

“Take care.”

Hidden behind her senior brother’s back, Lu Yaoyao tried to peek out to say goodbye to Brother Junyang, but as soon as she raised her head, Ziwan pushed it down, preventing her from even catching a glimpse of him leaving.

“Third Senior Brother, why do you keep pushing my head down?” Lu Yaoyao puffed up her cheeks in frustration.

“I’m not doing it now,” Ziwan retracted his hand, feigning innocence.

Lu Yaoyao glared at him.

“Alright, our master is waiting for us,” Ziwen said as he picked up Lu Yaoyao and carried her off.

So, before she had a chance to return to her pavilion, Lu Yaoyao was whisked away by her senior brothers and taken to their master’s presence. Standing in the hall, she looked up to see her master sitting sternly ahead, flanked by her four senior brothers.

Oh no, it’s a public tribunal!

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