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DDDV Ch 64 Part 2 – “I’m fine. Don’t worry.” (II)

Lu Yaoyao finally picked up the fruit and put it in her small pouch. Her eyes then wandered a few times, seemingly in hesitation. When she picked up the fruit, her plan was to grow it here. Now that her plan was failed, she couldn’t care less. Lu Yaoyao glanced at the dark cave on the right. Her black eyes then turned at the black qilin again.

Seeing the cub had properly stored the soul fruit away, the black qilin no longer paid attention to her and walked back to his cave.

“Chi!” Lu Yaoyao hopped and quickly followed behind. When the black qilin turned his head, the pair of cute little eyes blinked back innocently.

The black qilin turned away expressionlessly and continued walking into the cave.

Lu Yaoyao chirped happily and followed the black qilin into the cave. Her eyes were busy looking around, but the cave was pitch black without sufficient light sources. Fortunately, Lu Yaoyao had good eyesight and was not hindered by the darkness. She and the black qilin walked until they reached the end of the cave. Here, the space was wider, but it was still as dark as before. Most importantly, it was too bare here. There was not even a bed, let alone anything else.

“Chi!” Big brother’s life is too rough. Not as warm and comfortable as the nest where she lived these past few days!

The black qilin chose a place at random to lay down his body, then began to rest with his eyes closed.

Seeing this, Lu Yaoyao fell into contemplation. After a moment, she slowly moved her little paws closer while paying attention to Big Brother Black’s reaction.

When their distance was only one meter left, the black qilin opened his eyes, staring coldly with his blood-red eyes.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly stopped moving.

Alright, she will rest here!

Lu Yaoyao took out a piece of cloth and spread it on the ground, then lay down and closed her eyes. The nightmare woke her up in the middle of the night, and her sleep was still far from enough. Now that the surrounding was quiet, sleepiness surged up, and she soon fell asleep.

The black qilin opened his eyes and looked expressionlessly at the little dumpling. After a while, he slowly closed his eyes again.

Not long after, the black qilin suddenly opened his eyes. When he turned his head aside, the little dumpling already rolled herself right beside his abdomen. The black qilin tried to poke her away with his paw, but the cub chirped coquettishly with her eyes closed before quickly rolling back again.

The black qilin tried three or five times, but failed to push the cub away. In the end, he gave up and closed his eyes coldly.

Whatever, it’s normal for cubs to stick to older demons.

Lu Yaoyao slept well for the rest of the night without being haunted by another nightmare. It was as if she had returned to her home at Cangshan, full of a sense of security with her Father and Daddy. When she finally woke up, Lu Yaoyao was surrounded by warm, comfortable breath.

The little furball blinked, and her tiny eyes moved left and right. The big paws in front, the warm body in the back…Big Brother Black refused to let her get close, but his body was very honest! Lu Yaoyao squinted her eyes proudly. Of course! She was this soft and cute, so much that even she wanted to cuddle herself, so how could Big Brother Black dislike her!

Cautiously and carefully, Lu Yaoyao crawled towards the front side of the black qilin’s head. At this moment, he was still resting with his head laying on his forelegs and his eyes closed. Lu Yaoyao suddenly remembered what those bad demons said. She only heard a few vague words, but they should be referring to Big Brother, right?

Couldn’t Big Brother speak? Lu Yaoyao suddenly felt sympathetic. They were both so pitiful!

Lu Yaoyao thought of the fruit she took back yesterday and recalled Big Brother Black’s reaction when he saw this fruit for the first time. Although she didn’t know what effect this fruit had, it must be very useful to Big Brother. Looking back now, he must be shocked, right? After all, he even stood in front of the fruit for a long time…

Lu Yaoyao quietly tiptoed over. Stepping on the black qilin’s front paws, she reached out her small paws in an attempt to lift his upper lip.

With such a big movement, how could the black qilin not wake up? He ignored the cub first, but now she began to step on his head.

Were all cubs this bold and curious? The black qilin opened his blood-red eyes and stared coldly at the naughty little dumpling.

Lu Yaoyao chirped, not feeling scared at all. She took out the fruit from her pouch and forced it into the black qilin’s mouth.

Big Brother, eat!

The black qilin whose mouth was suddenly stuffed with the soul fruit: “…”

Lu Yaoyao jumped up and down a few times. Her tiny bead-like eyes were shining, looking very happy. She thought that she had successfully fed soul fruit to the black qilin, but in fact, as long as he opened his mouth, the fruit would immediately fall.

Of course the black qilin understood what the cub was doing. However, he didn’t expect that she still gave him the soul fruit even after knowing its value…

The black qilin stared at Lu Yaoyao for a while. Then, closing his eyes, he raised his head slightly and swallowed the fruit in his mouth.

He accepted her kindness.

As long as he was alive, he would protect her well until she grew up and never let her fall into danger.

He probably would spend the rest of his life trapped here, forever alone.

But it was good to raise this cub by his side, to accompany each other.

The effect of the soul fruit was immediate. As soon as it entered the black qilin’s body, the fruit began to mend his broken body and solidify his soul. The severe pain spread all over his body, but the black qilin gritted his teeth and didn’t let out any sound of pain. However, his expression contorted because of the pain, and he couldn’t help writhing in pain.

Lu Yaoyao was still happy at first, but when she saw Big Brother’s situation, she was instantly stunned. What’s going on here? Did she do something bad? Was this fruit poisonous?

“Chi!!!” Lu Yaoyao spun around anxiously, chirping from time to time. What can she do? Can she help?

Sweating anxiously, Lu Yaoyao rummaged through the things in her pouch.

Big Brother Black, please be okay!

The black qilin’s pain lasted for quite a while. In the end, he couldn’t help rolling over to his back and letting out a few low-pitched painful growls.


Lu Yaoyao pulled out the ointment she usually used when she was injured. Could this be helpful? She wanted to put the ointment on Big Brother Black, but she couldn’t even approach him now.

After a seemingly very long time, the black qilin stopped thrashing around. He lay on the ground unmoved, covered in sweat.

“Chi, chi!!!” Lu Yaoyao rushed over in a panic. Big Brother Black, don’t die!

The black qilin opened his eyes and looked at the little dumpling, then opened his mouth to speak—

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

The voice that suddenly came out was cold and mesmerizing. Because of the painful recovery he had just experienced, his voice sounded very tired and hoarse. The soul fruit was normally processed beforehand by an alchemist before being consumed, but the black qilin swallowed it raw. The raw effect of the soul fruit was very overbearing, similar to the pain he experienced when his body underwent a life-changing transformation.

It’s good that he is okay. It’s good that he is okay.

Lu Yaoyao was still a bit scared. She was truly frightened just now!!


Who was talking just now?

Lu Yaoyao looked around vigilantly.

At this time, the voice spoke again: “You have helped me so much…”

Lu Yaoyao: “!!!” Big Brother Black can speak!


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