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GNU Ch.29 Part 3 – Dowry Gift (III)

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People who had just filled the room went away one by one. Cheng Yujin wasn’t interested in the Old Master’s collections. Calligraphy, paintings, jewels, and such were just playthings, not as good as the cash in one’s hand. Although Cheng Yujin didn’t lack basic necessities, she never had enough to spend and knew too well the hardship. She would rather spend the time wondering how much income was generated by the three shops she got from the Old Master.

Old Master Cheng’s old servant saw Cheng Yujin didn’t go and asked: “Eldest young miss, among the Marquis’ four boxes of collections, one box is for you, second young miss, and several young masters. Why don’t you go and take a look?”

Cheng Yujin smiled. “I am the eldest. Just let younger siblings choose first. After they find what they like, I’ll take the rest.”

The old servant looked at Cheng Yujin in surprise. The first to choose would have an advantage. Even a three years old child knew this. But Cheng Yujin was so generous to her younger siblings. The old servant was so touched and praised her sincerely: “Eldest young miss is really sensible. Worthy of being the eldest sister.”

Cheng Yujin smiled modestly: “Nothing. It’s thanks for grandfather’s teaching.”

Cheng Yujin’s mouth automatically complimented the elder. But right after speaking, she realized that she missed mentioning someone, and very smoothly added: “It’s also thanks for Ninth Uncle’s guidance and example. I’m truly blessed with good elders. Every day I see how grandfather treats others, and also see Ninth Uncle being upright and proper. I always try to learn one or two things from grandfather and Ninth Uncle.”

Cheng Yuanjing couldn’t help but glance at Cheng Yujin. Once again, he witnessed how smoothly she made use of every smallest chance for her advantage. Cheng Yujin smiled docilely towards Cheng Yuanjing, made a curtsy, then stood well-behavedly on the side.

The Old Master was extremely touched by Cheng Yujin’s words. He couldn’t help thinking how his two sons, and even Old Madam Cheng, ran away without a second thought to grab his possessions. Only Cheng Yujin stayed behind to look after him. This girl’s filialness and sensibility far surpassed other Cheng family members. The Old Master sighed for countless times. Very good. Now that those people weren’t here, he should use this chance. The Old Master beckoned the old servant: “Get my red sandalwood box and bring it here.”

The old servant was shocked: “Marquis, that is your emergency savings. You should leave it behind, just in case.”

“No problem.” Old Master Cheng didn’t care. “I’m now this old, and my end is approaching. I no longer need that money. Better leave it to the younger generation so that it can be useful.”

The old servant knew that he couldn’t persuade his master. He left with a sigh. After a while, the old servant returned from the inner room, holding a wooden box made from fine red sandalwood that seemed to be pretty heavy. Cheng Yujin was wondering about its content when the Old Master called her: “Eldest girl.”

Cheng Yujin was surprised: “Grandfather, are you calling me?”

“Yes.” The Old Master nodded with a smile and gestured at her, “Go and pick up that box.”

Cheng Yujin stepped forward to take the box. It was heavier than her thought. Cheng Yujin was almost unable to hold it. The Old Master took out a key from under his pillow and said, “That is the gold I saved for the emergency. It’s useless for me now, so I’ll give it to you.”

Cheng Yujin quickly glanced at Cheng Yuanjing and said: “How can this be given to me? I’m just a granddaughter. Grandfather should leave it to younger brothers…”

“They have their own parents to pave their future. Besides, they have working hands and feet. Men should rely on their ability and don’t always cling on the things left behind by elders and ancestors.” The Old Master continued: “But you are different. You are a girl. Soon, you will have to marry. Once married off, you are no longer this family’s member. Secondly, although you are the eldest daughter, you are adopted. If your husband’s family wrongs you in the future, it won’t be easy for you to find someone that will seek your justice. Since I cannot protect you for long, at least I should leave you more money. This is my duty as an elder.”

Such a heavy box, it must be a lot of gold. Now that they fell into her hands, of course Cheng Yujin didn’t want to return it. After hearing the Old Master’s words, she pretended to accept reluctantly: “Grandfather, thank you.”

Today, Old Master Cheng has talked so much and was exhausted. Cheng Yujin’s saw the Old Master’s tired face and reckoned that he must have something to say to Cheng Yuanjing alone. Cheng Yujin tactfully said: “Granddaughter has disturbed grandfather for a long time. Grandfather must be tired. This granddaughter retires. Ninth Uncle, this niece retires.”

After turning around, Cheng Yujin gave Du Ruo an eye signal and ordered her to carry the food box that Lian Qiao delivered today. When Cheng Yujin went out, she deliberately closed the door, expressing her thoughtfulness to the people inside.

After the door closed, Cheng Yujin immediately changed her face. She took Du Ruo to a small chamber nearby and instructed with a low voice. “Take apart the interlayer inside the food box and put the sandalwood box inside. Don’t show any unusual expression when carrying, just act like it is empty.”

Du Ruo understood and nodded quickly. But the bruise on her waist after being hit by Cheng Enbao today was still painful. Her movement lifting the food box was a little stiff. Cheng Yujin saw it: “Give to me, I’ll bring it myself.”

“Miss, don’t!”

“Why not?” Cheng Yujin said again. “Give it to me. It would be bad if others became suspicious.”

Du Ruo knew the risk. Initially, the Old Master didn’t intend to leave the gold to Cheng Yujin. But because Cheng Yujin stayed until the end, the Old Master was touched and give this windfall to her. However, having too much money wasn’t necessarily a good thing, especially for Cheng Yujin. If Qingfu Junzhu or the Old Madam knew that the Old Master left his emergency savings to a granddaughter, bypassing his two sons and three grandsons, they wouldn’t feel happy. At that time, to protect herself, Cheng Yujin would have to hand over the gold.

Therefore, these golds cannot be known by Qingfu Junzhu, Ruan-shi, or others. Du Ruo no longer insisted. But she still looked worried: “Miss, this food box isn’t light. Can you hold it?”

“Why can’t?” Cheng Yujin chuckled lightly. “As long as there is gold in it, no matter how heavy the box, I will still hold it.”

Du Ruo no longer said anything.


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  1. “Why can’t?” Cheng Yujin chuckled lightly. “As long as there is gold in it, no matter how heavy the box, I will still hold it.”


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