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GNU Ch.27 Part 1 – Dowry (I)

For a moment, Cheng Yujin felt sad for Cheng Yuanjing. In a sense, the two of them were similar.

But in an instant, she regained her clarity. No matter how pitiful Cheng Yuanjing, he was still the crown prince, while she was just a young miss with a precarious situation. What right did she have to sympathize with the crown prince? If she had that leeway, just put on more effort to plan her next path.

Cheng Yuanxian kept prattling about Old Master Cheng’s partiality. Cheng Yujin didn’t comment, but Qingfu Junzhu frowned and glanced around. The servants lowered their heads quickly, lowering their sense of presence.

Qingfu patted Cheng Yuanxian’s arm and said, “Eldest Master, father is still sick now. If your words reached mother’s ears, I’m afraid she would be angry.”

“What’s wrong with that.” Cheng Yuanxian didn’t care. “The doctor has told us to prepare for the funeral. Father’s days are obviously numbered. Don’t be fooled by how mother kept getting angry about little Xue-shi for half her lifetime. In fact, what she cares the most is the property left over by father. Her relationship with father is just on the surface. But actually, mother has no feelings towards him.”

Hearing this, Qingfu Junzhu felt relieved. Of course, she also had no feelings for her father-in-law, and actually wished that the Old Master could die sooner. This way, Cheng Yuanxian could inherit his marquis title, and she no longer had to look at the Old Madam’s face in everything. But mother-in-law was a mountain that loomed tall over daughters-in-law, Qingfu Junzhu dared not to offend her. Cheng Yuanxian was the Old Madam’s son. Even if him badmouthing his father reached the Old Madam, at most, he would get a bit of scolding, but Qingfu wouldn’t get off so easily. Now that Cheng Yuanxian told her the Old Madam only concerned about the property distribution, Qingfu was relieved and followed along with her husband’s talking.

Qingfu stayed in the inner courtyard all day long. All the manor’s expenses, such as food, clothing and transportation, came through her hand, so she had a better understanding of money than Cheng Yuanxian. “Eldest Master is the shizi, so the marquis salary should be yours. But the Old Master has been titled for so many years. It is inevitable that he has accumulated a lot of private wealth. If nothing else, just look at Ninth Master studying all the way to the imperial examination. He has never been short of money. The Old Master should have a lot of money.”

Cheng Yuanxian was also concerned about this the most. The money needed to prepare for the imperial exam wasn’t cheap. Especially because since Cheng Yuanjing was a child, teachers were invited to give him private lessons. After so many years, the amount of money spent on his education must be significant. Moreover, Cheng Yuanjing and little Xue-shi lived in a private residence outside. All the money used to buy the house and their living expenses should also come from the Old Master’s private savings. Old Madam Cheng has been irritated by this matter for so many years. Normally, man’s private saving was limited, and it wouldn’t take long for him to be unable to support such an expensive outside mistress and son. However, from the beginning to the end, Old Master Cheng never asked his wife for money.

Therefore, Old Master Cheng’s private wealth should be massive. Cheng Yuanxian, Cheng Yuanhan, and even the Old Madam’s eyes were green with envy. They had been staring at the Old Master for so many years, waiting for him to die faster so they could get their hands on those industries and properties that generated so much wealth. After all, Yichun marquis manor has not been well financially for a long time.

As the first branch’s head madam, Qingfu knew this so well.

Therefore, Qingfu was also very concerned about the Old Master’s private property. In her opinion, they were the first branch. Her husband was the eldest di son and the heir. All the Old Master’s savings should go to their branch. But the second branch had a different opinion. Both Ruan-shi and Cheng Yuanhan felt that since the family property would be left for the first branch, then the parents’ private properties should be divided equally between two sons. Moreover, the first branch also should take care of their younger brother’s family.

And Old Madam Cheng also planned to seize her husband’s properties into her own hands. Although the two sons were born from her, who didn’t want money? If she had the properties, not only would she live comfortably, but her two sons and their wives would also compete to please her. Why should she let it go?

But undoubtedly, the mother and children still had a common enemy. No matter what, the money must never be left to Cheng Yuanjing, and had to remain in the hands of their own family.

Cheng Yuanxian said: “Yes, even if the money in father’s hand is his private property, it originally came from the marquis manor and should have belonged to us. There is an order in siblings’ seniority. Father and mother will rely on me in their old days, so their properties should be left to me. Who knows how much money was wasted on Cheng Yuanjing to prepare him for the imperial examination and afterward, to build his career. Those all are originally mine.”

Qingfu hurriedly chimed in: “Eldest master is right. These years father never cares about family affairs. The whole marquis manor is shouldered by you. Besides, we still have Bao’er.”

Cheng Yuanxian and Qingfu Junzhu was in a perfect agreement and started to discuss the amount of Old Master Cheng’s private property. Listening from the side, Cheng Yujin secretly shook her head in ridicule.

It was true that a lot of money was spent on Cheng Yuanjing’s education. Judging from the clothes he wore, his living expense wasn’t small either. However, this money has nothing to do with the Yichun marquis manor. The Old Master didn’t use his wealth to raise Cheng Yuanjing and little Xue-shi. On the contrary, it was probably Cheng Yuanjing who supported the Yichun marquis manor.


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14 thoughts on “GNU Ch.27 Part 1 – Dowry (I)”

  1. Ayeee…I was so happy that today was a double release (because there was chapter 27 part 2 being shown on NU) but noooo, us poor peeps can’t afford it :'(

    1. Sorry. I set it to scheduled post last night (because my usual release hour is midnight in my timezone) but accidentally put September 1st instead of October. The mistake was noticed a bit too late, though…

  2. I’m kinda… disgusted right now (at this family of vultures, I mean) The father isn’t even dead, but they’re already at each other’s throats because of the inheritance.
    I wonder if they’ll try to drive Cheng Yuanjing out of the manor once the Old Master passes away. I wouldn’t put it past them.
    Thank you for the translation <3

  3. lolol they’re going to kick out their money tree. i can just feel it
    But how will little Cheng Yujin get together with Cheng Yuanjing? It’s been around and around so i cant tell how they’re going to get married!
    Many thanks

    also a small error
    Cheng Yuanjing and Qingfu Junzhu was in a perfect agreement…

    I think Cheng Yuanjing here should be Cheng Yuanxian.

  4. Thanks for the update 💕!

    They’re all busy speculating and calculating. It’s going to be a rude awakening when they realise they don’t have much money.

  5. First of all thanks for your translation at the beggining I was not sure to keep reading because i feel bored lo but now I’m glad that i keep with this.

    The MC is soo refreshing like the only goal in his life is to get out of this house and how can I blame her when i saw all the enviroment, i like the way like she is looking a husband like she is picking fresh fish lol i love it

    Also the ML make me laugh a lot i don’t know why but i like him so much lol

    Sorry for the bad english lol but thanks for your job is amazing and i hope we can read more of this amazing novel

  6. This is why i cant stand when like the concubine or mistress is part of heroine or line or the heroine cause even the real wife and her kids will be the bad ones the greedy ones, like is it really that wrong to want what should be yours (as they still think the money is from the dad not the emperor) . And like hue shi or whatever went to the guy with a wife already and became a mistress like im sure if they thought of a way for her to get help without being a mistress there wouldve been its just for some reason first love wins over marriage and its ok like wtf? Sorry i just dont like it when mistresses get painted on a goodlight sorry for the rant

    1. It doesn’t belong to them though. Their parents don’t have to pass anything down to them. Instead of worrying about their father’s health, all they care about is the money. He’s not dead yet. Your parents money is not yours. They can give it to you but they don’t have to. Its actually not a big deal back then to have concubines and whatever (which I hate). Even he has his own concubines so it doesn’t matter.

  7. This is going to be a long rant. Everyone in this family (excluding MC, ML and Cheng Min) are all pieces of trash. The Old Marquis isn’t dead yet, but the first and second branch are already plotting for his money and trying to get their greedy grubby hands on his things.
    The Old Madam is so fucking infuriating. She’s such a hypocrite it’s actually impressive. She hates little Xue-shi because she is of concubine status and has an outstanding son. But she doesn’t hesitate to shove concubines to her son’s embrace, completely disregarding her daughter-in-law’s feelings. She has the gall to be surprised that he son is useless when she raised him to be like that. She also pretends as if she loves her children, but she eyes her husband’s property so she can manipulate and control her children and their families as much as she wants. She’s so infuriating I get annoyed anytime I read her name.
    Old Master Cheng is the worst sinner in this family. Loving someone is not a sin, I understand that he has loved Xuelan for a long time, but neglecting your wife and children is not excusable. The Marquis is so fucking blind that he only cares about the crown prince and his past lover. He expects everyone to be mind readers and automatically show the crown prince respect. Why the hell did he neglect his children?! They are his kids and he should have at least pretended to care about their daily lives. I don’t blame anyone in the family for being cruel to him because he was cruel to them first.
    Ruan-shi is just stupidly biased and dumb. I’m not sure what she expected from her eldest daughter when she was given away AS A BABY. But she blames her any chance she gets and somehow things the mc is a gold digger. How does that even make sense????
    Cheng Yumo is just like her mother. She’s just stupid. She’s those kinds of female leads who just fail upwards because everything is supposed to work out for her in the future so she doesn’t have to use her brain or critical thinking skills (if she has them).
    Huo Chuangyuan(I hope I spelt it right but I honestly don’t care. I’ll just call him HO from now on) is a douche. Why does he accuse the MC of taking the credit for what someone else did when she actually did save him. If his brain was working right, he should be thankful to both sisters. How was the MC supposed to know that Cheng Yumo had been with him previously? If he just thought about it for a moment, he’d be able to figure it out. But he’s too busy going where his dick takes him to actually use his brain.
    I’ve mostly extinguished my anger, but I feel like I’m missing something. But this is not to say that the MC is perfect, she has her flaws too. But although everyone in this story has flaws (some more than others), I don’t actually hate anyone but the Old Master.
    If you made it this far, thanks for reading my rant. Please excuse any grammatical errors, I’m too lazy to go back and fix them. 😀

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