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DDDV Ch 56 Part 1 – Go to the Devil Realm or the Cultivation Realm? (I)

The cubs ate with relish until their stomach bulged. After they were full, they began to walk home slowly with a strong smokey smell on their bodies. Lu Yaoyao patted her round belly, so bulging that she couldn’t see her feet, and walked slowly in small steps. Her fluffy playmates were also moving very sluggishly around her, and their bodies were even too heavy to jump.

It was getting dark, and the cubs walked home slowly while digesting their food. On the way, cubs who took different paths and whose homes were already close left the team one after another, and the cubs who still walked with Yaoyao were basically Cangshan cubs except for Yin Si.

Halfway through, they saw Xiaosi’s Dad. Lu Yaoyao and her friends waved their chubby paws energetically, “Xiaosi’s Dad!”

Yin Hui smiled and greeted the cubs gently, “Are you going home?”

“Yes, yes!”

Yin Si heard his father’s voice, which usually was very deep and imposing, suddenly became eerily gentle. The little silver wolf yelped a bit, shook his silver fur, and then straightforwardly said: “Dad, you speak like Mom, ah!”

“Stinky boy!” Yin Hui’s iron fist of fatherly love landed on Yin Si’s head. Seeing that the wolf cub was following his friends without going home, Yin Hui said: “Alright, we are going home now.”

“No!” Yin Si refused, “I want to send Yaoyao home first.”

Song Xiaoqi laughed happily, “We will send Yaoyao home, so hurry up and leave.”

Lu Yaoyao knew that Yin Si’s home was in a different direction from hers, separated by several mountains. Now that they just happened to meet Xiaosi’s Dad, the father and son could go home in harmony. So Lu Yaoyao waved her small hand and said: “Xiaosi, you go home. Let’s play again tomorrow!”

Yin Si let out a low whimper. He didn’t want to be separated from Yaoyao so quickly. The wolf head that was already almost as big as Lu Yaoyao’s body rubbed against Lu Yaoyao coquettishly: “I want to send you back.”

Yin Hui couldn’t stand his son’s demeanor. He mercilessly grabbed the wolf cub’s tail and said to Lu Yaoyao warmly, “We are going home now.”

Then Yin Hui dragged his son away.

Yin Si screamed and struggled, leaving a heavy trail on the ground. “Dad, let me go! I don’t want to go home…”

Lu Yaoyao waved her chubby paw with a smile, “See you tomorrow!”

After watching the father and son pair leave, Lu Yaoyao and the rest of the cubs continued to stroll back to Cangshan. Whenever they met their neighbors on the way, they would stop for a while and exchange some small talks.

When Lu Yaoyao returned to her family’s wooden house, the sky was already completely dark. She hopped and rushed in, “Father! Daddy! I’m back!”

The moment Lu Yaoyao ran into the barrier, the two Venerables who were still fighting hard separated instantly; one returned to his recliner, and the other stood far away under the eaves. When Lu Yaoyao came in, what she saw was a beautiful scene of harmony and friendship.

After Yin Hui reported about the situation outside, he soon left. Both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao thought it was time to take Lu Yaoyao to the outside world. Although the child was still young, her personality had been shaped by their careful teaching, and both her nature and worldview had been shaped over the years. She was already capable of making her own thoughts and judgment.

In fact, both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao felt that staying in such a simple environment for a long time was not conducive to Lu Yaoyao’s long-term growth. Lu Qingyu knew that devil cubs were born with a fierce instinct to snatch prey and secure their living environment. At several years old, they were already very cunning and full of schemes. In contrast, his daughter’s mind was still as simple as a blank paper. Especially after playing with those naive cubs for so long, her mentality seemed to be stuck at two or three years old. Lu Qingyu had never seen such a naive and gullible devil race. If they were in the Devil Realm, the child would have been so thoroughly deceived and preyed upon until nothing was left.

Yao Jiuxiao had a different opinion. The human race reached adulthood at the age of eighteen, so a carefree childhood was very valuable. However, as a cultivator, his daughter should also depart on journeys to hone her skill and sharpen her mentality. Yaoyao had a high talent, and her cultivation could advance quickly with little effort, which was why it was extremely important for her mentality to keep up with her quick growth. Staying in a safe haven forever was not conducive to her growth.

The two Venerables agreed on this one thing, but they immediately fell into another argument about the place the child should go: Devil Realm or Cultivation Realm?

Lu Qingyu naturally insisted his daughter follow him back. After letting her experience some blood and devil race’s nature, she would become the Devil Realm’s happy little princess.

Yao Jiuxiao disagreed.

Neither of the two Venerables was willing to compromise, so they finally got angry and fought directly.

This fight continued until Lu Yaoyao returned home after dark.

Lu Qingyu stood up and neatened his slightly wrinkled placket. Lu Yaoyao first ran to Lu Qingyu according to the principle of proximity and quickly hugged his thigh before looking up with her big eyes, “Daddy, I miss you so much!”

The moment his daughter ran onto him with a strong aroma of smoke and roasted meat, Lu Qingyu frowned. He picked up the child with disgust: “So stinky!”

Lu Yaoyao kicked her short legs around, “I’m fragrant!” Stinky Daddy. It’s an obviously delicious and fragrant aroma, but Daddy always says the opposite!

Lu Qingyu stretched out his hand and kept the child away from him, “Stinky.”

Lu Yaoyao was very annoyed. Daddy was very hateful. How could he say ‘stinky’ to a cute little girl? She decided to shortchange him of the food she brought home!

Lu Qingyu suddenly grabbed Lu Yaoyao by the collar before throwing her at Yao Jiuxiao disgustedly: “Bathe your daughter.”

Lu Qingyu then returned to his recliner.

Yao Jiuxiao caught Lu Yaoyao. His expression remained unchanged as he carried his daughter to a small room on the side of the house. Over the years, the small wooden house had been expanded with various additions, including a large playroom Lu Yaoyao used to put her toys and another smaller room for a bath.

Lu Yaoyao already had a sense of shame. She didn’t need anyone to accompany her when bathing and dressing. Since years ago, she took a bath alone and was no longer willing to bathe in the open air.

As soon as they entered the house, Lu Yaoyao immediately kissed Yao Jiuxiao twice before saying mysteriously, “Father, I have something for you later!”

Lu Yaoyao’s large eyes shone in satisfaction. She hugged Daddy first today, and now she kissed Father twice. No one would feel that she was partial to the other!


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