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GNU Ch.18 Part 1 – Guests (I)

In the third month, old Madam Cheng’s yard was full of people as usual. Qingfu was sitting at the small tea table, holding Cheng Enbao. Cheng Enbao was a four-year-old boy, but he was still being hugged all day long, too lazy to walk.

Ruan-shi was not as calm as Qingfu. She stood beside old Madam Cheng, constantly squeezing her handkerchief, and seemed to be a little uneasy. After a while, a servant boy finally ran in and kowtowed from beyond the threshold: “This small one pays respect to the old madam! To madams, to young master, to young miss.”

Ruan-shi eyes lighted up suddenly. Even Qingfu also raised her head. Old Madam Cheng was the oldest and had the best disposition. Seemingly unstirred, she asked: “Does the ninth master’s official notification come down? What did the announcing people say?”

“Great joy. The ninth master was granted the office at the Ministry of Public Work, as the Director of the Bureau of Forestry and Hunting.”1

The womenfolk exclaimed, “Ah.” But the thing Ruan-shi most concerned about wasn’t this, since she didn’t understand the long names of official positions. The only thing she knew was: “What rank is he?”

“Standard fifth rank.” 2

“Standard fifth rank.” Ruan-shi murmured, her mood was a bit complicated. On the one hand, she was happy seeing Cheng Yuanjing appointed only the standard fifth rank. He got an official’s position, but his rank lowered. But on the other hand, she was a bit worried about the Cheng family. After all, Cheng Yuanjing was the man with the highest official position in the manor and also the one with the best future prospect. If he couldn’t climb up, then Yichun marquis manor would only decline more and more.

No one else in the room had spoken, but undoubtedly, Ruan-shi’s muttering had conveyed everyone’s thought. Cheng Min persuaded old Madam Cheng to spend some money on Cheng Yuanjing’s career. Both the old Madam and her eldest son was reluctant, but knew that Cheng Min was right. Old Madam Cheng planned to use this matter as a handle, to let this shu son knew his position: even after becoming an official, he couldn’t get rid of his legal mother’s control. As a result, old Madam Cheng still didn’t have a chance to put on the air, but Cheng Yuanjing’s official order had been issued.

Standard fifth rank, moreover it was only the Ministry of Public Work. This official position made Old Madam Cheng a little disappointed, but also secretly joyful. This position couldn’t be said to be not high, but just as everyone imagined, it was far away from the orthodox path of entering the cabinet via the Hanlin Academy.

The road towards officialdom was very orderly. The really smooth career path was to become a jinshi, entered Hanlin, then endured a few years of hardship. After that, being sent outside the capital to become a prefectural magistrate. After two appointments, transferred back to the capital to enter the six ministries. Those who could enter the Ministry of Revenue and Ministry of Personnel were the default future cabinet members. After another seven or eight years in the six ministries, steadily getting promoted into assistant minister before finally, a head minister. If there were no major mistakes during the tenure, he could enter the cabinet and become a cabinet minister.

This was the most ideal career path for aspiring scholars in the country. If one couldn’t even get the erjia3, they might as well not participate in the exam, since their career in the second half of life was destined to be mediocre at best. If the first assignment after getting the jinshi wasn’t good and they didn’t enter the Hanlin, their future promotion would also be limited.

Cheng Yuanjing was directly sent to an outside post right after passing the palace test. He was indeed starting high and walking low. No wonder Chang duke manor felt that the Cheng family couldn’t manage their affair properly and delayed the future of their own descendants. Now it wasn’t easy for Cheng Yuanjing to be transferred back to the capital, everyone was waiting for him to be admitted to such a prestigious place like the Official Historian. As a result, he went to the Ministry of Public Work.

The six ministries had their own hierarchy. Ministry of Personnel was the first, continued by Ministry of Revenue, then Ministry of War… and at last, Ministry of Public Work.

Old Madam Cheng didn’t understand what ‘Director of the Bureau of Forestry and Hunting’ was. She only knew that Cheng Yuanjing had entered the Ministry of Public Work with the lowest standing and largest amount of work. According to her many years of life experience, after failing to enter the Hanlin and joining the Ministry of Public Work instead, Cheng Yuanjing’s future promotion very likely had been cut off.

Old Madam Cheng’s mind unconsciously calmed down. She secretly mused: what was a young fourth rank official, what was a jinshi. All of those sounded grand, but at the end, wasn’t he merely a mediocre? Qingfu obviously thought the same thing. In her heart, she was secretly scorning, but didn’t show it on the surface, and instead said with a smile: “It is a good thing for the ninth master to be granted an official position. How many people are idle in the capital for two or three years before finally getting a post? Come, give a reward.”

The servant boy received his reward and went out with joy. Seeing the expressions of Qingfu and the others, Cheng Yujin shook her head secretly. In order to accurately find potential stocks, Cheng Yujin purposely studied the official positions of the court. Her knowledge was more extensive than this womenfolks, and she understood the knack of officialdom.

For example, this time, although the bureau director’s standard fifth rank was lower than that ofCheng Yuanjing’s original fourth rank, officials in the provinces couldn’t be compared to the officials in the capital. Even if someone may hold a standard second rank official in the provinces, in terms of power and authority, they were still less than a fourth rank official with a real post in capital.

Therefore, Cheng Yuanjing transferred back to the capital and successfully received the official post, it was an upright promotion, even with the lower rank that entrailed. He even entered the six ministries. Although the Ministry of Public Work might be less prestigious, the Bureau of Forestry and Hunting managed the manufacturing process of the government shops in various regions, military spending, military supplies, arms manufacturing, and accounting in provinces, even smelting and casting money. The Director of such a bureau had real power, and still a vital one.

Although small and inconspicious, it was extremely important.

Cheng Yujin did not feel that Cheng Yuanjing’s career path had been broken, but since old Madam Cheng and Qingfu were willing to think so, she didn’t need to destroy their thoughts. Cheng Yujin smiled and did not comment.

However, it was still a happy event to be granted an official post. No one in Cheng family has entered the six ministries before. Cheng Yuanjing’s achievement still far exceeded the average level of the other men in this family. Old Madam Cheng pretended to be regretful with her two daughters-in-law in law for a while, and then said: “It is common for officials to rise and fall. Tell the ninth master not to worry, don’t let one failure to destroy him. After all, I’m his di mother. No matter what, I’ll always do my duty as a mother. So, get one hundred silver taels from the public account to subsidy the ninth master and hold a celebratory promotion banquet. As for who to invite and how to do it, let him decide.”

One hundred silver taels, Ruan-shi secretly stunned. Her monthly allowance was only thirty silver taels. She wasn’t like Qingfu, who had a massive dowry as a source of income. She needed to be careful and meticulous simply to maintain a decent appearance. But now, with just one wave of her hand, the old Madam gave Cheng Yuanjing one hundred taels.

There was a vast difference between those who held an official post with those who didn’t.


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I have to thanks whoever put the searchable pdf of the dictionary of imperial china’s official job on the internet. I literally only have to paste the raw term in the search bar, add ‘english’, click enter, and voila! The result is on the second or third rank. If only architecture and fashion items can also be searched this easy…..

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  1. Six Ministries and Twenty-Four Bureaus: Important central government agencies in imperial China. A head minister (尚书, Shangsu) led each ministry. These were, in hierarchical order, the Ministry of Personnel, the Ministry of Revenue, the Ministry of Rites, the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Public Works. Beneath each Ministry were many Bureaus (司; sī), bodies responsible for grassroots administration.
  2. Nine Rank System: Official ranks in imperial China divided into nine ranks, nine as the bottom. Some rank further divided into zheng(正; standard), cong (從; deputy), shang (上; upper) and xia (下; lower) grades.
  3. Erjia : 2nd rank of candidates who passed the imperial examination (i.e., 4th place and up)

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  1. CYJ heals my heart!! She’s smart but not OP although she goes with the current, she uses it to her advantage.

    Many thanks for the chapter!!

  2. Naturally, the crown prince should learn the economics and logistics of running a country, so it’s a good post for Cheng Yuanjing. Besides, he won’t be in the limelight (not yet, that is).
    Thank you for the translation! <3

    1. Am i the only one who thinks that perhaps the Emperor was able to scratch a little bit of influence under the nose of the Yangs to help him get the post?. After all, being involved with the minting of money, accounting in the provinces and involvement in the logistics of the military… that’s a lot of potential hidden power though.

      Being able to grasp the hidden lever of the army would be valuable by itself as no army can operate without money, weapons and supplies.

      1. To be honest I’ve been wondering if he’s actually been doing his job as an official properly.

        Because of his whole “no one (before MC) has ever talked to me that way,” “no one (except MC) ever treats me like I’m not their boss,” “no one (except MC) would ever expect me to do [this or that polite thing a subordinate would do],” etc. persona. Seems like if he was actually a good fourth-fifth rank official he’d be familiar with all those things.

        1. No, you have to consider his previous post. Here it’s mentioned he’s a Fourth Rank official in the province and moved to the capital as Fifth Rank.

          It may not seem like a high rank in the capital but I’m sure that a Fourth Rank in the province is a position high enough for him to not suffer disdain and for him to look down on people. Especially at that time that people have respect for officials.

          So basically, he’s a boss in his previous post.

  3. *cough*
    These Madams are quite naive in their own ways xD
    Don’t they know that being in the Department of Public Works is the *cough* most profitable department at the current age.

    Like imagine, you could *cough* increase prices of materials, labors, and set budget.

    Ask those politicians what they like to do the most, that would probably build more project for the good of the people.

      1. Nah, there’s a Ministry of Revenue that handles more of the economics stuff. Public Works is more like building roads and buildings and stuff.

    1. I don’t know, I think of the six ministries there are a few top contenders for most profitable.

      Ministry of War and Justice could both be pretty profitable but they seem more dangerous than the others (and ministry of War is more seasonal) so I’ll rule them out, but the remaining 4 (ministry of public works, the ministry of revenue, the ministry of rites, and the ministry of personnel) all seem pretty lucrative. Ministry of public works is probably the easiest to embezzle from since the stuff you do is less visible to the emperor but the Ministry of Personnel handles all of the ministry appointments and the Ministry of Rites handles the Imperial Exam and foreign tributes so officials who work in those ministries probably get a ton of bribes. Ministry of revenue is also probably crazy in terms of corruption.

    1. i want to squish

      He was a rank 4 when he was situated in a different province outside the capital. Now that he’s situated in the capital, they revised it and gave him another suitable position which is the rank 5 position. And him getting a lower rank isn’t a demotion since work in a place like the capital vs an outside regional area is different with different standards and tasks etc. The capital is more demanding and prestigious with more opportunities and importance. In a way, it’s like getting to be manager at the local McDonald’s then transferring and landing a job as an assistant manager at a fine dining restaurant located in the cbd. But the other Cheng family members don’t understand this shift in position and are gloating at ML’s lowered rank.

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