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GNU Ch.3 Part 3 – Ninth Uncle (III)

Huo Changyuan has never suffered this kind of cold treatment before. His expression darkened, once again convinced that canceling the engagement with this woman was a wise decision, as to reduce the damage she may create. With a solemn face, Huo Changyuan asked, “What does eldest young miss mean? Do you have any opinion on me?”

“I’m just a weak woman, how dare I have an opinion on Marquis Jingyong?” Cheng Yujin looked at him with a smile. She stood straightly, with clear and bright eyes like the moonlight on the mountain, so noble and beautiful, a peerless beauty.

However, as soon as her voice fell, without giving the other party a time to react, Cheng Yujin continued to say: “But I still have to give you some words. First, Marquis Jingyong, when you were unconscious, it was me who saved and brought you from that cave to my mother’s estate. Second, after being rescued, it was you who willingly rushed to make the marriage proposal. I, Cheng Yujin, never forced you, and my Cheng family also didn’t. Third, just two months after this engagement made public, you one-sidedly broke your promise, and personally came with great grandiose to cancel the engagement. Moreover, you also speak rudely to my elders. First offense, you are unjust. Second offense, you are untrustworthy. Third offense, you are being disgraceful. Towards an unjust, untrustworthy, shameful, and unfilial man like you, even if I, Cheng Yujin, has to spend the rest of my life unmarried, I will never lower myself to be your wife. Today in front of the elders, I declare, as to not associate myself with this shameful Marquis Jingyong, hereby I cancel my engagement with him.”

People in the hall stunned in shock, couldn’t react to what Cheng Yujin was doing. Since ancient times, only husbands divorced their wives, only men cancel their engagements, how could a woman be the one who takes initiative? Huo Xue-shi completely stupefied. It was old Madam Cheng who was first reacted, secretly she praised Cheng Yujin, this girl had a brain and wasn’t being raised for vain. Since Huo Changyuan determined to destroy the engagement, there was no way to patch it back. The best action they could take was to seize the higher moral ground. As long as it worked well, Cheng Yujin may not completely lose her opportunity to marry into another distinguished family in the future.

Old Madam Cheng decided to follow this plan, and her attitude instantly changed: “She is right. Since your family is muddle-headed and has no conscience, insisting on doing such injustice, then our Cheng family is not afraid of you. Marquis Huo, persisting in wrongdoings may bring self-destruction, you should be careful.”

Both Qingfu Junzhu and Cheng Yuanxian did not give any response. Cheng Yujin’s long scolding was indeed really pleasurable to their ears. Very different than normal quarrel. But, did she seriously want to cancel this engagement?

Huo Changyuan was shocked by Cheng Yujin’s impeachment. When he finally reacted, anger filled his mind. This kind of wicked girl actually dared to make bogus accusations. But Huo Changyuan still reminded himself. He was a man, he shouldn’t take care of a weak woman’s small ruckus. After all, she was Mo’er sister. Looking at Mo’er face, just let her go this time.

Huo Xueshi was stunned for a while, finally she glared at Cheng Yujin. Huo Changyuan stopped his mother and said, “Mother, it’s okay if she was the one who cancels it, as long as I can get out of this marriage. Eldest miss Cheng, since you are a woman, I don’t want to argue with you. So I hope you can fulfill your words, and cancel the engagement as soon as possible.”

“Marquis Jingyong actually looking down at woman?” Cheng Yujin laughed and took out the marriage contract. She deliberately moved slowly, tearing down the paper with great grandiose. “Unlike Marquis Huo, I keep my own words. Just hope you will remember, I am the one who cancels this marriage. And it’s not that you don’t want to argue with me, but that you don’t have the ability.”

Cheng Yujin tore down the marriage contract and let it go, the paper shreds fell to the floor. She gave Huo Changyuan a final glance, as if looking at a dirty thing, then greeted the elders one by one before leaving the hall.

Even when Cheng Yujin scolded others, she must make her arguments perfect and occupy the moral high ground.

Huo Changyuan looked at Cheng Yujin. Even at this time, the girl’s back still straight and she looked very dignified and beautiful. Her steps weren’t too quick nor too slow, exactly the same as before. Huo Changyuan’s face grew darker, and in a sudden angry impulse, he flicked his sleeve and strode away.

Cheng Yuanxian and other elders who were left behind looked at each other for a long time.


Huo Changyuan soon caught up with Cheng Yujin. After all, her walking speed was exactly conformed to a young miss’ manners, never too quick, very easy for him to chase. Huo Changyuan called from behind, but Cheng Yujin completely ignored him. He couldn’t bear it anymore and grabbed her arm, “Stop!”

Cheng Yujin turned around and slapped him, “Let me go!”

After being slapped, Huo Changyuan was stunned. He never expected that a woman would dare to hit him, so he didn’t avoid it in time. It’s a pity, Cheng Yujin’s strength wasn’t great. Her hand was now aching, but Huo Changyuan’s slapped cheek only reddened. Regretfully, she wasn’t strong enough to maim this scum’s face, else now Huo Changyuan’s career would have been destroyed.

While Cheng Yujin still in regret, Huo Changyuan touched the corner of his mouth, his rage towering. But although angered, he still remembered his manners and didn’t fight back. He looked at Cheng Yujin coldly and said, “Why, stop pretending now?”

“What pretend? I am the eldest miss of Yichun marquis manor, for years, everyone had praised me as a dignified and calm lady. Even when walking, I never have the heart to step on an ant. Marquis Huo, you should be more careful with your steps, what if you accidentally tripped on a stone and fall down, injured your face and destroy your future career?”

“You … “Huo Changyuan was furious. He frowned at Cheng Yujin, never imagined that there was such a woman in the world. Angrily he said, “To angle for fame, you pretend to be dignified. A hypocrite woman like you, who will ever want to marry? Really wasting your beautiful skin.”

Cheng Yujin laughed: “Thank you for Marquis’ praise. But, have you never heard of this phrase? The more beautiful a woman, the more deceitful she is. Or, do you think that all the women in the world are like your sister Mo, innocent and kind, weak and easily bullied?” Cheng Yujin rolled her eyes and did not conceal her contempt for Huo Changyuan. “Sorry, but I’m not a fool.”


Cheng Yujin didn’t want to look at this idiot anymore. She turned her back coldly but saw someone else was nearby. She and Huo Changyuan happened to block the only path here, so that person couldn’t advance and has to stop. Didn’t know how long has he listening to their conversation.

This blunder made Cheng Yujin secretly panic. But in the blink of an eye, she put on a dignified and beautiful smile, quickly observing the other man. It was early in the morning, and here was the inner courtyard of Cheng family. He also didn’t have a Cheng’s servant nearby to guide his way, so he must be a close relative. The man wore loose red attire, covered with a black overcoat, with a government official’s emblem hanged on his waist. He was tall and standing straight like a pine tree.

Cheng Yujin originally thought he was a family member. If so, the blunder she just made wouldn’t be that fatal. But when looking more closely, she became unsure of her initial guess.

Wearing red attire meant that he was a court official, and his rank was also not low. Because the morning wind blowing up the snow, her view was hindered, so Cheng Yujin could hardly see the man’s appearance. But he certainly wasn’t old.

A young man with high official rank, did her Cheng family have such a relative?

The attendant beside the man coughed and reminded with a loud voice, “Ninth master, the old master is still waiting for you.”

Ninth master? Cheng Yujin suddenly realized, so it was him!

The other party seemed to have waited long enough. He and his retinues slowly approaching, his eyes directly stayed at her. Cheng Yujin’s manner was always perfect, she took a step back to make way, then slightly moved her wrists and performed a standard greeting, “Greetings, ninth uncle.”


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Have to admit this is the coolest ‘I cancel the engagement’ scene I’ve ever read. This is why I like Cheng Yujin.

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  1. Thats cool, thought i will love it more if you could just destroy both scumboy and green tea biatch twin younger sister face. They both really just a perfect couple match by heaven. Both disgusting and shameless

  2. Wow, that is one of the best “cancel engagement” specches!! I’m so happy fo have found this story!! Looking forward to more! Thank you!! 😍

  3. Damn, this girl is 14 years old? She has mastered her tongue skills it seems, very powerful indeed.

    That was a pretty cool scene, I hope she stays that way and her iq doesn’t die.

  4. Anry Otsen Juasanta

    And it’s not that you don’t want to argue with me, but that you don’t have the ability.”

    i was cheering my heart out! woooooohhh!!!
    take that btch!!

  5. She’s badass!!!! I don’t care if other reviewers were uncomfortable with her since her character showed a very realistic flaw of humans. I don’t care if they think she’s very calculative and selfish. I don’t care! She’s fvkng badass!!

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