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THDP Ch.40 Part 2 – Star Array (II)

The eyes of the disciples looking at Meng Qi quietly changed. No wonder Elder Yan, whose temperament was the most indifferent and eccentric, who even never appreciated Lu Qingran’s talent, valued her so much. Only someone like junior sister Meng Qi was worthy of Elder Yan’s praise and even Fentian Palace’s respect.

On the contrary, Meng Qi didn’t found anything strange with Qin Xiumo’s word. The ‘Little Devil Lord’ in her memory was even more arrogant and ruthless than the current him. Even if he looked down on the whole Qingfeng Valley and treated the disciples as ants, it was perfectly natural.

Meng Qi didn’t bother to argue. She knelt on one knee and reached out her hand to touch Lan Zhuxuan’s wrist. The tip of her finger glowed, tracing a line all way up the arm. “Huh?” Meng Qi was stunned. “How did senior sister Lu treat your injury before?”

Lan Zhuxuan recalled: “She said that she can directly kill the immortal devouring vine inside our body and gave us a pill. Then she also used a spell on us.”

“Junior sister.” She grabbed Meng Qi’s wrist nervously, “Is something wrong?”

Meng Qi muttered, “I feel something similar to the devil aura.”

“Devil aura?” Lan Zhu Xuan repeated in surprise.

The crowd also exchanged glances in surprise.

“Devil aura?”

“Did Lu Qingran made contact with a devil beast or devil cultivator?”

“Is she trying to kill her fellow disciples?”

“The last time she was attacked by a devil beast outside with young palace master Chu. Although she fainted, but she was uninjured. Young palace master Chu, however, was severely injured and poisoned. Could it be that she already had contact with devil beast at that time?”

“Right, right! I heard that the first thing she did after she woke up is to accuse junior sister Meng Qi, saying that junior sister is related to the devil beast. Fortunately, young palace master Chu came forward and stood on junior sister to prove that she was innocent. Otherwise, junior sister must have been wrongly punished!”

“Nonsense! Young palace master Chu was saved by junior sister Meng. Of course he could tell her innocence.”

“Huh? Hey, where is Lu Qingran? She isn’t here!”

“Damn! Did she have a guilty conscience and took the chance to flee?!”

“Must be so! Heavens, we actually have someone who colluded with the devil beast and harmed her own fellow disciples! Yet the sect leader didn’t notice anything, and even pampered her so much…..this sect is completely over! At first, I still have some affection left of Qingfeng Valley and was hesitant. But now I decided to leave!”

“Me too!”

In an instant, the disciples who initially were still hesitating immediately threw their jade tokens to the ground.

The sect leader closed her eyes weakly, too powerless to do anything except for watching silently. Although Qingfeng Valley never been a great name, it had nearly one thousand years of history, yet it was going to end in her hand?

Ever since the first day she became the sect leader, she worked hard and has never slackened. Although she favored Lu Qingran, she never treated other disciples unfairly. She also never used her power to oppress other sect members, and rarely punished the disciples.

But why?

Why is everyone so dissatisfied with her?

The sect leader stared blankly at the jade tokens scattered on the ground.

Qingfeng Valley was a small, nameless sect. Most of its disciples had limited talent. They joined a medical sect wishing to gain a skill to live in Three Thousand World and mostly never had any expectation of walking far in the cultivation path.

But now, they said they could no longer stay here?

Qingfeng Valley, is it really going to end?

“Fellow Daoist.” Xun Yan walked slowly towards the sect leader.

“Elder Xun.” She returned the greeting.

“I have a word for you.” Xun Yan sighed lightly. “You are a medical cultivator, a healer. You know that leniency and kindness should never be used wrongly. A healer who meets a patient who doesn’t follow their instructions, yet willingly indulge, letting the patient be happy regardless of the consequences, isn’t doing a kindness, but harm.”

After a pause, Xun Yan continued, “As a sect leader, you didn’t restrain your disciples and didn’t punish those who should be punished. It is like a healer who doesn’t restrain their patients. Ultimately, your actions are only bringing harm. Good medicine is bitter, and good guidance is equally so. From top to bottom, you never restrain your sect members, indulging in their unbridled actions. A sect whose disciples don’t know how to respect others, are narrow-sighted, and ignorant, sooner or later will meet its demise.”

Qingfeng Valley sect leader shuddered. This was the second time Xun Yan said the same thing to her. The last time, he was furious and didn’t bother with being polite. But this time, the same words said with a much gentler tone made her felt even more ashamed instead.

After finished speaking, Xun Yan cupped his hands towards the sect leader: “Fellow Daoist, take care.”

This was all he could do for Qingfeng Valley on behalf of his respect towards Yan Mingfeng and Meng Qi. Such a small sect, as Fentian Palace’s elder, Xun Yan never took it seriously. No longer took care of the sect leader, he turned to look at Meng Qi.


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  1. so actually the favored by the heavens has plots with demonic forces. I hope MQ doesn’t get involved with her anymore

  2. Right, LQ.. Go on that side. I know with your great talent, sooner or later you’ll just kill them with your golden hands. Whatever you do, just don’t come back. We don’t need any more of your screentime. Adios! 🤣

  3. Wait.. does that mean the one who killed MQ in the past life was a demon cultivator? The final ‘male love interest’ for LQ?
    Many thanks

  4. Sheesh. No wonder her fellow disciples never amounted to anything. Immediately after they face the consequences of blindly believing that their fellow disciple was a traitor based on a single spurious question, they…. Immediately believe that ANOTHER disciple is a traitor based on a single bit of weird mana. Way to leap to conclusions, everyone!

    Even if it turns out that LQ really WAS colluding with demons, that’s just dumb luck on their parts. They’re obviously just panicking and desperate for someone to blame, and they learned absolutely nothing about why that’s a bad thing.

  5. My biggest fear is that LQ’s final love will be MQ’s master. And the master would have used our QiQi to increase the power of LQ. Just like all those other LQ love interests…

  6. hur hur… our people call these kind of people “lalang”…. it is a type of grass that will bend towards the east when the wind blows towards the east ; bend towards the west if the wind blows in that direction. basically people with no stand and loyalty. i find the other disciples and that Lu bisch equally disgusting -_-#

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