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THDP Ch 102 Part 2 – War Maiden (II)

When Yun Qingyan’s eyes fell on the dark red patterns, his gaze turned slightly cold. The corners of his lips curled up as his mind turned — it seems that their courage was not small.

It was at this moment that Meng Qi opened her eyes again.

“How bad is it?” Yun Qingyan asked.

“Her spiritual sea was torn apart.” Meng Qi said, “I have never seen a spiritual sea shattered so thoroughly.” Compared with this woman, the cracks in Ji Wujiong’s spiritual sea were simply not worth mentioning. Her spiritual sea was completely shattered, and her aura was completely gone. If it weren’t for the dim inner core Meng Qi had seen between the fragments of the spiritual sea, she would have thought that this person was not a cultivator.

What kind of terrifying force could shatter a spiritual sea into such a state? Meng Qi retracted her hand and stood up. Generally speaking, when a spiritual sea was damaged, the innerd golden core would also be affected. Despite having her spiritual sea destroyed to such an extent, however, not only was this woman survive, but her inner core was also still intact.

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi turned at Yun Qingyan, “How high is her cultivation base?” Meng Qi had very little contact with devil cultivators and knew very little about the Devil Realm. She only knew that they were a brutal and bloodthirsty race, but each of them was extremely powerful. On top of that, the knowledge of arrays was still alive in the Devil Realm, just like in the Demon Realm, and it was also said that the strongest refinery cultivators were also from the Devil Realm.

“Fifth rank… equivalent to human race’s Spirit Severing stage. She is almost reaching the peak of the fifth rank.” Yun Qingyan glanced lightly and said.

“Her spiritual sea is broken, but the inner core is still intact. However, without the aura nourishment from the spiritual sea, the core looks dim and lifeless.” Meng Qi murmured, half-talking to herself. “I wonder what kind of power can destroy the spiritual sea of a cultivator almost on the peak of the Spirit Severing stage?”

“Five primal aura.” The corners of Yun Qingyan’s lips curled slightly, “This thing can repair the cracks in the spiritual sea, but the five primal aura in the Starfallen Sea is also strong enough to make a spiritual sea fall apart. After all, too much is too potent, and ordinary cultivators cannot bear the effect.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. This explanation was easy to understand. Water could carry a boat but could also capsize it. The same was true for some medicines. Once the proper dosage was exceeded, the medicine that was supposed to heal people would become a highly toxic drug. In some way, some seemingly poisonous drugs, when used in the right amount, could also cure diseases and save lives.

Meng Qi once again looked at the unconscious woman on the ground, “She looks very young. I wonder if she has ever been to Three Thousand Worlds.” She murmured.

The corners of Yun Qingyan’s lips raised slightly again. Instead of answering, he simply stared at Meng Qi quietly. The blue-robed girl stood with her hands down. Despite all she said, the words ‘I want to save her! I want to try to heal her!’ clearly written on her face, and even the fingers hanging by her side also bent slightly from time to time.

Meng Qi pursed her lips again and murmured, “She looks very young, and her cultivation base is on the par of the Spirit Severing stage. Despite being a devil cultivator, she should have never been to Three Thousand Worlds, right? After all, it should be difficult for someone of her cultivation base to break through the realm’s boundary, at least not without the help of some extremely strong power.”

Yun Qingyan: “…”

“A-and…the Devil Realm seems to haven’t invaded the Three Thousand Worlds on a large scale these last few hundred years. Even if they did launch smaller attacks, those who came were mostly devil cultivators or devil beasts under the fourth rank, only to have themselves wiped out soon after crossing the boundary.”

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi said, turning her head to look at Yun Qingyan, “Am I correct?”

“How Devil Realm works is somewhat different from the Three Thousand Worlds.” Yun Qingyan looked amused. He found that he was surprisingly fond of watching Meng Qi’s eagerness when she was in a dilemma of whether to save someone or not.

“Yes, yes.” Finally getting Yun Qingyan’s response, Meng Qi nodded enthusiastically.

“To be acknowledged there, a cultivator not only needs to improve their cultivation base, but also have to obtain military merits.” Yun Qingyan added: “The Devil Realm is actually fragmented and has never been unified under a single power. Under the Great Celestial Devil, the thirty-three celestial devils are divided into five powers, and they have always been at odds with each other. There are constant civil wars, and from time of time, some of them will invade the Three Thousand Worlds and even the Demon Realm.”

Yun Qingyan paused. Seeing Meng Qi’s slightly pale face, a trace of amusement and distress flashed in his heart — was it so hard? When Meng Qi encountered people in need of medical treatment, especially those inflicted with strange injuries or ailment, but she was unable to lend a hand… was Meng Qi always feel so uncomfortable?

Barely hiding the trace of laughter in his voice, Yun Qingyan continued: “The five major forces divide the Devil Realm, and the strongest power who lead each force is called the Great Devil Seat.”

Meng Qi nodded again and again. Her eyes were full of anticipation, and she looked very well-behaved,

Yun Qingyan almost couldn’t help but pat Meng Qi’s soft hair, but he held back in time and coughed lightly. Although the girl’s hair was not as soft as his own fur, it looked very soft and nice to the touch. Maybe it even had the same sensation as her body, with a slightly bitter, astringent, yet refreshing medicinal fragrance.


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