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MSRV Ch 47 Part 2 – Playing Swing (II)

Fu Yunruo noticed Yuan Xin’s gaze, “Brother Yuan, what are you looking at?”

Yuan Xin pointed to the vegetable patch: “They did so much damage here. Why do you let them off?”

Fu Yunruo snorted softly, “It’s okay.” As long as they didn’t harm the orchids, they could do as they liked.

Si Yue eagerly wanted to help with watering, fertilizing, and tending to the flowers, and it was hard for Fu Yunruo to refuse him each time. Fu Yunruo actually had taught Wenwen how to water properly, but the child tended to be stubborn with his own logic. In his mind, since people needed to drink a lot of water when they were thirsty, the same must also be true for the vegetables. With the sun so hot, of course they would be thirsty, right?

In the end, Fu Yunruo relented. There were few places for children to play in the flower garden, so it was okay if Wenwen wanted to play with water. Besides, the little guy was always very sensible. Fu Yunruo couldn’t bear to be too harsh on him, so she turned a blind eye.

At first, Fu Yunruo thought that Si Yue would stop Wenwen from doing too much, but she didn’t expect the man to indulge the boy so much and even played along with him.

Yuan Xin: “…” Behind every bratty kid, there are spoiling parents — this saying was not wrong.

Si Yue went out for most of the day and didn’t come back until evening. After Si Yue returned, Yuan Xin left without staying for dinner.

Fu Yunruo didn’t ask Si Yue what he did today, but he took the initiative to ask, “When are you going back to the village?”

Wenwen also looked eagerly at his mother.

Fu Yunruo hesitated for a while. She preferred to stay longer in the flower garden, but both Wenwen and Si Yue were eager to go back… were they bored? After all, they had nothing to do here.

“What about tomorrow?” Fu Yunruo originally wanted to say two days later, but when the words reached her lips, she changed her mind and said tomorrow.

Wenwen clapped his hands happily, “Great!” He actually missed his little friend a little bit.

Seeing Wenwen so happy, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but smile. Well, it’s okay. The summer days were longer. She could wake up earlier and commute to the flower garden every day, which only takes ten to twenty minutes to drive each way.

Fu Yunruo glanced at Si Yue. Sleeping in a tent must not be as comfortable as sleeping in a room, so returning to the village would be better for him too.

The next day, Fu Yunruo returned to the village with two guys in tow.

Si Yue had learned to drive electric scooters at some point, so Yuan Xin sent one from the town.

The two adults drove their electric scooter back to the village.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but take a few more glances. With Si Yue driving the electric scooter, what originally was a normal everyday scene instantly had a visual effect that made it 100 times cooler.

The scooters stopped in front of the house.

Wenwen immediately jumped down and ran off. Fu Yunruo went to open the gate and pushed the scooter in.

Wenwen, who impatiently pushed the gate open and ran in first, suddenly exclaimed.

Fu Yunruo hurriedly chased after her son, “What’s wrong?” As soon as she entered the courtyard, she saw something unfamiliar under the tree.

“This is……”

“It’s a swing!” Wenwen had run to the swing and looked at it eagerly. The boy then turned around and shouted at Fu Yunruo, “Mom, it’s a swing!”

Si Yue came in and asked the mother and son, “Do you like it?”

Fu Yunruo turned around and said in surprise, “You did it?”

Si Yue smiled slightly, nodded, and said, “I made it myself.”

After discovering that Wenwen liked playing swing, Si Yue instructed his subordinates to send the materials needed to make a swing and then spent almost a day building it himself, just to give the mother and son a surprise. However, because the tree was not too big, the size of the swing was relatively small too.

Fu Yunruo didn’t expect Si Yue to be so thoughtful. She was surprised, but also happy. She thanked him, “Thank you!”

“Wenwen likes it very much.” Fu Yunruo looked at her son’s joy with loving eyes.

“How about you?” Si Yue asked.

“Me?” Fu Yunruo was stunned, then smiled, “I like it too.”

Si Yue smiled, “I’m glad you like it.”

Wenwen had already run to the swing and tiptoed on the swing board, trying to get up. Because of Wenwen’s pulling, the swing swayed slightly. The boy threw his chubby body on the top of the swing board, flapping his two short legs a few times in an effort to take off the ground. The swing board was too high for Wenwen. After trying to climb for a long time, he still couldn’t get on.

Fu Yunruo and Si Yue parked their scooter and walked toward the child.

Si Yue was faster with his long legs. He picked Wenwen up from the ground and put him on the swing board.

Wenwen finally managed to get on, but now he was struggling to grasp the thick ropes on both sides. The length of the swing board was a bit long for Wenwen, and he could barely touch both ropes even after straightening his two hands.

Fu Yunruo stood not far away, watching their interaction with a smile when she noticed a thick layer of soft sand under the swing.

Si Yue was indeed very thoughtful. He even considered the situation when the child might fall off the swing and made preparation for it. With this layer of sand as a buffer, the swing became safer to play.

“Ruoruo, come here.” Si Yue waved his hand.

“Me?” Fu Yunruo came over with confusion.

Si Yue smiled, “Sit.”


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