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DDDV Ch 67 Part 1 – The Mixed-Race Settlement (I)

The devil rat was born in the Abyss as a mixed race of devil and demon, and he was thrown into the wild as soon as he was born. Most of the cubs abandoned upon birth could not escape the fate of becoming the food of other beings, but the devil rat was lucky enough to survive and grew into adulthood.

The Abyss was a place ruled by strength and violence. For weaker beings, being hunted and eaten was an everyday occurrence. Powerful creatures such as Shen Changyuan could enjoy a large territory on their own, but this privilege also came with a greater risk, such as dying under the claws of other territory lords.

However, the weak had their own way of surviving, and some creatures banded together to guard a place to live. The devil rat also lived in that kind of settlement. Most of his companions were weaker beings with little self-protection ability, but they were also small in size and very agile. Using these traits as advantages, they became the most well-known information gatherers in the Abyss.

It was their mean of survival. The Abyss was huge and further divided into many territories and forces. The devil rat and his companion risked their lives to venture to the various territories, gathering information and selling it to others. The devil rat was good at digging and running. Coupled with his ability to reduce his sense of existence, he was very skillful at moving quickly in stealth.

However, his proud ability was useless in the face of the infamous Tyrant. In order to avoid this god of plague, he especially moved the entrance of his nest to a faraway hidden place. It was hundreds of miles away from his original site; why was he still captured?

The devil rat didn’t want to encounter this terrifying beast ever again, because he was the one who gave him the information about all the Abyss creatures who had treasures. Since that encounter, every time he heard the news about which den had been broken up by the Tyrant and which lord he had fought, the rat’s timid heart twitched in fear. If the surviving beasts knew that he was the one who leaked the information, he would definitely…

Therefore, the demon rat desperately tried to avoid the Tyrant, but he was still caught again. On top of that, the reason he was caught this time was because the cub raised by the Tyrant wanted to hear stories? This shocked the demon rat so much. It took his brain a long time to digest the situation and confirm that he was not hallucinating.

With suspicion and doubt, the devil rat took Shen Changyuan and Lu Yaoyao back to his settlement. Most of his companions were nocturnal like him, so there were not many people in the settlement at this time. When the residents saw that the devil rat was bringing a very dangerous beast back, they were very vigilant and did not dare to approach.

It was Lu Yaoyao’s first time seeing so many creatures since she fell into the Abyss. Her eyes fell on a little boy with black lines on his face; his blood-red eyes were full of alertness and coldness. Lu Yaoyao gave the boy a friendly smile, but he became even more vigilant as a result.

Lu Yaoyao found that most of the residents were thin and small, but also very agile. This place didn’t have any smell that made her feel very disgusted either. Lu Yaoyao understood — they must be the mixed-race Shen Changyuan told her before. Among them, she saw human and demon mix, demon and devil mix, human and devil mix…

Only later did Lu Yaoyao know that red eyes were a characteristic of fallen devils. All devils in the Devil Realm had a pair of blood-red eyes, whether they were naturally born with or acquired later. The only difference was that devils with a strong enough cultivation base had the ability to conceal their eye color.

The residents of the settlement had natural awe and fear towards Shen Changyuan. After being betrayed by his family, Shen Changyuan fell into a devil, hence his blood-red eyes. This kind of devilization made it easy for him to lose his mind once he started to kill. He had also undergone a total transformation of his body and turned into a divine beast. Although his bloodline was not pure, divine beasts naturally ranked higher than any other beasts, hence the strong coerciveness emitted from his body.

Lu Yaoyao walked around the settlement with Shen Changyuan. The place was very simple. From the outside, it couldn’t be seen that this was a settlement. The homes were all dug underground, going in all directions. In case of danger, the residents could use the terrain to escape quickly.

The rat looked at Lu Yaoyao cautiously: “What story do you want to hear?”

Lu Yaoyao jumped down from Shen Changyuan’s head and sat on one of the nearby stone benches in a serious manner. The little dumpling raised her head and looked up at the devil rat; her bright eyes twinkled with curiosity, “Do you know any interesting legends in the Abyss?” She tilted her head, “Or rumors about strange places.”

The devil rat thought for a while, “At the eastern end of the Abyss, there is an area that no beast can approach. Anyone who passes by will take a detour…”

Lu Yaoyao asked curiously, “Have you ever been to so many places? Have you ever seen the end of the Abyss?”

The devil rat shook his head, “It is rumored that the end of the Abyss is the territory of the Serpent Lord, so we have never been there. Therefore, I cannot confirm whether this rumor is true or not.”

The Serpent Lord? Was this the one Brother Yuanyuan said he couldn’t defeat? Lu Yaoyao blinked, “What do you know about the Serpent Lord?”

“I don’t know much about him. He has not appeared for two hundred years, and no one dares to approach his territory.” The devil rat was not yet two hundred, and his knowledge about the Serpent Lord came from various rumors he heard.

The Devil Rat told Lu Yaoyao everything he knew. Before they knew it, it was already late night, and Lu Yaoyao had already dozed off. She wanted to continue listening, but couldn’t keep her heavy eyes open.

Shen Changyuan put the sleeping cub back on the top of his head and left.

The devil rat wiped his sweat and sighed in relief. They finally left!

Not long after, other residents of the settlement who had been vigilantly keeping a certain distance from Shen Changyuan came back and surrounded the rat.


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