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DDDV Ch 39 Part 1 – Lu Yaoyao’s First Stumble in Life (I)

The branches and leaves on a single tree in the courtyard shook silently with the wind. On the gray-brown branches, yellowed dead leaves shook the most. After a while, the leaves were separated from the branches and fell gracefully on the ground.

A wooden house with several rooms stood silently at the foot of the mountain, full of living signs. On the courtyard was a path paved with finely crushed stones, meandering into the distance. From the other end of the path, a little girl — looked to be three or four years old — came bouncing around, slowly approaching the wooden houses. The little girl was dressed in a bright red dress. She was very cute and adorable, like the heavenly children often appeared in the paintings. On the top of her head were a pair of identical hair buns, tied with two red threads decorated with small beads, which flickered and tingled with her every move.

When the girl reached the wooden house’s closed door, she stopped. Her lively black eyes moved left and right as she tentatively shouted to the door—



“Father, Daddy, are you there?”

No one answered. Lu Yaoyao waited, but didn’t hear anyone replying. After a moment of thought, she held out her short hand on the door and gently pushed it inward. The door moved slowly, obviously was not locked, revealing a slight gap. Lu Yaoyao continued pushing the door open before she walked in.

The girl looked around the room, then ran into the other rooms. After searching the whole house in and out, she confirmed that her two fathers were indeed not at home. So Lu Yaoyao happily returned to her room and climbed onto the bed.

Since Lu Yaoyao was two years old, her awareness of gender had grown, so Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao no longer accompanied her to sleep. This room became Lu Yaoyao’s exclusive boudoir, and Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao each occupied a room on the left and right sides of hers.

Lu Yaoyao sat on the bed and pushed the blanket aside. The next moment, the originally empty bed was covered with tons of fruits and small jade bottles, spreading around her. These were the entire stockpile Lu Yaoyao had saved over the years. The girl glanced left and right and then back and forth. Her pink, tender face was full of satisfaction, so much that her eyes were bent into a crescent shape as she smiled very happily.

Many, many, many delicious snacks!

Lu Yaoyao sat on the bed and began to count her treasures.

“One, two, three…twenty!” Twenty small bottles!

“One, two, three…thirty-six!” Thirty-six fruits!

She kicked around in pure joy.

So many, so many!

She saved for three years and finally saved so many fruits and candies!

She actually could save more, but she always couldn’t hold back her appetite. Every time she secretly counted her stash, she couldn’t help sneaking one or two bites. If not for that, she would definitely have even more!

With fruits in her left hand and candies in her right hand, Lu Yaoyao was drowning in happiness. She sat on the bed and began to enjoy her snacks. These very tasty fruits actually had more than one variety. Some of the fruits Daddy gave her looked dark and unappetizing, but they were actually very tasty! Like a little mouse, Lu Yaoyao quickly consumed the huge pile of snacks.

At this moment, Lu Yaoyao felt the world to be very beautiful. She finally had a chance to eat snacks as much as she liked! Her Father and her Daddy usually only gave her one piece of fruit or one small bottle of candies every few days. If she wanted to eat more, she had to act coquettishly and blow a lot of rainbow farts. Even then, there was no guarantee that Father and Daddy would give her the extra snack she craved. In order to save this many, she worked really hard for several years!

Lu Yaoyao was extremely satisfied. She put one candy into her mouth, which melted instantly. She ate several candies in a row, and then began to gnaw at several pieces of fruits. Some fruits looked beautiful, but in fact, weren’t as tasty as the ugly fruits. Lu Yaoyao ate the most delicious snacks first. She ate more than a dozen candies and ten fruits in one go. After eating, she patted her bulging little belly in content and then lay down comfortably.

She was going to rest a bit and continued to eat later.

So satisfying~

Lu Yaoyao’s mind began to wander. Today she had finished most of her stockpiled snacks. Starting from tomorrow, she would continue asking more and saving more. After she saved a lot, she would eat them all at once again! How smart!

Lu Yaoyao touched her belly again. So many delicious snacks, it would be nice if she could share them with her friends too. What a pity! However, Lu Yaoyao kept her Father’s words faithfully. Although she didn’t understand why she couldn’t share her snacks with her friends, Lu Yaoyao knew that Father would not lie to her.

Lu Yaoyao picked up another fruit and continued to gnaw. Before long, she suddenly felt a little sleepy. Lu Yaoyao squinted her eyes. Her gnawing mouth also slowed down. Lu Yaoyao thought to herself: after she finished with this fruit, she would sleep a bit and continued to eat after waking up. However, she had only eaten halfway when she slowly fell asleep, still with a small piece of fruit in her mouth.

At this moment, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were on the other side of the mountains. Some demons noticed something abnormal in the chasm next to the Duanping Mountain Range and went to ask the two to go over and check the situation. Duanping Mountains Range got its name1 because it directly bordered to a deep rift. The rift was so deep that no one could see its end. It was as if a deity split the end of the mountains range, far traversing into a distance, which then formed a bottomless chasm.

Cangshan Mountain is located in the middle of the Duanping Mountain Range, with more than ten mountains sprawling around on its left and right. Compared with other mountains, Cangshan had relatively fewer residents. However, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were well-known throughout the Duanping area and also recognized as one of the strongest, so Duanping demons usually notified them every time a major event happened, including this time.

Lu Qingyu expressed his disinterest, but Yao Jiuxiao’s spiritual senses noticed a bit of abnormality from the chasm, so he decided to go and see the situation in person. Naturally, Yao Jiuxiao refused to leave Lu Qingyu alone with Lu Yaoyao at home, lest this guy decides to snatch the child again.

In the end, Lu Qingyu was forced to tag along with a cold face.


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  1. Duanping means ‘cut off.’

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  1. I still love the outside perception that they’re dating even though they aren’t. I hope for more comedy gold! Also, oh Lu YaoYao, that might have been a bad idea D:

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