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ATCF Ch 55 Part 1 – Didn’t Take the Preliminary Exam (I)

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Meeting Feng Qi’s half-smiling gaze, Jiang Li initially felt a bit sheepish, but she quickly composed herself. “Third Uncle, just now when you told her I’m your daughter, didn’t I play along well?” Jiang Li said with a look of seeking praise.

Feng Qi chuckled, “You did play along, though a bit exaggerated.”

Jiang Li retorted, “I don’t think it was exaggerated. Anyway, it achieved the goal, but it’s a pity about that bouquet of roses.”

The amusement deepened in Feng Qi’s eyes, “Yes, it’s a pity. That was the first birthday present I received this year.”

Jiang Li: “…” But just now, that blonde woman giving flowers seemed to have annoyed him.

Jiang Li decided not to continue with a dangerous topic. She shifted her backpack to the front and took out a small rectangular box, “There’s no shortage of birthday gifts. I’ve prepared this for you a long time ago.”

She didn’t immediately hand over the box but whispered, “Third Uncle, guess what’s inside. You only get one chance!”

Feng Qi pondered for two seconds before guessing, “Is it a pen?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “Wrong!” She quickly opened the box, handed it to Feng Qi, and asked expectantly, “Isn’t it nice?”

Feng Qi saw the silver wristwatch inside the box and nodded with a smile, “Yes, good taste. Put it on for me.”

Jiang Li excitedly removed the watch from Feng Qi’s wrist and replaced it with the new one, adding, “I also think I have pretty good taste.”

She handed the old watch to Feng Qi, but he didn’t take it, saying instead, “It’s yours now, keep it.”

Jiang Li tried the watch on her own wrist, “But it doesn’t suit me!”

Feng Qi reached out and ruffled her hair, “I’ll get the car. Wait here for me.”

Jiang Li shrugged and put the old watch in her backpack. A few minutes later, Feng Qi drove up and picked her up. As they buckled up, Jiang Li began to chatter, saying that since her third uncle rarely celebrated his birthday, she wanted to bake a cake for him.

Feng Qi was surprised, “You know how to bake a cake?”

Jiang Li nodded, “Of course, once you taste it, you might beg me to make more.” Before transmigrating into this book, she occasionally baked cakes and desserts, and her old housekeeper always loved them.

Feng Qi smiled, “Then I look forward to it.”

When they arrived at the Feng family mansion, Jiang Li noticed the servants had decorated the place festively. The garden was not only adorned with numerous national flags but also many colorful balloons and even red lanterns. Curious, she asked, “Did Grandpa have all this done?”

Well, it was the National Day, and it made sense to be festive.

The housekeeper replied, “The national flags were Old Master’s idea, but the other decorations were ordered by the second and third young masters. They said it’s the third master’s birthday, and they wanted to prepare well.”

Feng Qi frowned at the flashy decorations. He was about to have everything except the national flags removed, but Jiang Li commented, “Those colorful balloons look pretty nice.”

The housekeeper immediately said, “The third young master had them put up, saying they look festive.”

Jiang Li laughed, “Yes, they do look festive.” Then she turned to Feng Qi, “Third Uncle, what do you think?”

The birthday star’s opinion mattered the most.

Feng Qi was silent for a couple of seconds before nodding, “Yes, they’re quite nice.” Though a bit flashy, it wasn’t so bad after getting used to it.

Jiang Li eyed the small lantern in the housekeeper’s hand, “Let me help hang them. They’ll look beautiful when they’re lit up tonight.”

The housekeeper chuckled, “There’s a particular way to hang these lanterns. If they’re placed incorrectly, the patterns they form will be wrong. I’ll handle it.”

So Jiang Li had to give up and watched as everyone busily decorated the garden. Upon entering, she realized the hall had also been decorated, looking festive and cheerful.

When Feng Bai saw Jiang Li, his eyes lit up. He hurried over and pulled her arm, “Didn’t you say you’d bake a cake for Third Uncle? Second Brother and I are in the middle of it, do you want to join?”

Jiang Li immediately nodded, “Sure!”

Feng Qi tugged at her backpack strap, “I think you should first put away your backpack and then change your clothes, what do you think?”

Jiang Li agreed, “I think Third Uncle is right.” She quickly returned to her room, put away her backpack, changed into a hoodie, and then went to where her second and third brothers were baking the cake. She found her grandfather instructing them and quickly joined, “Grandpa, are you baking a cake for Third Uncle too?”

“Me? Baking him a cake? He wishes,” Old Master Feng huffed. He then looked at his beloved granddaughter, lamenting, “This kid is quite lucky. A whole house of people busy preparing his birthday, even grander than his own father.”

Feng Qi rubbed his temples and said helplessly, “You had quite the celebration for your 70th birthday last year.”

Old Master Feng gave him a glare, “That was just for show, not like now, where your nephews and niece are busy baking you a cake.”

Feng Qi: …

Jiang Li finally realized her grandpa was jealous. So she pulled him aside and whispered, “When it’s your 71st birthday, Grandpa, I’ll make you a fruitcake. Whatever flavor you want, I’ll make it, and it will be bigger than Third Uncle’s.”

Old Master Feng’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

“Of course, I don’t lie,” Jiang Li said sincerely.

The old man nodded with a smile, “That’s not bad then. I’ll leave you to your cake-making.”

After placating her grandfather, Jiang Li was about to join the cake-making brigade when she heard Feng Qi’s cool voice, “Xiao Lizi, I have quite good hearing. Isn’t it a bit unfair to treat a birthday star like this?”

“…” Jiang Li was speechless. One after another, the adults in this family are hard to please!

She quickly joined Feng Song and Feng Bai, “This is for Third Uncle’s birthday cake. Third brother, your cake looks worse than a brick, we won’t be able to present it later.”

“…” Now it was Feng Bai’s turn to be speechless. Xiao Jiang Li’s skill in changing the topic is really amazing!

The three cousins chatted and laughed while baking the cake, while the adults warmly watched them having fun. But Professor Tan squeezed next to Jiang Li, curious to learn how to bake a cake. Seeing her second aunt’s interest, Jiang Li explained as she baked, looking every bit a mini-teacher.

After dinner, the family unusually stayed up late, knowing they didn’t have to work the next day.

According to the local customs, elders don’t celebrate the birthdays of younger family members after they become adults. But everyone felt they weren’t celebrating Feng Qi’s birthday per se but the National Day, so it didn’t matter.

Jiang Li was pulled into playing Fight The Landlord by her twin brothers, with Feng Qi watching and occasionally giving Jiang Li tips. Every time he spoke, Feng Bai would cry foul, but Feng Qi simply ignored his teary protests.

Half an hour to midnight, everyone packed up the cards and started to arrange the cake and candles.


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