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DDDV Ch 39 Part 2 – Lu Yaoyao’s First Stumble in Life (II)

The mountain closest to the chasm was not inhabited by demons. It was full of moss-covered jagged rocks, with some sparse grass growing here and there. The whole place looked very barren and lifeless. If not for a demon who accidentally noticed when passing by this place, the Duanping residents probably would still be ignorant about the abnormality in the chasm.

Duanping Mountain Range was an area with a sparse spiritual aura, but it wasn’t completely barren. However, the top of the mountain that bordered the chasm was completely devoid of any aura. Standing on the edge of the cliff overlooking the bottomless rift, strong winds blew up from the bottom, bringing along a decaying and gloomy smell.

Regarding this chasm, there were many versions of legends passed down from generation to generation of Duanping demons.

One legend said that it was a grave of a great demon from ancient times.

Another legend said an ancient devil god was sealed underneath the chasm, inside a barrier that had no entry or exit.

There was also a rumor that the chasm was a space-time crack connecting to a faraway place…

Both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao usually stayed in Cangshan. The barrier they set up to contain each other only reached the edge of the cliff, so they didn’t pay attention to the situation inside the chasm.

All their attention was on their daughter; how did they have extra care about unrelated matters?

Other demons didn’t dare to get too close. The wind blowing around the cliff was too strong. If they were careless, they would get swept away without warning into the chasm, leaving not even a corpse behind. Thus, they stood a distance away. The demons couldn’t see anything with their cultivation base and could only pin their hopes on the two stone demons.

Yao Jiuxiao saw at a glance the aura at the bottom of the chasm was a bit unstable. He sent his spiritual sense down in a circle, but found no particular abnormality. The rumors were actually not credible. The bottom of the chasm was full of bones and decaying carcass of dead beasts unlucky enough to fall into it. Of course, there was no barrier or seal below, only a barren land so dark because the sun couldn’t reach it. The only thing worth mentioning was that the space in this place was a bit unstable, which gave some credibility to the rumor about the existence of a time and space crack. However, this small crack was not enough to pose a threat. At least, it would take a few hundred years, even thousands, before it could form into something significant.

Yao Jiuxiao was planning to come again and seal the crack when he had free time, but before he could do anything, the small crack slowly got smaller and disappeared by itself.

“No problem.”

Duanping demons had very high trust in Yao Jiuxiao, so they had no doubt when they heard him say this. It was best that no problem was found. They had lived in Duanping Mountain Range for many years, but never heard about something happened in this chasm, which made them overly cautious.

Everyone quickly dispersed.

“I didn’t expect a space crack to appear in this deserted and remote place.” Lu Qingyu sighed. This kind of crack was not common in Yuanqi Continent. Where did it lead to?

Yao Jiuxiao said: “The crack is so small that it disappeared before fully formed. Not enough to be a threat.”

Cultivators in the Great Ascension stage could tear open a space crack by themselves, but it was not the same as the naturally-formed space cracks. No one could predict what lay in the depth of this kind of crack. If their luck was bad enough, even a Great Ascension cultivator could meet their demise there.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao returned to the wooden house. Sensing that Lu Yaoyao was already home, they opened the door silently.

The child came back so early today?

Lu Qingyu saw the little dumpling lying on the bed, sleeping soundly. He grinned and walked over, “What a pig.” She actually ran back home to sleep?

The next moment, Lu Qingyu saw several fruits and jade bottles scattered on the bed, and his expression changed drastically.

The girl’s face was flushed red. Lu Qingyu quickly held her wrist. A strand of devil aura penetrated in, only to get absorbed instantly. The overwhelming amount of devil and spiritual aura scoured around the child’s small body. If it weren’t for her extraordinary physique, this double aura would have exploded her body long ago.

Yao Jiuxiao also noticed the abnormality. His body flashed, and in an instant, he appeared again in front of his daughter’s bed. He stared deeply at the sleeping child. Without the need to explore it himself, he could see that the child’s cultivation base was quickly rising. Initially, she was only in the third realm of the Qi Condensation stage. But now, she had reached the sixth realm, and it was still rising rapidly.

He and Lu Qingyu had been suppressing Lu Yaoyao’s cultivation base. But at this moment, they could no longer control it. Like a flood breaking through the embankment, the child’s cultivation base grew rapidly with an unprecedented speed.

The two venerables’ eyes fell on the piles of fruits and pills on the bed.

So the fusion of spiritual and devil aura could actually break through their suppression? Yao Jiuxiao was made totally speechless. It was his first time coming into contact with a dao and devil dual physique, and he had very little knowledge about it.

Lu Qingyu’s eyes fell on Lu Yaoyao; his gaze was extremely bright. This matter had caught him off guard. As expected of a natural spiritual fetus. For his daughter, breaking through the realms of cultivation was as easy as drinking water.

The child’s body was under a heavy surge of spiritual and devil aura. Her body instinctively chose the most comfortable way to absorb the dual aura, which put her into a deep sleep. Not even Lu Qingyu or Yao Jiuxiao could guess how far her cultivation base would soar after she finished disgesting the aura. However, everything could wait until she woke up.

For now, Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze fell on the piles of fruits and jade bottles on the bed. Judging from the situation at the scene, the child’s condition was caused by consuming a lot of spiritual fruits and pills, which contained a heavy amount of devil aura and spiritual aura. But the question was, how come she possessed so many fruits and pills?

Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze turned to Lu Qingyu.

Lu Qingyu raised his eyebrows and sneered coldly: “Why are you looking at me? It has nothing to do with me. This Venerable didn’t give the kids these foods in private.”

Yao Jiuxiao frowned: “Then where did these things come from?”

Besides him and Lu Qingyu, who else would give it to Yaoyao? Since he didn’t do it, it was obviously Lu Qingyu’s doing.

“This Venerable only gives her one or two pieces occasionally.” Well, the frequency was indeed a bit too much. But who made the little girl’s tongue to be so sweet?

“You also gave her a lot.” Lu Qingyu turned his gaze around the bed and sneered again, “Don’t think that This Venerable doesn’t know. You use spiritual pills as candies to coax the kid.”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…” Looking at the pile of jade bottles, he suddenly couldn’t say anything.


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